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  1. I am unable to log in. Is there an issue with my account or is widespread?
  2. Another question....would it be better to take a cab to El Morro and walk downhill to San Cristobal? We have a couple of slow walkers in our group who are wanting to check out the forts. Thanks for any and all info! Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  3. When walking to El Morro from San Cristobal is it a easy walk....sidewalks or rough terrain? Is the walk from the cruise terminal to Cristobal decent also? Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  4. Safe travels home. Thanks for taking us along with you. Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  5. Happy Cruising! [emoji924][emoji924][emoji924][emoji924] Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  6. Lane Bryant.....purchased a swim top with a balconett bra built in. Loved it, you order by bra size. Purchased a pair of swim shorts and a swim skirt to go with it. Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  7. Just found this blog and will be following along. We board the Brilliance in April. Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  8. Thank you for the information....we will board her in April. Will be watching for that review. Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  9. While in Georgetown a few years ago (2011)'we hired a tour guide by the name of Kathryn. I no longer have her card and checked with another who was with us. Kathryn was born and raised in the Caymans and was very knowledgeable. We are going to be there in April and wish to hire her again. Does anyone know who I am talking about and could provide me with contact information?
  10. We booked parking at the Parking Doctor.....good online pricing. Can't help with hotel as we are cruising in April but are staying at LaQuinta by the airport.
  11. Hello Randy (rsharp83) and Kathy (familygoboston).....was great reading your review again. Brought back a lot of memories of the Allure. Have one booked for April, Brilliance.
  12. Someone suggested to us for parking to use the "parking doctor". After looking at the website we are thinking of booking them for 2 vehicles next April.
  13. I noticed this also when I went to complete our info. Was shocked at the 90 day prior notice.
  14. Bandaids, antibiotic cream, Tylenol and Pepcid ac.
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