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  1. From reading another thread on this board, I understand that Saga have cancelled the 4 night cruise to Amsterdam on Spirit of Adventure (not Discovery), which was due to depart on 16th December. If this is the cruise you were booked on, Saga will contact you to discuss your options.
  2. I completely agree Glenndale. In fact, I would be very surprised if any cruises to the Caribbean or America go ahead until a vaccine or effective treatment is available. It’s too much of a risk.
  3. 36 crew members of Hurtigruten’s ship Roald Amundsen have just tested positive In Tromsø for COVID -19. All of the crew are now in quarantine, and passengers on the previous 2 cruises are being contacted. Even with protocols in place, it appears that it’s still too early to start cruising again.
  4. I wonder how many people will rebook if the ‘incentive’ is as poor as this?
  5. When we pre-registered for 2022 cruises,we were told that all the cruises would be released at the same time ( January to December 2022), and that we would be contacted August /September. I see from the Saga website that cruises will be available for the general public to book from 2nd September, so Presumably We will be contacted before then.
  6. Of course it all depends on cruises going ahead, and even if they do, itineraries may need to be adjusted.
  7. I’ve just looked at the Saga website. The SoA inaugural returns on 22nd November. The next cruise advertised on that ship is a 4 day cruise departing 16th December. I wonder what Saga is planning for the interim period?
  8. Sorry to hear that. I wonder what will happen about Spirit of Adventure’s inaugural cruise on 5th November?
  9. September 28th departure has now been removed from the Saga website. First cruise on Spirit of Adventure now showing as November 15th, Caribbean 31 nights. This obviously isn’t going ahead either, as the inaugural cruise will be November 5th, Western Med 17 nights.
  10. Thanks for this information nosapphire, it’s very helpful. I can imagine the queues to embark if everyone has to have temperature checks etc, as well as the queues for the restaurants, especially if there are no buffets. It also occurred to me that sharing transport to the port is not going to be possible if social distancing is still in operation. It’s not the relaxing cruise experience we are looking for.
  11. I've just found this statement from Saga. It was posted on Social Media about 2 hours ago. "You may have seen that our update to the city earlier this week included an announcement that we are taking delivery of our new ship, Spirit of Adventure, by the end of October. I know that all of our guests who are booked to travel on our beautiful new ship have been patiently waiting for some news regarding the inaugural cruise. I can confirm we will be calling you next week to confirm the new date and itinerary. I appreciate those of you who are already booked to travel on other dates this year o
  12. I think all those booked on September departures had their balance payments deferred from 90 to 60 days. I can’t see Discovery’s cruise to the USA going ahead on 15th September either. Perhaps Saga will offer an alternative itinerary?
  13. We got a letter from Saga a couple of weeks ago deferring the balance due date from end of June to end of July.
  14. That’s interesting Mungo99. We thought our cruise at the end of September would be cancelled. Probably just as well, as I understand Spain is not allowing cruise ships to dock at present! I wonder how long it will take Saga to let us know that the cruise is not going ahead?
  15. We booked a 2021 cruise on 16th March 2020, with the optional included insurance. We assumed we would be covered for treatment abroad and repatriation to the UK for COVID-19. Not so sure now. What a mess!
  16. We would be prepared to consider a round UK cruise in September, depending on FCO advice changing and social distancing measures etc etc being put In place I understand Viking and Fred.Olsen are also looking Into the possibility of UK cruises.
  17. Got a letter from Saga this morning. Balance of cruise now payable 60 days before departure, ie end of July.
  18. Saga have removed Spirit of Adventure’s first three cruises from their website. The first one showing now is A Taste of France and Spain, which is due to sail on 28th September. We are due to pay the balance on this cruise at the end of June, but have no expectation that it will sail.
  19. I understand that P&O have paused their cruises until October 15. I wonder if Saga will follow suit?
  20. There is really no excuse for Saga to delay announcing the cancellation of cruises to their customers.
  21. Great news nosapphire. Now we just have to hope that our cruises go ahead!
  22. Thanks for posting nosapphire. If Saga can’t sort this out, they’re going to lose a lot of customers.
  23. Although not unexpected, this must be very disappointing for you, particularly given that you had only just paid the balance! Were you given the option of a refund at this stage, or do you have to wait until the inaugural cruise is rescheduled? We are resigned to the fact that our September cruise will be cancelled, but would like to avoid paying the balance at the end of June, and instead transfer our deposit to another booked cruise next year.
  24. This is worrying, and I agree it does seem underhand. How on earth can Saga have information on their website which states that insurance purchased prior to April 3 includes Covid cover, and then issue documentation stating that it does not? If correct, it means that anyone who pays the balance of their cruise after April 3 is not covered. I hope Saga reads these boards and provides clarification.
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