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  1. We went to Coki Beach in June 2018 and back in May 2013. We didn't see or smell any and of what you're reefer-ing to on either occasion. IF anyone was partaking, then it wasn't obvious to us. We will go to Coki again if we ever make it back to St. Thomas.
  2. As I stated in another thread, I respect your experience and will not dispute or discount it. I have no idea if there is another Kenny. Ours was 28 years old. If this is the same one, then he obviously got the message from Victor.
  3. Sorry to hear about your accident, hospital stay and upcoming rehabilitation. (Maybe this rehab can be used to rehab from your constantly reaching your 15 drink maximum on cruises) Your reviews are ones I always enjoy reading. Here's hoping for a full and speedy recovery.
  4. We tried the chat feature on our cruise 2 years ago. It rarely worked, so we haven't bothered signing up for it on our 2 subsequent cruises, and I can't tell you if it improved or not. That said, we just got back from a cruise on the Freedom. The menu feature for the MDR was rarely correct. It listed other ports of call that we didn't visit and had different menus than what was actually presented in the MDR.
  5. We just got back from a cruise last week where Roatan was one of our stops. We used Victor Bodden to take a private tour, and it included the monkeys/sloths and a visit to a resort on West Bay beach. Another poster above keeps mentioning a bad experience with one of Bodden's drivers. While I respect their reporting of their experience, I'm here to say that my experience with who I believe to be their driver (Kenny) was completely different last week. Kenny was our driver, and never left our site, other than to run an errand for us or to get something that we requested. I would not hesitate to use Bodden (or Kenny) again.
  6. Had to resurrect this thread, as I caught this great picture as we were arriving into Roatan last week on the Freedom. It was mostly cloudy at the time, and there was a small hole in the clouds where the sun was shining down on the Miracle off in the distance.
  7. We just returned from our Freedom cruise, and we booked a private tour through Victor Bodden, despite what was posted above. I remembered this thread when we were introduced to Kenny as being our guide for the day. Not sure if there is more than 1 Kenny working for Bodden, but Kenny was not out of our site for the entire day except for when he went somewhere on our tour to take care of something that we requested. At the monkey and sloth exhibit, he was outside the front door the entire time were there. I would absolutely use Bodden again on a return trip to Roatan.
  8. The last few work days prior to a cruise move agonizingly slowly! Last work day is tomorrow and then we leave Saturday for a cruise that starts on Sunday, so that means only 4 days till cruise day.
  9. Add me to the list of Funship fans. I'll be enjoying a couple of those in 6 days!
  10. We have officially moved into single digits - 9 days until the Freedom!
  11. I'd be willing to bet that pier runners are not limited to Carnival.
  12. After a long wait, we're down to 19 days until the Freedom.
  13. dmet0225

    Beginner Scuba

    We have used Eagle Ray Divers in Cozumel. The owner himself, Antonio, was our guide. After about a 15 minute lesson on the basics in shallow, sandy water, we then were taken to 2 separate locations for dives in about 30 feet of water. Antonio brought his camera and took pictures of us. He also met us afterwards at the 7-11 across from the cruise terminal so that we could buy t-shirts from him. I would not hesitate to recommend them.
  14. I can't swear to it, and don't know the specifics on how they seat people together, but I can't recall an instance where a family with kids is seated at the same table with an older group of people. Of all of our cruises, we have been assigned a table with other guests only twice. On BOTH occasions, the other guests never showed up, so we had the table to ourselves. As others have said, you can always send an email to the Maitre D' about a week prior to your sailing with your specific request. As for early or late, it's entirely dependent on your family's dining preferences. All that said, enjoy your first cruise. You're likely to be hooked on cruising.
  15. It depends on the port and whether the scenery is any good from my balcony. I've never once gone to the Lido deck for sail away, as I'd prefer to watch the scenery while leaving rather than the loud music and the dancing. If I'm not on my balcony, I will be on one of the "secret decks" at the front of the ship.
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