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  1. I think you're right. I'm not paying any more on my cruises, until the final payment dates.
  2. Many thanks this is what I needed.
  3. On April 2nd, the Early Saver promotion included a "Free Bon Voyage Item", it also gave $100 OBC. It was rate code OCS. I quickly called to get the promotion because the price was lower and the OBC, but I didn't take a screen shot. Now it's not shown on the website. Does anyone remember this promotion? IF so, was there a coupon code or soemthing that went with it? Or will they just send an item to your cabin? TIA.
  4. No. The past few sales have been "Deposits as low as $50pp" which means $50 and up, and not all sailings are included in the sale.
  5. My bounce back offer has been valid for about a month now. It was $50 obc for regular rooms and $100 for suites. The price was the same as the othe ES offers, but with a reduced deposit.
  6. Yes, I have found nicer decorations for far less $$. You can decorate your cabin as you wish. Just be sure to remove it the last night of your cruise, before you leave.
  7. There is no "Gotcha". That's the rule with all Early saver reduced deposit sales. If you price match to a new promotion, you lose the benefits of the previous promo, including any OBC. Sometimes they say "Deposits as low as $50" which means your desired sailing may not be included.
  8. I have had this issue before and Carnival's policy is that if you reduce the number of guests they reserve the right to move you to a room for the # of ppl (3) within the same cat (4D, 6C, 8B etc.) or upgrade you to the next level up within your category. I booked during the $50 ES deposit sale and then waited to cancel the 4th person closer to final payment, to avoid being moved. By that time, inventory is usually limited so the likelihood of being moved is slim. Also, if you choose a category that has a likelihood of being sold out by around final payment, there is nothing available to move you too. Cancelling the 4th person forfeits the deposit, but I since I usually book under ES reduced deposit, I'm only out $50. (Not sure what happens if you book under refundable deposit promos.)
  9. I like the concepts of the Havana Area, the FH area, the Excel suites etc. I think it provides more options for those willing to pay a little more. I just prefer the Mardi Gras' location for the Havana area more. After seeing the deck plans for the Vista class. I had no desire to sail them. When MG was released we immediately began discussing which date we wanted to sail.
  10. The FH being on deck 2 with it's special lounge is no different than the Excel Suites and I like the idea. It's not elist. It's not taking some amenity normally used by all and privatizing it. I like the concept of the Havana area as well. My issue was the chosen location for it on the Vista class. I prefer the Mardi Gras' version more.
  11. I think you misunderstood my post. I felt the Vista class location made it elitist. I felt the age requirement alienated families who want to pay extra for a private area. I prefer the Mardi Gras re-imagined versions of both concepts more. The Excel Loft 19 is apart from all of the areas, giving patrons that pvt area. The Havanna cabins are not centered around Prime real estate. We can agree to disagree, though.
  12. I prefer the Havana design on the Mardi Gras. I do not like the set up of the Vista class with that whole rear being dedicated to an elite class. It seemed wasteful and reminiscent of cruising long ago. And with there being a minimum age of 12 to stay in the Havana area, carnival seemed to be alienating a huge segment of their core client, families.
  13. This is my first booking on NCL and I am so confused by the promotions. Is there a place where it tells you how many specialty dinners are included in your "FREE AT SEA" package, based on your sailing or sail date? Are you able to upgrade from your package to another if you want more? Also, if your price goes down or if a new promotion gives you more offers for your sailing, are you able to rebook? TIA.
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