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  1. The walking tour sounds like a great idea! I have only been to Rome once, and did a tour through ItalyTourSharing with some other cruisers. We hit all of the main attractions, but I want to experience more of the city, particularly the food. I'm excited! Sandy
  2. I am traveling solo on a cruise the week of Thanksgiving. I'm flying into Rome a couple of days early and just starting my research for a hotel. I'm a little nervous about being in the city alone. Hotel Nerva looks perfect. Thanks so much for your post. It's at the top of my list. Sandy
  3. I am a Prime member and get email offers for a free cruise regularly. The last 3 cruises I have taken have been free inside cabins. I travel solo and they give me double C&A points as if I had paid the single rate. It's wonderful! I have no idea how they calculate the points. I play tables mostly, but also slots. I spend a lot of time in the casino and usually play the minimum bet. Lately, it's been $10 on the tables. I love getting the free drinks. I just got an offer for a free inside cabin on a 7 day Med cruise out of Rome. I booked immediately. Can't wait for that cruise!! Will be on Adventure 1/27. Sandy
  4. I'm on the Adventure sailing 1/27. I play tables mostly, and the $2,000 pre-purchase is very tempting. I know I can play thru the $2,000 before the cruise is over. I don't have an issue with the way you play thru the chips. My concerns are as follows: - Chip denominations are based on availability. I want $5 chips to play on $10 min tables. What if they don't have enough $5 chips? Will they break them down later? - If the table minimums are over $10, I probably won't play. If I do, it won't be $2,000 worth. - If I'm not winning on the tables, I'll switch to slots for awhile. I can't use my chips for the slots. I'm a prime member, but I have to see "firsthand" how this program "plays out" to see if it's for me. 😉 Sandy
  5. Hi sdear, We are doing the 6 night on Adventure Jan.27th. I am also a casino prime member. Haven't sailed this ship. How was the casino? I play tables mostly, & my sister plays slots. Do you know what the table minimums were? Was the casino crowded? I was thinking about buying the $2,000 in chips to get $200 in promo, but I can't get good info on the program. I think I'll just see how the program works when I get onboard. I might take advantage of the offer on my next cruise. Sandy
  6. Thanks for the info C-Leg & Taylor. I'm still trying to decide what to do in Cozumel. If I can get some participation from the roll call, I might consider this tour. Sandy
  7. So how much time is spent at each bar? Do you have time to check out the beach and/or order food?
  8. I'm new to this forum, and have just read thru the thread. My first solo cruise was Jan 2017 out of Galveston, TX as a test run for a solo cruise in the Mediterranean. The passengers on the Galveston cruise were the friendliest I have ever experienced. I'm going again out of Galveston Sept.16th. I love the casino and spend most of my time there. My Galveston cruise is a free cruise based on casino play. The casino is a great place for a solo cruiser. Like others have said, a kindle can be your best friend. I will be sure to take it with me to the main dining room in the event I end up dining alone. I have requested a large table in the main dining room. If I'm not happy, I will request another table. Don't hesitate to ask for a different table. For me, dining is the biggest anxiety of traveling solo. I go to the buffet for breakfast and lunch, but want the dining room experience for dinner. I'm prepared this time with my kindle. I have no problem going on excursions or walking around the ports alone. Just do your research in advance and be safe. Sandy G.
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