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  1. The OP already accepted the OBC of $300. NCL makes it clear that the offer of OBC is a one-time deal and that they won't make any more adjustments. Also if you read the terms and conditions of the guarantee, it says the guarantee offer is not combinable with a fare reduction. Not sure how finding a lower price is different from a fare reduction. Maybe a fare reduction is after final payment, and a lower price is prior. Restrictions: available to full individual tariff bookings with deposited cruise fare only; claims must be submitted at least 7 days prior to sailing; guarantee offer does not apply to government fees and taxes and/or fuel supplement (if applicable); lower rates must be publicly advertised fares available to the general public; guarantee offer is not combinable with an NCL fare reduction; guarantee offer excludes: rates from TV and Radio ads, group rates, qualified rates, membership programs, charters or other travel agent promotions not offered by Norwegian Cruise Line to the general public.
  2. They do it on Gem, but not Breakaway as far as I know - never seen it on BA and I have cruised it a fair bit.
  3. I am the OP, it was $36, now almost $47. Way too high for what it is. I have seen our Cagney's bill for 2 exceed $100, so we can safely say it is one of most expensive. Makes me wonder if Cagney's/Le Bistro/La Cucina are raising their a la carte prices.
  4. It must have been $30 then, because the price with gratuity was $36.
  5. Yes, I have too... OBC that was given with the cruise booking. However on a cruise this May, I purchased a cruise next certificate. Guest services told me the OBC you get from cruise next could not be used in the casino. I did not test what guest services said.. I ended up using it for onboard purchases. But I certainly believe it would be easy enough for them to block using that OBC. They figure people will load the money (less the 3%) to the slot machine, and then just cash it out.
  6. David, it is true, but VERY recent. I just saw it this morning on "my NCL". Yes, they were pushing it at $29 +20%. Lately we are sticking with our 2 platinum dinners, and that is enough for us. We started to dislike all the reservations we needed to keep, and felt like we possibly eating more than we needed to.
  7. The price for Moderno without a SDP is now $46.80. Up by $10. The only way I would pay that is if they brought it up to Churrascaria Plataforma standard. Anyone else think it's steep?
  8. Wow, that is great... considering NCL looking to cut back in every possible way.
  9. I was going to say "you will get the credit for each day". Would you have been ok with that? Gimme a break!
  10. Overnight stays count as one port, except Bermuda sailings which can receive up to 3 individual days of shore excursion credit. So if you book 3 tours for the days you are docked in Bermuda, you will get the credit for each
  11. From the T&C: Refunds and Cancellation Fees Most tours may be cancelled one day or more prior to sailing, any exceptions to this are noted in the tour descriptions on NCL.com. Tour cancellations which occur one day or more prior to sailing shall automatically receive a full refund on the credit card used to purchase such shore excursion tour, unless the tour has a more restrictive cancellation policy or unless a balance remains due to be paid on the guest’s reservation. In order to receive a full refund a guest must cancel their reservation on a shore excursion tour, one or more days prior to sailing. If a guest cancels a shore excursion tour reservation within the cut-off window (one day or more prior to sailing) a full refund shall be posted to the credit card used regardless of whether or not the individual who made the purchase is sailing. Please allow 7-10 business days for the credit to post to the credit card account. Shore excursion tours can be cancelled prior to the start of the sailing by contacting a Shore Excursion Agent at 1.866.625.1167.
  12. You actually have 48 hours prior to the excursion to cancel. That is standard NCL T&C governing shore excursions.
  13. Or what I just experienced could happen to you. Prior to final payment we had a $140 per person drop. Called and requested a price adjustment, which they did without problem. Since this cruise is in October and final payment is due 6/27, I figured I would continue to look for price drops. That won't be possible now because the category is showing as SOLD OUT. It's hard to get a price drop when there is no price. It's up to you, but I would grab what they are offering.
  14. Did a 7 night Bermuda on Gem back in May. We took an inside sail away rate, and bid $100 per person on a balcony. When balcony sail away price dropped to $200 more than what we paid for the inside, I did a direct upgrade and abandoned my bid. We ended up getting cabin 9506, all the way forward. Great cabin, but when the seas were rough, we did notice a bit more motion than we are accustomed to.
  15. For insurance purposes, you should only insure the non-refundable items. Port charges, taxes, beverage service charges are all refundable. I always just insure the cabin fare.
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