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  1. Hi FionaMaria. The tours certainly are expensive! We would like to go on the scenic railway in St Kitts. We haven’t made up our mind yet about the other tours, although Jamaica with Phil Lafayette sounds interesting.


    I’ve been looking at the Whatsinport website, and there are 4 ships in port when we are in Antigua. We would like to see Nelson’s Dockyard, and are wondering if a taxi tour would be a better option for that, to try to avoid the coaches!


    I would be interested to know how much a half day taxi tour costs, if you can remember!

  2. Hi FionaMaria, thanks, we’ll have a look at the website.


    Do you have any tips for places to see on Grenada, Aruba, Jamaica, Tortola and Martinique?


    As it’s our first time in the Caribbean, we would like to

    visit the top attractions if possible - can’t wait, and hope to see you on board! :cool:

  3. We have just received charter flight details for our cruise due to depart next January. There is a message on Fred's website regarding Hurricane Irma. Final decision on whether itineraries will be affected will be taken late September/early October. Clearly it may not be possible to visit all of the ports. :rolleyes:


    Has anyone else booked one of these Caribbean cruises departing January/February 2018?

  4. Hello Wendy. We have been on several Fred. Olsen cruises. I used to take evening dresses (plus matching shoes etc). I now take a pair of black trousers and a few nice tops. This outfit doesn't look out of place on formal nights. Some ladies still wear evening dresses, but they are in the minority. I am sure you will enjoy your cruise. ;)

  5. You can have as long as you want to peruse the itineraries. They will offfer to phone back, or you can phone them when you have decided. We have booked the 7 night Fjords cruise departing 5 September 2019 from Dover. We have opted for a standard cabin and got a 35%discount. The price includes the usual door to door transfers, wine, beer and soft drinks with lunch and dinner, gratuities and free wifi. We didn't need the optional travel insurance. One thing we forgot to ask was whether any of the cabins will have views restricted by lifeboats etc. None are shown on the deck plans. We're not too worried though, as it's a long way off and we may decide to upgrade! I hope you manage to get the cruise you want at a good price. ;)

  6. Thanks for this Wacktle. We have gone ahead and booked for September 2019! Seems a long way off, but it will be interesting to follow build progress on the new ship. By the way, when you get the call they will email a PDF of the brochure (which has the itineraries from July 2019 to February 2020), and deck plan. There are no prices in the brochure, but when you have decided which cruise you are interested in, they will give you a quote for your preferred cabin.. I must say we were impressed with the price quoted, given what is included. :)

  7. I had a call this morning from Saga, as we pre-registered (paid £90 each), for their new ship Spirit of Discovery, due to be launched July 2019. The itineraries have now been published and are available to book for people who have pre-registered. They are all no-fly cruises. We have never sailed with Saga before, but have sailed several times with Fred. Olsen. We are wondering whether to go ahead and book a short cruise to try out the ship. We are in our mid-sixties. Has anyone else taken the plunge?! :confused:

  8. Cruisemom42 and Alphabravo, thank you both so much for your replies. We enjoyed cruising with Swan Hellenic and VtoA sounds similar. We really appreciate interesting itineraries and top quality lecturers, and so few cruise lines offer this combination. We will definitely give VtoA a try. :D

  9. Hello cruisemom42. Our main area of concern is the cabins. There are comments about smelly cabins caused by mould in shower and on walls, frayed towels and dirty curtains, occasional brown water from shower, carpets stained and worn.


    We prefer small ships, and cruised with Swan Hellenic, so are certainly not expecting luxurious accommodation! However we want a clean and comfortable cabin , good food, excellent lecturers and interesting and well paced shore tours. We are in our mid sixties and fairly fit. Do you think this ship would suit us? :)

  10. We are silver Oceans members, and we got our letters today. Second class post usually takes about a week to reach us here in Devon. By the way, our surname begins with B. Perhaps Fred is issuing in Alphabetical order?


    Nothing has changed for silver members at any rate, and as priority embarkation has been removed for gold members, there is no longer such an

    incentive for us to become gold members.:(

  11. This is an interesting question, and I'm sure you will get differing opinions, but this is our experience.

    If we are really interested in a particular itinerary which is likely to be popular, we book early. Cruises to Iceland and Greenland, for example, have increased in price soon after launch.

    If we are interested in a fly cruise we consider booking early (depending on the itinerary). For example, we have booked a fly cruise to the Carribbean and Cuba 12 months in advance. The price of our cabin category has already gone up by £400 per person since we booked.

    If we want a balcony cabin, we book early (we don't book balconies on Fred any more, they are too expensive).

    If we are not bothered about which cabin we get, and can be flexible on dates, we identify several cruises of interest and wait and see if Fred advertises Anchor fares, which usually happens about 3 months prior to departure.

    I hope this helps.

  12. We were in one of these cabins last year. We didn't have a problem with privacy because we made sure that the net curtains were closed when we were inside! Of course this does obstruct the view somewhat. They can be noisy if people decide to stand outside and chat amongst themselves at unsocial hours, but we didn't find this a problem. The main problem we found is that, unlike a standard balcony cabin, if you want to use your balcony for admiring the view or spotting wildlife, you will probably find that there is a whole bunch of people standing in front of you doing the same thing, which makes it difficult to see anything. On the plus side, the cabins are a good size and you do get a couple of chairs and a table (but no sun lounger) on the balcony. We like the Boudicca and hope you enjoy your cruise - which one have you booked? :)

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