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  1. We were dining in the Windjammer for breakfast one morning (on Rhapsody, in Alaska) when Captain Rob Hempstead came to the next table. We chatted briefly with him. So personable. We had sailed with him a year or so before that on Freedom when he was taken to the hospital in Grand Cayman. He assured us that he was really fine, just dehydrated. Fun guy. :)
  2. We have been told twice this year (while onboard Rhapsody and Oasis) that RCI would be bringing out a new promotion that would make us "very happy"! We have been asking since we were informed that the Diamonds in December promotion was discontinued. While on Oasis, we were told that the new promotion would be out by the time we were on our next cruise. Has anyone heard anything? We are sailing on Freedom Sunday. Thanks, Caren
  3. Yep, we were out there with you. My pics are very similar to yours. I'm thinking I should start taking pics of all the folks in the crowd so I can identify people I meet here on CC!! Lol!! Oh, btw...we are sailing Freedom with you Oct 26, 2014. Did you get a great Promenade Stateroom rate? Caren
  4. So now there was only one thing to do... Head to Park Cafe for a roast beef sandwich! At this point it was 12:30 and not a single person in line, however all the tables were full. I swear these sandwiches just get better with every cruise or maybe it was the Stella that made it so good. Bottom line: Don't miss Park Cafe and the famous roast beef. We were probably at Park Café at the same time. The Beef on Weck is the best. Besides having them in Buffalo, NY, we enjoyed them on Allure and then on Rhapsody. They are outrageously delicious!! And what's up with some of your pics posting upside down? Or is it just me? :D
  5. Hey Wrona, I was hoping I'd find you here! Already missing Oasis! Caren
  6. Hi there, this will be fun. We sailed with you but I don't think we met. Did you come to the Diamond Lounge in Blaze? We were there every night. :D
  7. Hi Lynn, I had to go back through my photos from the cruise. I haven't even put them on the computer yet! I thought if you caught us in your photo that maybe I caught you. Well, I have Ken in two photos and maybe the top of your head in one of them. I was over by the stairs trying to get photos of Fishlips and the other restaurants along the way, as well as the folks around the helipad. You've inspired me to work on my photos! It's so fun to relive our time on Freedom! :) And I went back and read your review. We are very much alike...my lists have lists!! Priceless!! Hope you're feeling better! You mentioned you work in CLT, for an airline, by chance? Caren
  8. Hi there, We were on the same sailing. Friends who sailed with us just sent the link to your post. You actually caught us in one of your sail away photos! It was in post #62. Fun! I haven't read through your entire review yet. I hope to. Freedom is our favorite ship to date. This was our second time on her. Happy sailing! Caren :)
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