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  1. Yes I see that thanks! That's why their quality of life is so great! They take their time off very seriously!
  2. Thanks - yes I will check there also. It looks like most places won't be open on Sunday so I'm looking at other alternatives.
  3. Thanks yes my fingernails. I will be doing them before I go but since my nails happen to be high maintenance and grow like crazy I usually have to do them every 10 days - 14 days is the max and since I'm going early before my cruise that 10 days will fall right in the middle of my cruise. The ship will do them of course for a price of $90.00 which I think is outrageous!! I will try that salon and find out if they are open on Sundays.
  4. Here's the list from the Eclipse that I just got off of.
  5. Hi sorry wasn't thinking when I posted the last one! - the limit is $15 on premium package. That gets you Mer Soleil chardonnay and Decoy Cabernet. I think the list is on their website. If you want anything more expensive you can just pay the difference.
  6. Does anyone know of a place to do shellac in Tenerife? We arrive on a Sunday so I imagine its going to be tough to do but if anyone knows of a place I could email them in advance to see if they are open. Thanks for your help!
  7. I don't think there is one - if there is I never reached it! I just came off Eclipse and had the premium package (upgraded one of my perks - which was classic drink package) and they never limited me. However, I will tell you that the only place I was able to get my wine of choice was in the main dining room (didn't go to specialty restaurants) and the wine cellar. No one else has it in their bars and most time if you ask for wine they will give you the crappy wine and if you ask for the premium they will tell you they don't have it.
  8. Hi Presto2 Found this on another page...if you go to this post on page 4 and just click on the uploads from Mr T I think it is you will find drink prices from last year on the Equinox...should be similar. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2494703&page=4
  9. Does anyone have the list of wines by the bottle that are available on the different packages - 3, 5, 7? Thanks in advance for your help. We just got off Eclipse and had the perk of the classic beverage package and upgraded it to premium so we didn't even have to look at wine lists! But we are going on a transatlantic with no perks - just a good price and will definitely need some wine :)
  10. Hope I can do this.. I just got off the Eclipse and took these pics. Just for beer and wine by the glass but hope it helps!
  11. You should be able to get one made there but there might be a fee unless you're a certain level of captain's club. We are elite plus so we get one free and always hit the Cafe on the 5th floor before heading to the Oceanview Cafe because their coffee there is SO GOOD! I don't think they use the same coffee in the Oceanview.
  12. Not sure but I would think probably no. We have been in Caribbean ports and they don't even allow us to take fruit off the ship so bringing something they don't know where it came from probably not :(
  13. Hi Laurie Do you already have your party of 8 for the cruise ship to the airport? If not we would be interested. We are a party of 3. Please email me at monique117@aol.com
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