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  1. Quick update as of 6/10 when I attempted to a do double meta upgrade on my Prima sailing, it bombed out. The rep tells me IT dept. sent out email that it was fixed. They put an expedited ticket in to IT. They said they would call me back. We will see about that.
  2. Latest update on doing upgrades on Prima sailings. Yesterday 6/10 I attempted to do a double meta upgrade and it failed. The rep told me IT had sent an email out saying it had been fixed. Rep told me they would put in an expedited ticket and that they would call me back. We will see.
  3. Not true. The rest of the community is not fine with it. Just didn't think it was important enough to post on, until I saw your comment.
  4. Steve, this was not my experience for the last upgrade I did. I booked category IF on Breakaway and upgraded straight into a category BA. Maybe because Breakaway has so many balconies as compared to the Jewel class of ships. Also once I had booked an inside, and when I called to do the double meta upgrade they told me I needed to be booked 1 category higher in order to get the balcony category I wanted. The world points rep upgraded me to the correct inside category on the spot (I recall it cost me something like $30 or $40), and then applied the double meta upgrade. My advice to anyone s
  5. The 20% discount would have activated when you put in the information for guest # 2. NCL has no idea who the 2nd guest is until you put in their latitudes number.
  6. Me too, because I booked a new cruise already and received 20% off the cabin fare. Bird should read a little more carefully. If he/she had future cruise credit, and looked at new bookings they would know this. Some people say Bird is helpful, but some of their posts are simply bad information.
  7. All guests from canceled cruises have their own FCC. The FCC is what triggers the 20% discount. As soon as you enter the past guest information (in that step of the online booking process), the 20% will be applied for them as well. You didn't go far enough in the booking process. You have to enter the guest information.
  8. When I rebooked for January 2021, my travel agent said I still needed to make the deposit. He said "FCC is not a payment, it's a discount". There are so many conflicting stories floating around now. NCL website says "We’re also giving an additional 20% discount when you book by April 27, 2020 using your Future Cruise Credit on cruises embarking October 1, 2020 - December 31, 2022! ", yet I received email yesterday saying
  9. OP, didn't you notice someone had already started a thread on this before you?
  10. I think being served at the buffet is a good idea. Just don't trust other people's health habits. I will never forget seeing some guy probably about 80 come out of the stall and just leave the restroom without washing his hands. Then I see him at O'Sheehans eating chicken wings.
  11. This news broke 20 days ago. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-superhuman-mind/202003/what-does-coronavirus-do-the-brain
  12. But your posts are not helpful to anyone. Do you know how tiresome your "for your convenience" and "nickel and diming" posts are? Why don't you find a cruise line that suits your needs, and stop making stupid irrelevant posts on this board? I believe everyone on this board feels that the specialty menu prices are ludicrous, and wouldn't pay them. Who knows what NCL's intention was to reduce the number of meals? The specialty restaurant food is okay in my opinion. Certainly better than MDR.
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