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  1. This is my first booking on NCL and I am so confused by the promotions. Is there a place where it tells you how many specialty dinners are included in your "FREE AT SEA" package, based on your sailing or sail date? Are you able to upgrade from your package to another if you want more? Also, if your price goes down or if a new promotion gives you more offers for your sailing, are you able to rebook? TIA.
  2. Do you mean the elegant dinner? Or the Chefs Dinner. i have not heard of a Captain's Dinner.
  3. Is the exclusion of tour conductors new? Because I got it on cruise last year where I was the TC.
  4. Only very small/tiny weddings could fit in there. My wedding was small only 50 guests and we could not fit in the chapel.
  5. What is the cove craft area? Is this a new program being rolled out fleet wide? Sound interesting.
  6. I really liked the chapel, it was beautiful. But it was really unusable for anything more than quiet reflection. My husband and I were married on the Pride, but we could not use the chapel because it could only seat 35 guests. I'm not sure if services were ever held there, on our wedding cruise they were not.
  7. Is there a way to know which rooms are assigned to which muster station? My children are too small to sleep in a separate room. I always have to book two rooms in order for all of us to sail, even though we always end up sharing 1 room. I've always purchased an inside in the same vicinity of whatever room we're actually going to sleep in, but if I could find a cheaper room with the same muster station, that would be ideal. Does anyone know if the muster stations are published somewhere?
  8. I'm taking a group on this trip, so I will just need to prepare them for the worst and pray for the best. thanks for the info and sorry to hear of your experience.
  9. The enhanced turn down service for us was the little bag of cookies and fruit and cheese we received each night with the "compliments of the hotel manager".
  10. I just learned that my cruise is the first one after a planned dry dock. A couple of questions: 1. What were the planned upgrades given to the Pride? 2. When did they announce the $200 pp credit? How was it administered? 3. Were any of the activities impacted or was it more inconvenience, dust and grime? TIA.
  11. 🤔🤔 I don’t think I’ve ever consciously focused on the artwork enough to notice all this nudity. I must be enjoying myself too much for my nudity spidey sense to be alerted. I do remember the statue of David in David’s steakhouse. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ Why would anyone find that offensive enough to have it removed?
  12. I finally called carnival and the Fascination will enter dry dick November 6-21. Details of its upgrades are expected to be released next year. I’m nervous, cause those upgrades never seem to be completely done when the ship re enters service.
  13. What do you like most about it? This is our first time visiting all of these ports.
  14. I stayed in the captains suite on the Glory and the suite perks I received were Free bag of laundry. 2 bottles of water in addition to the bottles we received as Gold members. Priority luggage tags Priority tender Each day we received something from the hotel manager as a thank you for being a suite guest (cookies, fruit, bottle of champagne, cheese tray)
  15. It's going to St. Thomas, St. Maarten, St. Kitts, St. Lucia and Barbados. this is my first time doing an intin like this and sailing on a ship this size. I'm excited to try it.
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