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  1. Good luck @cruisingxpert - I truly hope that your cruise comes to fruition. We just cancelled our August 23rd cruise on the Reflection. There are far too many unanswered questions about the quality of the experience in Europe this year (that includes both river and ocean cruises). Will Russia be open to foreign visitors? How about the other ports of call - what venues will be fully open? For most Baltic cruisers, a visit to Saint Petersburg is the crown jewel in the itinerary. Despite the availability of the Sputnik V vaccine, Russia currently has only 7% of its population vaccinated
  2. Right - NCL and RCL (among others) have cancelled their 2021 Baltic cruises. All save one of the X cruises have been cancelled. I am confident that our August Baltic cruise (X) will be cancelled - our final payment is tomorrow and I intend to cancel. I am not interested in a Baltic cruise that doesn’t visit St. Petersburg nor am I interested in mandated ship tours. Hope things improve in 2022.
  3. IMHO, it is best to concentrate on Saint Petersburg if you have only 3 days. There is so much to see in Saint Petersburg that 3 days barely scratches the surface. It is possible to visit Moscow on your second day in port but, as stated above, it will be a very long day. I have been to Moscow several times but not from a cruise ship - Moscow really merits a stay longer than eight hours. However, if your heart is set on visiting Moscow, it can be done using one of the private tour operators (our friends used Alla Tours but there are others as well) that will take you there on your second da
  4. @Second seating - what a gorgeous sunset! Is this the view from your home? @Coral - congratulations to your school on a successful graduation. You must feel proud as you pulled off quite an achievement during these trying times. 🙂 @sharkster77 - I agree that remote learning occurs. Autodidacts and gifted students would do well, I am sure. The others, well..... probably not so much. I also think that the socialization aspect is very important for students.
  5. I will be waiting with interest to hear from those that cruise this summer. I'm very interested in knowing what sights/museums are fully open to tourists.
  6. When we feel that a tour is needed, we book only independent tours. All of our experiences have been very good to excellent. As already mentioned, check your rollcall.
  7. Good to know - so a debit card with chip & pin would also work? Do you think that this will be a permanent change?
  8. Interesting - I've never noticed any shops in AMS that accepted only credit cards. AFAIK, until relatively recently, credit cards were not widely used in AMS (except by tourists). I've also noticed that cash is "king" in Germany.
  9. According to Google, Camargue is 57.7 miles from Aix (via car). According to CA, the city is 1.5 to 2 miles via car. I don't have a clue. Off to my day's appointments. Good luck!
  10. Yes, sort of reminds me of the narrow lanes in Aix.
  11. Useless trivia... The monks of the Jerónimos monastery created the original recipe for the delicious pastel de Belém - this secret recipe is over 300 years old . A shop (Pasteis de Belem) bought the recipe from the monks in 1834 when the monastery closed. The shop using the monk's secret recipe, Pasteis de Belém, opened in 1837and is located down the street from the monastery - a mere 3 minute stroll. @ljandgb and @Daisi ... Did you sample any of these delectable treats?
  12. It is possible but not probable. I think we are booked on the same cruise & I suspect that it will be cancelled.
  13. Ah yes, we were told it was for hand washing. Kind of looks like the lion is vaping. 😄
  14. Bet you and the parents are anxious. Hope he arrives soon!
  15. Aha - found it! On the Herengracht (#394 to be precise) in Amsterdam. What does it signify? I will declare a wildcard if I am correct as I really must get back to the task at hand.
  16. Amsterdam? Rhine cruise? If it is in Amsterdam, I've no idea where the building is located. Okay, back to work for me.
  17. It is lovely - never been there (maybe one of these days when we can once again travel to Europe). I rarely use the Google search - it usually doesn't help with this crew (yourself included). 🙂 Hope that you didn't take my previous comment as criticism.
  18. Oh, yes - you are correct Theo. I just utilized Google's photo search & it immediately offered photos of Gruyeres including almost the exact photo posted by @jpalbny. Looks like a charming town.
  19. She currently resides in NY - have you seen her?
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