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  1. Not a price point I would characterize as a "solo bargain" for sure :D
  2. Did you call NCL or were you trying to do this online? Call and speak to a rep and tell them you want to deal in Canadian dollars. Your reservation will then be in CAD and you will not be at the mercy of fluctuating exchange rate.:)
  3. Hummm... $385 a night for an Eastern Caribbean... ?:(
  4. Thanks to robbie21 for the excellent summary... ditto to all except the beach at Captain's Choice... stayed on board so wouldn't know... This is definitely something I would like to do again...the absence of constant onboard activities and PA announcements for same was a blessing... Enjoy... Francois
  5. Hi Mary What about a car/driver from Sunsation Tours and make up similar itinerary to what might have been done with Mandoo Tours? $30 USD per hour for up to 4 persons? If you want to discuss you can e-mail me at bajnok@videotron.ca Francois
  6. I'm stumped... following my initial inquiry, had a reply from Mandoo offering the Garden Tour... all attempts to contact him since (at least 4 e-mails) have gone unanswered... I have sort of given up and will start looking at alternatives for a similar tour... will let you know what I find out ok? Francois
  7. Not really...I amnot very good at wheeling and dealing so I tend to prefer to have my stuff lined up ahead of time... :-) Francois
  8. Hi Robbie21... thanks for the information...and welcome to the roll call :-) Francois
  9. Mandoo tours is http://grenadatours.com/half.htm We have done the Spice Plantation Route... contacted Mandoo recently and he offered the Garden Route which covers a different part of the island... Francois
  10. Yes they did... Here they are Sat 6-Feb-16 Bridgetown, Barbados ETA 07.00 ETD 22.00 Sun 7-Feb-16 "Capt.'s best", Grenadines ETA 12.00 ETD 17.00 Mon 8-Feb-16 St. George’s, Grenada ETA 12.00 ETD 23.45 Tue 9-Feb-16 Tobago Cays, Grenadines ETA 09.30 ETD 17.00 Wed 10-Feb-16 Kingstown, St. Vincent ETA 08.00 ETD 12.30 Admiralty Bay, Bequia ETA 14.00 ETD 19.00 Thu 11-Feb-16 Fort de France, Martinique ETA 08.00 ETD 12.00 Beach, Martinique ETA 13.00 ETD 19.00 Fri 12-Feb-16 Marigot Bay, St. Lucia ETA 07.30 ETD 12.00 Soufrière, St. Lucia ETA 13.00 ETD 17.00 Sat 13-Feb-16 Bridgetown, Barbados ETA 07.00 ETD 22.00 I know that in Grenada my friend Mary and I were looking to do a tour with Mandoo Tours. Did one this November and it was great. For the rest nothing decided yet, Looking to the ship ones but did note that a number of them seem quite strenuous... Mary and I both in good shape but not looking for trouble :D As I do not get to stay in Barbados either pre or post cruise, I'd like to do a tour there at least. I saw Star Clippers offers two but both seem to be post cruise... Possibly looking to our own for Martinique and St Lucia and Kingstown... I am a big foodie so would like to try a good restaurant possibly in Martinique... To be honest it is pretty much all up in the air at this time. Some stops definitely sound more suitable to just beach, snorkel and relax than anything else, i.e. Becquia? Tobago Cays? Francois
  11. :D:D:D Expect the cruise will be fine... Txs Francois
  12. Good day... Was away on TA and Southern Caribbean cruise so missed your message... Great to know someone who has been on previously... obviously you liked it :-) I just downloaded their list of excursions yesterday and am in thee same process. Could not find scheduled times of arrival and departure from ports of call though so have written Star Clippers to ask if those are available. I'll be in cabin 228 and travelling solo although a travel friend of mine has also booked the cruise. Mary is from England. Which cruise had you done before? Francois
  13. Starting this roll call in hopes of meeting some of my fellow cruisers... This cruise was a 'bucket list' item for me. Have cruise before but never on a sail ship. Cruising solo but my friend Mary from England is joining the cruise as well.Been retired for a couple of years and trying to make the most of it :-) Francois
  14. WOW... incredible pricing... I'm in the same situation , already booked on the Norwegian Escape. Otherwise, I'd be on the Divina come October :-( Francois
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