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  1. Sorry but your belief that they owe you a refund is the real problem here. They are not getting away with anything. How long did you think NCL would honor price drops? Right up until sailing?
  2. After giving it much thought, we changed our plans to arrive in Boston around 12:00. We are going to have lunch someplace, and then get to the pier around 1:45 - 2:00. With boarding expected around 1:00, things should be pretty calm by the time we arrive. Not having to leave as early will be sweet too!
  3. You could purchase another 3 night specialty dining plan. Plans start at 3 nights, so that would be the minimum additional nights you could purchase. If I was on a 7 day cruise, personally I would not want 6 out of 7 nights specialty. You might be better off if you simply pay for the 4th specialty dine,
  4. Same info as found on http://www.massport.com/cruiseport/cruise-directory/cruise-schedule/
  5. Last cruise I took SL2 from Black Falcon to South Station and taking luggage on is no issue. I am not sure if you have looked at the cruise ship schedule, but it shows the Gem with an ETA of 12:00. We will be getting into Boston a little after 9, so I guess we'll have breakfast somewhere to kill some time. They can't open the terminal and check anyone in until she is docked, because they need to offload the computers before they can check anyone in. Are you as excited as we are??
  6. Have never taken advantage of this perk, I was thinking about signing up for it on my sailing next week on Gem. I would regret it if my experience was as bad as yours. I would rather they give P+ and above a 3rd specialty dinner.
  7. The adult fare for the P & B Bus is $16 per person. The $25 must be for the taxi, with tip included. I know it seems like a lot, given the distance between South Station and Black Falcon, but the lights on Summer Street are very long and the meter keeps ticking. I'll be going on Gem out of Boston in 9 days, and plan to take the Silver Line. It is sooo easy, and there is no charge on the return trip to South Station.
  8. We really have been very lucky on our Gem cruises. We have consistently been docked around 7, so it kind of surprised me that she wasn't there by 9.
  9. This morning I took a walk down to 12th Ave since I was curious which MSC ship was docked there, and Gem wasn't there. She is normally docked around 7AM, but didn't arrive at the pier until around 9:40. I wonder if the coast guard inspection had something to do with her later arrival, or if the inspection occurred after docking. Will on the next Gem cruise on March 29th, out of Boston. Cannot wait. What I am wondering is since Gem will discharge passengers from the today's cruise in NY on the 28th and then sail to Boston, will they let people board as they check in, or will they make us sit around and wait?. Since the ship will have no passengers disembarking and will already be turned over, we are hoping they will board people as soon as they are checked in. Can anyone speak to what happens in a situation like this? The MSC ship was the Divina. Nice looking ship.
  10. Yes, with a TA booking you do really need to know. The booking I spoke of was not through a TA, so it was easy to have world points desk do both cash upgrade and points upgrade. I hope someone can answer your question.
  11. The big piece is for you to figure out which reward you are going to use. Really don't need to worry so much about booking the exact category you are going to upgrade from. Last double meta upgrade I did, I wanted to end up with a BC balcony, but I had previously booked a IF inside. When I called to do the upgrade, the agent told me a cat IF would get us into a cat BD. When I told her I wanted cat BC, she told me I would need an ID inside to get into a BC. She told me it would be an extra $20 per person to upgrade us from the cat IF to cat ID. So she did a regular cash upgrade first, and then she did the point upgrade to get us the cat BC balcony.
  12. Lucky share holder here. Since I paid about $30/share, how is that a loss? You really should think more before you post.
  13. NCL holdings owns NCL, Oceania and Regent. TA is incorrect.
  14. Viator.com has a guarantee that if you miss the ship, they will get you to the next port of call. Also chances are pretty good that at least 1 person who purchased their excursion through NCL will be present on the excursion you purchased through a 3rd party. The ship won't wait for you, but it will wait for them. One of the best excursions I have ever taken was booked through a 3rd party company. It was a catamaran sail from Sapphire Beach in St. Thomas, and NCL did not offer it.
  15. I always buy Nationwide Cruise Insurance, and would recommend it. It offers some special coverages applicable only to cruises.
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