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  1. We sailed on the Regal in E420 and this row of cabins on the port side are directly over Crooners, so you'll have plenty of piano music if you go to bed early. (I imagine the starboard cabins slightly less so.) We also were able to hear any bands playing 3 decks down on Plaza deck, which sometimes ran as late as midnight. :( Aside from the noise, which we tolerated, we really enjoyed this location: very central and easy to get anywhere on the ship, especially with the main stairs so accessible. I'm not sure we would book it again though. :confused: HTH, Steve :cool:
  2. If we book for $1, can we include FCD at final payment to get OBC? If not, that's the dealbreaker for me.
  3. If available, you can do the same thing by booking a "Bon Voyage Experience" for your sailing. It's $39/pp but that may be applied to a future cruise.
  4. Princes used to have something called “Late-Late Riser” on select ships. It wasn't the full breakfast menu but some favorites like blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and whipped cream, or steak and eggs could be ordered at lunchtime. Or if your fortunate enough to have a suite, you may dine in Sabatini's. I think breakfast is offered until 9:30 on port days and 10:30 on sea days. Another alternative might be cabin service or International Cafe.
  5. Cruising June 30th on the Caribbean Princess and I am wondering what types of bars are on the ship. I only see the nightclub on their web site? Is there a way to see what things to do that the ship offers on sea says? The Bars and Lounges are listed on the back page of the Princess Patter, which is the daily activities newsletter. Depending on the time of day, the busiest bars seem to be on the pool deck (Calypso Bar), Explorers Lounge, Club Fusion and Crooners. Some past Patter may be seen here: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2326335 On other cruise ships I have been on they had omelets made in the buffet do they have them on this ship? Yes, in the Horizon Court (buffet), just past the carving station/egg station, ask any cook and they will take your omelette order to be prepared in the kitchen. They will hand you a ticket number that you can pass off to the wait staff. They'll deliver it directly to your table. HTH, Steve
  6. Adding to the thread, both washers and dryers require tokens at $3.00 each. These are available for sale in the laundry room using your cabin card at a vending machine. IIRC, the washers took 25 mins and the dryers 30 mins. Hours are limited from 8:00am to 10:00pm.
  7. THANK YOU!!! This really just made it very clear for me.
  8. Thank you cr8tiv1 and Colo Cruiser for your fast and informative replies. We kinda thought that but I wanted to confirm with the experts first. Looks like another QuikShuttle ride to SEA! Steve
  9. We're looking at a "possible" B2B on the Ruby this spring and wanted to see if it's kosher as far as the Passenger Vessel Service Act. 4/29 Ruby 6-night: Los Angeles>San Francisco> Astoria, OR> Victoria, BC> Vancouver, BC. 5/05 Ruby 1-night:Vancouver, BC > Seattle, WA I'm not sure if the stop in Oregon makes Vancouver distant enough to stay aboard the Ruby. If not, we'll disembark in Vancouver and shuttle to SEA but it would be nice to squeeze another day on the ship. Thanks in advance!
  10. It all depends on your personal preference and what you're comfortable spending. We've cruised on a number of lines (Princess, NCL, RCCL, Carnival and Disney). If we knew we wanted more room for the family, we'd book a suite. If we knew we wanted to enjoy the sea days, we'd book a balcony. Lately, as empty nesters, we've been happy with Inside GTY. The space is adequate for our needs and we've been lucky with upgrades. OV's mostly but once to a family suite when we booked 2 insides. That being said, if you have trouble deciding, just flip a coin. Then if you find yourself "rooting" for a certain outcome ("Balcony, Balcony!"), then you should probably book a balcony as that what your heart desires. HTH, Steve
  11. I'm sorry, I meant to write how "much" we would be changed, not actually how. We'll of course leave a CC number and our BVE reservation number on the form. Sorry for the confusion.
  12. Super, that's good too! Thanks for clearing that up for me. We're thinking of doing a BVE on the Grand in San Francisco. I've read that the FCC desk is sometimes not manned during embarkation hours, with some folks just dropping off the forms with BVE in place of cabin number. I was wondering how we would be charged. Cheers, Steve
  13. Would the cost of the BVE go towards the FCC? ($100 FCC - $39 BVE = $61 additional charge?)
  14. Steve- Is this random CSR the only source that this cleaning is due to the November incident? I'm also looking for your reference that the terminal cleaning is "smoking gun" causing the delay. My email notification states "...although case numbers remain relatively low, in an abundance of caution we have arranged for the ship to undergo an additional disinfection in Los Angeles on Saturday, January 3, 2015..." They go on to mention that the terminal will be closed to minimize congestion, not for the delayed cleaning. I'm on this sailing. I'm disappointed. And I've cruised over 24 times and have missed ports due to bad weather, bad fuel (NCL), and delayed boarding and disembark for a variety of reasons. I still consider my family blessed that we're able to enjoy these vacations and try not to sweat these minor inconveniences. As an attorney with a psychologist for a wife, you can probably afford lunch out of pocket on Saturday.
  15. This. Major loss of revenue when the shops and the casino are closed. And basically losing 8+ hours of bar sales is really gonna hurt.
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