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  1. Thanks SummmerInKefalonia. I reviewed the spreadsheet also and note that no Princess ship is on the schedule. for Piraeus in 2021. Still holding out hope for the Rome Port. We're booked on a B2B 3 & 10 July.
  2. The Enchanted trans-Atlantic will be available to book on the 13th according to a Princess rep my TA talked to about our reservation that was for the Apr sailing.
  3. A PVP told me it would not be available to book until the 13th. No word on pricing yet.
  4. I would be looking at booking E706 or forward to E625. These are all mini-suites that are covered. E624 and E625 are both next to the lifeboats and are a bit more exposed. E632 and 33 are by the stairs/elevators, so there may be hall traffic noise. E707 is right by the laundry. Stan
  5. I like to use the site www dot cruisedeckplans dot com to compare where rooms are. They have a tool that shows the deck above and below any cabin so you can pretty much tell where the covered balconies are. You'll also be able to tell if you may experience noise from above or below, like the nightclub aft on Deck 7 on the Coral. We've booked on Deck 8 near the nightclub, but slightly in front of it with no problem. Hope this helps. Coral is one of the oldest in the fleet, but she is my fav. Stan
  6. Jules and I have sailed on Coral 3 times in Mini-suites. She is our favorite. We liked the location of E711 when we did the Southbound Alaska cruise. These cabins are fully covered, just stay forward of the nightclub on the deck below. We were near the laundry which was handy and did not cause any problems as far as traffic or noise. We really enjoyed Crooners as our regular hang-out. Coral is not as crowded as Island Princess where they added about 200 more cabins and moved the gym down to the Promenade deck where the Universe Lounge was and there are no windows to look out of when you
  7. Thank you for what you do. We depend on the info you unlock for us. Love the Roll-calls.
  8. You may want to take a look at cruisedeckplans dot com. They have a deck pull option so you can see what is above you and below you. C614 looks nice to me. Good luck and happy sailing!
  9. We're looking forward to seeing the patters also. We're booked on the KB5 CruiseTour with sail-away on the 14th. This will be our 2nd to Alaska, and our 4th cruise on the Coral (one of our favorite ships).
  10. Good for you! Hope your balcony is in a great location. IMHO a balcony is a great thing on the Alaskan Cruise.
  11. For those who are really curious about the insides of the medallion there is a u-tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Sy08wjfN0g
  12. WisCruiser2, thank you for your comments. We're going in August for a CruiseTour southbound on the Coral.
  13. Thanks for your review! The Coral is one of our favorite ships and we've sailed on her 3 times, the last was in 2017 thru the Panama canal coast to coast. We're going on her again in August on the Alaska southbound so we have been interested about her condition after her refit. I've been told by a Princess Rep that she will be Ocean Ready beginning 5 April and we are looking forward to this new experience. We've done the all-inclusive beverage package in the past on the Coral and didn't experience a long wait, but we do Traditional Dinning and our waiters always know our preferences in adv
  14. We are booked for our 2nd Alaska Cruise Tour on the Coral Princess Southbound. I was resistant about booking Alaska, but my DW just wanted to go. It's so great a trip, here we go again in mid-August! Fairbanks is a wonderful town to spend some time in. FountainHead Antique Auto Museum is worth finding, it's at 212 Wedgewood Drive. Not only cars, but period fashion too. Great staff on hand. Look up Dinners Drive-ins and Dives... we went to the Cookie Jar and had a great brunch there. The Natural museum is worth a walk through also. Princess train rail through the interior was a great e
  15. There are two reports from cruisers on the 1st post refit cruise; you can find them by searching for Coral Princess Refit. These two cruisers were not very impressed. Like many a refit, work continued on the first cruise. The Coral arrived late in Fort Lauderdale, so boarding was delayed. Carpeting was still being installed while the cruise was underway and one commented that the crew seemed distracted with all the work that was going on. Hope we see a few more comments from other's that took the cruise.
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