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    Explore 4 beverage package question

    Just back from Alaska where we had the package. The wine waiter soon got to know our preferred wine and though he poured us a glass each at a time he left the bottle on the table and topped us up frequently. The only issue we had was in the Cannaleto where although we had three lots of two drinks they put all six on one bill so we were charged - this was rectified the following day. The limit was $9 per drink.
  2. chelseababy

    Alaska Ports

    Thank you for your reply. :cool:
  3. chelseababy

    Alaska Ports

    Where would you recommend for salmon fishing on this cruise? We are coming from UK so cant send any home! Is it best to book the HAL salmon fishing or are there independent tours in any of the ports for salmon fishing? We are also going on 3 July and looking forward to the celebrations on 4th! Will there be a good party onboard? Thanks
  4. chelseababy

    OBC couple with 100 shares between them

    Thanks for your replies, looks like we will have to get joint shares. Greetings from a grey day in the UK!
  5. Hi sorry if this has been asked before. If two people sharing a cabin have 100 shares between them (e.g. I have 55 partner has 45) can we still get OBC for the cabin? Or do we need to have them in joint names? Thanks
  6. chelseababy

    Bar prices

    House wine 15.50 Euros no diet tonic!
  7. chelseababy

    Royal Clipper cabin 233 fixed double bed

    Back from cruise and 233 does have a fixed double so access only from one side and part of bottom end. Very small cabin and very limited space. Our cases would not fit under bed. Soon got used to it though. Shower room a reasonable size with plenty of space and storage.