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  1. Years ago, we rented scooters while on honeymoon in Aruba. Is this still do-able for the day? I've searched, but came up empty. Calling on Aruba 25 Jan, 2019. Thanks for ANY help. fflashh.
  2. Calling on Bonaire on Wednesday 23 January, 2019 from 9am - 7pm. Wife and I wanted to rent the 2 person golf carts from Bonaire cruisers, BUT they are sold out (we're on the wait list). Wondering if there is a scooter rental option. We don't want to do their 4-person guided tour. We'd appreciate ANY advice. Thanks, fflashh
  3. Thank you for the info, CGTNORMANDIE CGTNORMANDIE, would you be so kind as so send me the link of your Divina review? Thanks in advance . fflashh
  4. What can we expect for late-night? Such as 11PM onward? Are there bars/lounges open for dancing, drinking, mingling? Or does the Divina close up Early? fflashh
  5. Two +/- 60 y.o. (a married couple) with about one dozen Caribbean cruises, wondering what to expect on our 20 Jan. 2019 sailing on the Divina for 11 days. We have done Carnival, Princess, HAL, NCL, Disney and Celebrity. Probably Celebrity was our fav. We have a "drinks on us" package, with a "fantastica" balcony. Sailing to the Southern and Western Caribbean this time. We enjoy relaxing, music shows, sea days (as we've been to most ports) partying and beach/pool time. What is the Divina like? She looks big and gorgeous to see in port, but what kinda "flavor " should we expect? Do tell. Thanks, so much for any input, fflashh
  6. Thanks for all of your time, trouble and INFO! Do you have any pics or info on #13052 on Divina? Thanks, fflashh
  7. Yeah! Yes I did, riclop and didn't come up with a definitive answer or I would't have made the post. Sounds reasonable to me.
  8. thank you tallyho8, that is a good thing with the barstools upstairs:)
  9. :) Thanks so much Gerry. All the info is appreciated and probably "sealed the deal" for us. Good news and a swift reply. If q's come up, I'll ask you. Again, thanks fflashh
  10. Skier52, you helped me a few months ago with my stateroom on the new Seaside. Thanks again. We are now on deposit for an 11 nighter on the Divina. Never been on her. We picked 13052 because its diagram shows a HUGE angular balcony. We like high decks and close proximity to elevators which this selection has. But really worried about noise from above. And concerned that there is too much of an overhang above giving the balcony a cave-like feel. Is balcony really big or are diagrams misleading? Bed by bath or balcony? Any other tidbits appreciated. Your thoughts? Thanks, fflashh
  11. Looks like from diagrams that this stateroom has a HUGE angular balcony. This is why we (married couple 60 yo) put a deposit on it, a 11 nighter in January . But I'm worried about noise, mostly. I can't tell just what is above it. We like higher decks, closeness to elevators, and a seemingly large balcony, but is there a prominent overhang just above it? Any feedback is appreciated.:confused: Thanks, fflashh.
  12. Wondering..... We (wife & I) were thinking of a place with drinks and a beach within walking distance of the MSC pier. Are there any suggestions anybody has? Probably after we do whatever tour we decide on..... Local establishment, or tourist place like Margaritaville would be nice if it's there. Any knowledge appreciated. Thanks. fflashh.:confused:
  13. I believe that there are 3 piers for cruise ships in Coz. Which does MSC Seaside use? What is within walking distance? 5 ships total in port that day (23 May, 2018). Any suggestions for just walking off the ship either before or after a possible bar hop tour? Thanks, fflashh.
  14. :confused:I believe this is the same tour wife and I took +/- 2 years ago, and we had Gizmo as our driver. He was GREAT! But yes, I had to drive to the first stop (the tequila factory) where he took over for the rest of the day. Not sure what would have happened IF wife and I both declined to drive or were unable to drive a stick shift. We were the only two on the tour with Gizmo. Tour was super and are probably going on it again next week. Lots of fun and informative, too. Still, not convinced why we had to drive initially. fflashh.
  15. What is the "set" dress code for the 7night Seaside for this spring / summer sailings? We sail May 19th. Is it: 2 formal nights, are there "Gala nights" additionally, and are there also theme nights for the MDR? Confused also as I read these threads. fflashh.:confused:
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