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  1. Thank you cruiseej. I wonder how long this testing will go on for? Another reason why we are not attempting to leave the UK until 2022. Do you also have to test before you get on inter-continental flights? If so, does anyone know which please?
  2. Thank you so much Lois for your commentaries. We hope to be on the Muse next year in Alaska, so I look forward to hearing all about it. Especially - will you be able to walk around yourself after the ship's excursions? I know some lines are not allowing this in some places - am so confused with it all!
  3. There is some discussion here for a vaccine passport to get into nightclubs, venues, etc. Though how to get your States each to pass that, when many won't give up guns after infinite school shootings etc..... is probably impossible.
  4. Thank you also Lois, really glad you had a great time! I am looking forward to our Muse trip next year to Alaska - really hope it runs as it is scheduled to do. Otherwise we will also go on a Greek Islands cruise in 2023. (And we will do that in a few years time even if we do go to Alaska in 2022). Sadly we have not holiday days to take an ocean cruise every year - we are booked for a Christmas Market Rhine river cruise too, we know we like those.
  5. I am always surprised by people not wanting the vaccine, especially as the vast majority of people who go into hospital now are unvaccinated. We went to an exhibition in central London yesterday. On the underground tube the only people not wearing masks (as we are all still asked to do on the tube) were young men, mostly from ethnic minority backgrounds which makes their families more susceptible to the virus. Or do they want to kill their grannies (as Matt Hancock once said)? We will be in line for the booster each year!
  6. We are expecting a booster (not sure which manufacturer) this October / November. We laugh and say they will do flu in one arm, COVID in the other, and maybe something on our bottoms too! You can imagine us bent over a hospital bed! But then I sincerely trust we will be good to travel anywhere which will have us!
  7. Thank you Lois for your ongoing reports, much appreciated. Do they let you go off by yourself at all? Do the guides also shout for the people who don't bother to have a phone on? Have you met any other nice single people?
  8. My husband and I both now have natty certificates free from the UK NHS website to prove we have 2 shots. Just waiting to go abroad and use them, sigh.
  9. I sincerely trust that the AZ vaccine is in the CDC rules, if not the NYC Broadway rules? Because (hopefully) our 2022 Alaska cruise leaves from Vancouver, so a third of the ship (already booked) will be Canadians and British with double AZ jabs. Does anyone know this?
  10. I think the proof of the pudding is in the eating - if those of us (including Angela Merkel) with AZ jabs don't get sick, then saying we are more a danger than Pfizer people is ridiculous. We are not aiming to holiday outside the UK until 2022, but I hope all this posturing stops by then.
  11. I agree with Silver Spectre re vaccine nationalism. If you have had 2 Astra-Zeneca doses (like us and the majority of the UK) how could you then have 2 Pfizer doses too, just to go to a Broadway show? It doesn't work like that!
  12. I don't think it's 2-tier (how could they enforce that short of compulsory labels - not a good idea). I think it's more to put un-vaccinated people off from booking at all. Or indeed to encourage them to get vaccinated now!
  13. The question for me is - what if you tested positive every day for ever? You are fully vaccinated and have no symptoms, but it is possible have some (hopefully dead) virus cells in you still. Would you be banned from leaving the house every time you had a test? How often can you really get and pass on COVID?
  14. When can that worry stop though? As it will probably never be possible to vaccinate the whole world. Will we never travel again? The UK has 65 million people and I think they, like us, will all be going to Cornwall this summer. It will be heaving! We have to one day go somewhere else?
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