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  1. I was on Symphony Jan25-Feb1 and was pleasantly surprised how many folks seemed to dress up nearly every night. I did 4 out of 7, and my remaining 3 were at least date night appropriate if not formal. Our cabin was on the 8th floor and we loved walking through Central Park to and from dinners and shows. We did dine at specialty restaurants 4 nights, and with friends the remaining nights, so I did re-wear the dresses two of the nights I went formal. I loved that lots of folks seemed to be dressed up, and I didn't feel out of place at all, dressed up, or dressed down.
  2. My guy is 6'6 and pushing 400. We were just on the Symphony (and NCL Getaway fwiw.) We did alot of specialty restaurants and they were all able to accommodate without making it a thing. Usually we ended up with a bench on one side of the table and a normal chair on the other side and I simply took the bench and he sat in the chair. Johnny Rockets was insanely tight though, with two benches on each side of the table. Anyway, the theaters and the arenas (like the aqua theater), comedy clubs and pubs etc, no issues. You did mention beach chairs. He's very careful about that and all were strong enough to accommodate (on the ship and Coco Cay.) The umbrellas on Coco Cay at Chill Beach were kind of a pain because they are set very low. But I'm 5'6 and they were kinda low even for me, they are squished in tight and to stand and put on sunscreen etc was awkward. For him, it took skill!! We did find quite a few places on Symphony were the ceiling height was a thing. We've never been on Indy, but, fair warning! The ceilings may be low! The sprinklers in the cabin grazed his hair, and the entrance to the bathroom and the balcony required a slight dip. I think it was Wonderland on Symphony as well that had some pretty low ceilings going down the stairwell.
  3. Sooooo easy! I don't think it took more than 5 minutes from entry to the queue through security, the person who scanned our phones and we were walking toward the ship. I did print our boarding passes and we used those for our drink package and anything else we needed (bought internet and a couple shore excursions.) When we went to our cabin, our passes were there. Seamless. Loved it!
  4. I guess I don't understand all the folks saying they understand the policy. It's not really about the policy. The policy is great. Love it! What it is about is literally, a change to the itinerary the day of boarding (while the ship is spending the night in the harbor nonetheless) and literally refusing boarding just sucks. No nice way to say it. This is not an instance of poor planning on the OP's part. What happens if the the ship as at sea for 2 days and is unable to dock or tender to the port for the third day? Do they toss the infants overboard? Surely there is precedent for accommodation in this case. At the minimum a waiver to sign offered. (Which, as a parent, I would have signed.) I also agree that I would have made every effort to have at least one adult and the 7 year old sail, and demanded refund for those refused boarding.
  5. Our last few cruises have been NCL. Their beverage package will give you a zillion beers or mixed drinks, happily! Also water in dispensers at various locations and in a glass. It drove me bat crap crazy, at first) that bottled water wasn't included, as it is for Royal and Carnival. Anyway.. after watching the zillions of ditched drinks, it occurred to me how many of those bottles would have a sip or two taken, then tossed. (I'm sure I'm about to see this on Royal this weekend (it's been a decade since I cruised Royal...) Anyway, I'm 100% on board with not providing bottled (or canned!) water in the drink package. But damn. Why can't they have bottle refill stations like airports and gyms!? If they can have a washy washy lady, they can certainly have a bottle filler upper man a few refill stations in the gym and a few central locations. Seems soooooo much cheaper and better for the environment. As it was, on NCL, it was a pain to refill a refillable bottle, because people would literally stand in front of the water dispenser with a little cup and then try to pour it into their water bottles making a mess and a huge line. We can do soooo much better!
  6. We have a theory about coffee on the ship. It is never good, and we think it is because most of the folks that make it have no idea how Americans like coffee to taste. LOL Americans also have unique tastes in deserts it seems.
  7. Fantastic review! I'm hanging on every word! You mentioned on page two that all the cardio machines in the gym were.... reserved? Did you notice if that trend continued throughout the week? Or certain times of day?
  8. I'd love to! Hahahaha I'd love to see it drop! We are two weeks out, now, so I doubt it will.
  9. I've been babysitting mine and watching the prices for about 3 months. We sail on Symphony the last week of Jan and currently it is $61 per person/per day plus grats. I agree with @JasonMason, plan on about $65, but I've seen it up as high as 80-something, and I managed to snag $57 in early Nov. I was hoping it'd go a little lower for Black Friday, but the lowest I've seen was the $57. We are going to CocoCay.
  10. Yes dear, I was agreeing with you.
  11. My ex husband was not allowed to take his son (4ish-10ish at the time) out of the county. His ex wife was "afraid he'd take their son and leave the country with him." The fact the man shirked parenting with 3 wives didn't occur to her that he would want to be bothered.. plus he was in the military, where was he going to go? LOL Truthfully, she did every thing she could to make things hard for him to see their son. Anyway, turns out that even though my ex couldn't take the kid out of the county (and I do mean county, not country) anyone else could. Crazy. But, that said, this was while the child was wayyyyy under 18, but it is an example of a condition imposed. Edited to add: to attempt to put my comments back on topic... had I left the ex at home, picked the kid up, which I was allowed to do, and driven to a cruise port, the chances of me being stopped boarding with him were likely next to 0. These are button pushers, not legal experts on international custody law and intricacies of state law.
  12. That's what it did for us. We booked two cabins. errrmmmmm My 17 year old and I in one, and my guy and my son's 18 yo best friend next door. We paid grats on beverage package for adult in cabin and grats on soda package for under 21 in cabin, for both cabins.
  13. Dannnnng. It's a moot point for us now (he's 18, you know, an adult in all but LMAO) but I just couldn't believe they let him leave the ship with his friend!
  14. And you are sounding unhinged. Hahahaha As a single parent whose ex spouse is military, I've lived far from my sons father since my son was 5. In those years we've gone on 8-10 cruises, countless trips to Canada, and two European trips. I always carry my separation agreement (in North Carolina the separation agreement outlines the terms of the divorce) and the executed divorce document. In the separation agreement it states that I have (well... now had lol) sole legal custody. That means I can (could) take him where I want- when I want. Even though I always had it, I was never once asked for it. There is likely more back story for your particular situation, but the vast majority of situations end at 18. That's just the way it is. Was your daughter still in high school at 19? Sole legal custody gives you the responsibility of her education. That said, I've never once heard of anything except financial obligations extending beyond 18, unless your daughter is special needs. No one is saying all these folks in your life are wrong, if that's the way it was structured, I guess that's the way yours was structured. But believe me, being military affiliated, I know lots and lots of people for whom fighting over geography was a thing, for decades.
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