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  1. willise

    Sticker shock new Bliss Haven/suites

    WOW! To each their own obviously. As much as we enjoy cruising (only ever been on NCL), I cannot fathom ever paying 15k for a week on a cruise ship - any cruise ship. It seems like cruising prices have been shooting up over the last few years. We will be concentrating on land vacations after our Escape cruise next week - starting in Dublin, Ireland in June.
  2. willise

    Chocolate Cowboy

    We are the Feb 24th sailing. I have sent him an email to see if he is still on board, since a couple of posts here indicate he is moving to the Bliss and may be on a well deserved break. When last we saw him, he was at the Sugarcane Mojito Bar or the 5 O'Clock Somewhere Bar, on the Waterfront. Really hope he is still there!!
  3. willise

    Chocolate Cowboy

    We have spent many cruises with Clarense and keep in touch occasionally. He has an amazing personality and does his absolute best to entertain passengers who frequent his bar. We spent one night, long after the bars had closed, sitting around chatting and he has such an heartwarming story to tell people about his life back in Honduras and his son. We will be seeing him again on Saturday when we board the Escape - he has a drink already waiting for us :)
  4. willise

    Prepay grats from Canada

    We usually prepay, however this time we probably won't. When you buy the cruise in Canadian dollars, the exchange rate is locked in. Our is about 35% I think. Since the exchange is so much lower now, I'll just pay in US funds on board. It's not a lot in savings, but it's always better in my pocket that theirs :)
  5. willise

    Swimming areas at GSC

    Hi there, Just curious if the swimming areas (main beach and the entrance to the underwater sculpture garden) are rocky. Would water shoes be required? The only posts I could find were from a few years ago. Thanks!
  6. willise

    State of emergency in Montego Bay

    We are in Falmouth as well next month. We were already considering just staying within the secured port area and I would think that this announcement, plus the additional ones from the UK and US, will guarantee that. I doubt you will hear anything from the cruise line, since this is just a "be careful" recommendation, not a "stay away".
  7. willise

    Excursions in Jamaica - tour company - looking for reviews

    I decided to give it another try, but this time, rather than using the "Contact Us" section on the website, I used the email addresses listed directly on the site. I did receive a quick reply using that method, so perhaps the email server parsing the contact form is not configured correctly. I'm looking forward to the tour, given everyone's glowing recommendations!! :D
  8. willise

    Excursions in Jamaica - tour company - looking for reviews

    FWIW - I've tried to contact liberty tours twice in the past couple of weeks and have not received any replies from them. I was trying to book their Blue Hole/River Tubing excursion. They get great reviews, but the lack of communication is troublesome to me. Perhaps they don't have space available, but to not respond is a little unprofessional IMO.
  9. willise

    Boat depature places (to Stingray city)

    We are doing a jet ski tour and are meeting at the Hard Rock Cafe.
  10. Exactly the way we feel as well. We are Gold and will never reach platinum, but I haven't seen any real perk from this level.
  11. willise

    Generic Jet Ski Question

    We are doing an excursion with Fat Fish Adventures and there is reef snorkelling included as part of the package. Not sure if I can post a link here, but it's very easy to find.
  12. willise

    Generic Jet Ski Question

    Thanks to both of you - great help!
  13. We have a booking to Stingray City in Grand Cayman on a jetski tour. The operator only had a double ski left, so it will be two of us on a single ski. I've ridden a single ski in Bermuda, and while it was bumpy on the ocean, it was a lot of fun. Is it any more difficult to ride a two person jet ski, from the passenger perspective? I want to have a lot of fun, but not at the expense of the person on the back bouncing around uncontrollably :D Thanks!!
  14. We are on the Escape the week of Feb 24 -March 3 and are also doing an external tour to stingray city. Our NCL itinerary and the cruise port site both show the Escape in GC from 0800-1600. Regardless, it was my understanding that the itinerary times are all local times and not ship times. I believe that currently the time in Miami and Grand Cayman is the same until DST changes to one hour later for Miami.
  15. willise

    Fat Fish Stingray City

    Perfect! We are really looking forward to it. Another question - how far is the Hard Rock Cafe meeting place from the pier? Thanks for the reply!!