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  1. Was trying to get my Mom's feet done before cruise, but the places around my house need her to transfer out of the wheelchair into their chair setup. She cannot get out of her wheelchair so it is a no go. On the ship will they be able to accommodate her? If so, do they do discounts on board at all. I see the current "sale" does not include pedicure. Thanks
  2. Is the desk in the standard ceanview staterooms movable? Looking at picture the desk has legs so I was thinking it was possible.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I have 6 of us but I am willing to break us up to make it work
  4. Does anyone have any recommendations about wheelchair transportation. Flying into FLL airport night before and cruising out of the Port of Miami. I see some taxi cabs are wheelchair accessible but the reviews are horrible. I currently have a hotel booked near FLL airport but am considering switching to a Miami hotel incase I run into trouble getting transportation the day of the cruise or they no show. Thank you
  5. Does anyone know the opening of a cabin door on Symphony of the Seas? I want to make sure I bring a wheelchair that will allow me to push someone in and out of the cabin. Thanks!
  6. When we had a delayed departure from Galveston, there was very few beer choices to chose from. Something to consider if your a beer drinker on the drink package.
  7. Thank you everyone for the responses and well wishes. We have 3 outside balcony staterooms, my Mom will not agree to looking for a different stateroom, she wants us all together. I do have 2 fold-able wheel chairs that I use for my Mom and Dad for cruises, I have done 4 cruises (Royal and Celebrity) in the past with the wheel chairs and not once did the cabin steward offer to house them elsewhere for us. I was just thinking, how can I have a scooter in the room at night and still have them get around, it is great that all I have to do is ask for it to be taken at night.
  8. I remember on previous cruises that I would see scooters left in the hallway outside of peoples cabins. Do people still do this? My mom fell ill last month and is at a rehab center. They have have not been able to get out of bed yet, the goal is to get her out of bed this weekend. Told my mom she has to be able to stand up and be able to walk 10 to 20 steps to go on cruise. We sail in 3 weeks on Symphony of the seas so we will be cutting it close.......
  9. I would definitely take a wheel chair. The walking is quite far. I take portable wheel chairs for my parents each time we go, they fight me each time but it makes the trip so much easier. San Juan is a challenge, i have pushed them around town, it is quite a workout. Cobble stone and always seem to be pushing uphill.
  10. Never thought about doing a one way rental from FLL to MIA, that is cheap!
  11. Mine is at the bottom of the internet tab. Took me awhile to find. $200 for 20 photos. How much is it on the ship?
  12. When I booked my cruise my mom was having cancer surgery, the only options my travel agent could find to cover her was around $1300. In the end we decided to go with the cruise line insurance that has cancel for any reason and you get 75% towards a future cruise. We leave in June so not sure if I will have to use or not
  13. Charges are not always easy to remove at guest services. Last cruise an alcoholic drink was charged to my daughter at labadee. After a half hour of arguing with them I said, so I guess you sell alcohol to minors. Removed immediately. If my daughter was over 21 they would have never removed.
  14. Very nice spreadsheet. Do you know the cost of a frozen alcoholic drink, like a pina colada? Also what would a long island fall under? Thank you
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