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  1. We were on this same cruise and loved every minute of it. Probably going to do it again next summer. I think the Key is worth it on this ship just for the ease of making reservations on North Star, I Fly and bumper cars.
  2. I went to Quest and battle of the sexes in the spotlight lounge.
  3. Did this tour last November as something that I thought my 78 year old mother and 76 year old Mother-in- law could do since a beach day was not on their agenda. Turned out I enjoyed it just as much as they did!
  4. Received an email this morning actually telling me my bid to go from OV to a balcony was accepted. I had offered $125 and received a E1 balcony on deck 6 on Freedom this Sunday April 7th. I am glad to move out of that OV as it was right next to Studio B.
  5. It is in your cruise planner under internet and more.
  6. I had an Alaska offer for May this year that I couldn't take and another in June on Ovation that I am taking.
  7. I made a wifi call on an American Airlines flight this week just because I was curious if it would work and it did no problem.
  8. I used them in November and they were fantastic! I will use them every time out of Galveston.
  9. In the MDR you can get as many entrees as you want. It is only in the specialty restaurants where they limit you to one entree.
  10. I don't think any of the cruise lines have released anything beyond April 2020 yet.
  11. I doubt it. I think they are just putting this option out there for people who are booking on short notice.
  12. I got one on my last cruise but I wouldn't do it again because I got tired of them constantly trying to sell me product,
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