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  1. I will tell you all what it is like when I get it - but I am group 9 I think and husband is Group 10 - but all aiming to be injected by summer! So have booked for an end-November 2021 Xmas market Rhine river cruise (Tauck). Crossing all fingers. Still waiting to postpone my 2021 SS Alaska cruise to 2022, just in case all vaccinators go crazy and Canada opens up this summer?
  2. Glad to hear that chrism23, I agree with you re the White House etc. I think one day there will need to be a COVID vaccination certificate - as there is currently for yellow fever - before most countries will let you in. And if it is every year, so be it.
  3. Yes but..... These small number of people are terrifying I appreciate, but I understand that 90% of those who have died were over 70 AND with diabetes etc. We do the best for our ourselves if we lose weight now. I know I am not a great example of this, but I am going walking most days, and trying not to eat chocolate. PS Everyone can get unlucky - but you don't put your life on hold in case you get hit by a bus do you? PPS I do want everyone to be vaccinated, I just trust that enough would be for the virus to die out naturally.
  4. Well we do drive, so wouldn't need a taxi! But we will wait until we are all vaccinated and hopefully everything gets better!
  5. Yes I saw the lights at Covent Garden on the TV news. Unfortunately we have not felt brave enough to go into central London on the Tube since March - after tube workers had died of the virus having to see thousands of people every day. So it doesn't feel very Christmassy here in the leafy suburbs at all.
  6. It is a good point cruiseej, but I think there will always be people who a) want to see the world and b) earn more than they would in their own country. Including the UK post-Brexit, sob. But how quickly new people could be trained up is another problem.
  7. Hi notamermaid Just to say we have taken the plunge and rebooked our Christmas Market Rhine cruise with Tauck for the end of November 2021. So all being well vaccine-wise I look forward to following your Rhine updates in 2021, thank you!
  8. But what if they don't ever get round to vaccinating the under 60s?
  9. I think the point is that if everyone who could end up in hospital is vaccinated then people like your wife (and my husband) Chrism may not need to be vaccinated at all. The virus could end up just being like having a cold for them, and hopefully cruising and all travel could resume? So please don't offer to pay $25,000 for her to be vaccinated! Luckily there are hopefully not many 40 year old hedge fund managers to push the price up - well not in the UK anyway.
  10. We are the same as you - had transferred cruise to July 2021 from 2020. But our TA says we are able to transfer again to 2022 at no cost if we do it before March, so once the 2022 dates come out I probably will. There is a list of who is prioritised to get the vaccine in England and I am in group No: 8, and my husband I think is No: 9 or 10. In fact I will probably be over 65 before I get the vaccine - which will be given first to the over 65s!
  11. I was about to say that if the vaccine hurries up, then maybe I won't postpone our July 2021 (was already postponed from 2020) cruise to July 2022. But seeing all your cancellations above, maybe it would not have happened anyway, so I will postpone it. So sorry rosepark to hear about your missed trips - but even a delayed one will be good too! Just call it a special day plus one year!
  12. We transferred our July 2020 Alaska cruise to 2021 and have been told we can (once the dates come out in November) once more transfer it to July 2022, which we will do. Our 2020 flights were cancelled and refunded, and I won't book any more until I know we will be travelling (all fingers crossed). When I finally go on this, our first ever ocean cruise, I will be so happy! We have done 2 European Christmas Market river cruises previously and like those very much.
  13. Maybe they will just change the law so the cruise does not have to stop in Canada and USA people only can travel on it? That makes more sense!
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