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  1. I thought the lack of an expansive pool deck (but massive farms of deck chairs elsewhere) on the Getaway was pretty irritating when I got on the ship. I just don't understand it. One of the biggest things that frustrates people is lack of poolside deck chairs. LOL I do agree with a previous poster- it is what you make of it, and if you focus on the positives, it'll likely still be a fantastic vacation.
  2. We dined at Cagney's on the Getaway in April. Not impressed- at all. La Cucina was fantastic!
  3. OH! I also forgot to ask... Because everyone loves a good beverage package question! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Since we'll effectively be sailing down the east coast.. how does that work? On Carnival in US waters there were some random things.. like beverage package didn't take effect til some specific time, certain beers couldn't be served til in international waters, tax charges while in US waters. I'm guessing we'll arc far enough out to not be in US waters long.. (anyone know how long?!) If I order a d*mn beer for sail away, do I pay full price plus tip? Even with the bev package? Why must things be so difficult lol
  4. Sorry @CarolinaMamma! I just saw your post :) Sailaway tomorrow! YAY!!! I'm going to just go with it and hope that I can get a chair every now and then. I'm not going to allow myself to get caught up in the math gymnastics of people/pools/hot tubs. I guarantee the ratios are way better on ship than at work next week!! Are you participating in Meet and Greet and Slot Pull? There is more chatter in the roll call as we get closer to sailaway!
  5. Hi all! I'm antsy! I can't wait. I'm counting minutes. And I'm soooooo excited! I haven't cruised since 2016 and it shows! We sail out of NY on the Getaway- TOMORROW! YAY! Down the the minute on packing. So I wanted to check a few things (never been on NCL) Are there toiletry dispensers in the showers? I'll bring my own.. but I am traveling with 3 guys (2 balcony cabins) and don't want to pack for 3 people that can be happy with whatever comes out of the dispenser (Carnival does this on some ships.) Will they remove the mini bar and associated tempting things from a cabin (there will be two teen boys in one of the cabins.) We chose 12:30-1 as our check in window. I've never been to Port of New York. I've been to Miami and Port Canaveral quite a few times. Typically drive up, drop big bags, park car and walk back across and enter line. Even the Carnival Faster to the Fun resulted in a long time sitting in a room waiting to get on the ship after check in. How does this work for Norwegian at PONY? I've read (here) to refill water bottles (we are massive water drinkers) in the gym. Anyone have other fantastic advice? Thank you so much! Tess
  6. We are going on Breakaway in a couple weeks and it was sad to waste the UBP "credits." A little irritating actually. How does one find out how much spa passes are? We will be on Breakaway April 13... with every other kid in the North East US ๐Ÿ˜ž
  7. I've sailed out of various ports in Fl and it's usually pretty straight forward. For this cruise on the Getaway in April, we sail out of "New York, New York." Well dang. That's a pretty big, crowded, and congested place. Where is the port? What is in good proximity?? I'd also love to find a stay and sail. Book a room for Friday night, and leave the car parked there for the week. Any suggestions? I've also never sailed Norwegian. I've used Carnival's Faster to the Fun.. and it was fantastic! I'd like to get on board, and have time to try to get Vibe access. I don't care if the rooms are ready or not. What time is the earliest to arrive to the the ship? Thank you all!!
  8. @SNJCruisers Hahahahah I'm not really nuts about B52's but blood orange martinis are fantastic! Also Satan's whiskers :) Truthfully a bit more excited if Grey Goose is loose again :)
  9. So grey goose and Grand Mariner are back in the UBP? If so.. huge sigh of relief!
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