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  1. Although not unexpected, this must be very disappointing for you,  particularly given that you had only just paid the balance! Were you given the option of a refund at this stage, or do you have to wait until the inaugural cruise is rescheduled?


    We are resigned to the fact that our September cruise will be cancelled, but would like to avoid paying the balance at the end of June, and instead transfer our deposit to another booked cruise next year.

  2. This is worrying, and I agree it does seem underhand.  How on earth can Saga have information on their website which states that insurance purchased prior to April 3 includes Covid cover, and then issue documentation stating that it does not?  If correct, it means that anyone who pays the balance of their cruise after April 3 is not covered.  

    I  hope Saga reads these boards and provides clarification.

  3. I have just been watching the news.  The Government advised that the public  should not expect to be able go on foreign holidays this summer.  Also, Spain intends to ask foreign visitors to go into quarantine for 2 weeks.  Unless this situation changes, I can’t see my cruise to France and Spain going ahead at the end of September, even if the ship is ready.

  4. no sapphire,

    Thanks for the information on the build progress of Adventure.

    We also have a cruise booked on Discovery next year, so transferring our deposit to that cruise would be an option.



  5. You are probably right nosapphire.

    It will be interesting to see what Saga say about Spirit of Adventure in particular. IMO it would be wrong to ask us to pay the balance for a cruise when the launch of the ship is going to be delayed beyond our cruise date.

  6. I see from an article on CruiseMapper dated April 5 that the launch of Spirit of Adventure is likely to be delayed by “up to 12 months”.  Not surprising really given the current situation with Coronavirus.  I’m disappointed, but better to be safe.  What do others think?

  7. mungopark, I agree with jerseylily that you need to make an informed choice.  Would Fred. allow you to transfer your deposit to another cruise which sails later in the year, or the following year?  This might be a better option than losing your deposit.





  8. That’s very helpful information annieuk, thank you.  The balance payment on our September cruise is due end of June.  We were wondering whether to pay it as we’re not convinced that the Coronavirus threat  will have ended by September.  We may ask Saga if we can transfer the money we have paid on that cruise  to the cruise we have recently booked for June 2021, when, fingers crossed, the virus will no longer be a concern.

  9. We have booked  Ireland on Discovery in June 2021.  We have an escorted tour to Sicily booked for this May, which is very unlikely to go ahead, plus our Taste of France and Spain cruise on Adventure in September is looking doubtful, unless the situation improves  before then.

    Just been to the supermarket and they have sold out of chicken, baked beans, loo rolls and eggs!  Never mind, we’ll just have to hunker down and hope for the best.  It’s a first world problem after all, and we are both well.


  10. I agree with nosapphire, it’s worth another try.  If this fails, ask Saga to allow you to transfer your payment to a cruise sailing in 2021, when the threat of Coronavirus may have reduced. There is a precedent for this, as my friends had to postpone a cruise  due to unforeseen circumstances, and Saga allowed them to transfer their payment to a similar length cruise the following year.   Good luck!

  11. Does anyone have any information on the build progress of Spirit of Adventure?  Not much information on the Saga website.  Hopefully it will be completed on time for it’s inaugural cruise in August.  We are looking forward to our first cruise on her.

  12. We found out about advance registration last year through our friends, who have sailed 
    With Saga several times.  By paying £90 pp, (which is refundable if you don’t book), you get the chance to book cruises before they are advertised to the general public.  This means that you get the best discount available.  The discount usually starts at 35%, and decreases as cruises are booked up.  Your mother will need to phone Saga to pay the £90.  


    Saga will then phone people in the order that they pre-registered, when cruises become available to book.  We sailed with Saga for the first time last year, and loved it.  The single cabins look very spacious, I’m sure your mother will enjoy cruising on Saga’s new ships.

  13. I agree, it’s very frustrating when we are trying to plan cruises to fit around our other activities next year.  If anyone who has pre-registered gets any more information about the release of  cruises from April 2021 onwards, please post here.

  14. We also went on SoD last year to Norway in September! It was our first time with Saga and we loved it.  We have booked again for an autumn cruise on Spirit of Adventure. Just waiting now for the new itineraries to be released for next year,  hopefully we will find another cruise we want to book for spring or summer 2021.


  15. I totally agree Glenndale.  The date has  slipped still further.  I was told recently that they are still planning the itineraries, and will be in touch in early spring!  

    I find it hard to believe that they really are still planning the itineraries at this late stage.   I wonder if it’s a pricing issue? They raised their prices significantly when they introduced all-inclusive drinks last November, and from reading comments on this Board, it has deterred some people from booking.




  16. We paid a pre-registration fee of £90 per person last Autumn, for cruises departing from April 2021 onwards.  


    Has anyone else has done this? 


    We  expected to be contacted by Saga this month, with details of the new cruises, but have heard nothing yet.

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