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  1. Same here! I have been loads of times and never had an issue.
  2. I notice that the Silver Shadow arrives in Athens on 17 October 2019 then the next cruise from Athens departs on 22 October 2019. I'd be interested to know what's happening to her between those dates.
  3. Does anyone happen to have a list of included wines and champagnes? Thanks.
  4. Shame YC isn't on the World cruise ships that would be wonderful! (Not that I could probably afford it!!!)
  5. I didn't think they had YC on World Cruise ships?
  6. Thanks for your quick reply. I was looking at the Silver Shadow cruise from Venice to Athens on 10 October 2019 and Silver Spirit Monte Carlo to Venice on 8 October 2019. I also believe they no longer do full afternoon tea or course by course dining in your suite now? Is that correct?
  7. Hi all, It will be possibly our first time on Silversea. We've cruised on many cruise lines including our last one in the MSC Yacht Club. We have two options for cruises but are unsure which ship would be better? We are considering a verandah siute on the Shadow but can only stretch to a Vista suite on the Spirit (even this is more expensive than a verandah on the Shadow). I know the Spirit is more modern but what would you recommend? Thanks Chris
  8. Thanks. It's for a TA so may wait to book onboard.
  9. Hi, Is there any difference between booking the drinks package onboard or in advance? Thanks
  10. No problem. I agree, MSC's website is terrible but they are working on it.
  11. We were in 15015 on the Meraviglia and it was really quiet.
  12. As people were arguing with you rather than providing help, I thought I'd provide it. You can go to https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/Contact/Contact-Us.aspx and complete the form.
  13. Hi Karen, What experience have you booked? Chris
  14. The drinks package is premium unless you booked before November 2018 then you still get the deluxe all inclusive package. The premium package has a limit of 10euros/12usd for drinks.
  15. I have just been told in writing by UK customer services: In the Yacht Club experience are included unlimited food and beverage in MSC Yacht Club areas, Free minibar service and Premium Drink package in the rest of the ship. So it doesn't include premium plus. There is a 10 Euro limit and champagne is no longer included.
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