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  1. That's not a bad idea - I might consider that. Thanks!
  2. We got our notification that it was Oasis yesterday, 8/9/21.
  3. Thanks for the info! My husband has had 2, neither one he did himself but my son has had multiple due to his work and school and some he did himself and some were administered for him. I've just read too many Facebook posts where people exaggerate how far they go in 🤣. I'm going to suck it up and be brave though, this is worth it! We have sailed Oasis, twice actually and once on Allure. The Oasis class is my favorite, followed closely by the Freedom class. Wasn't a big fan of Anthem, but I wouldn't necessarily say no to cruising on her again, just not my favorite.
  4. Funny story... I didn't even know my husband had entered the drawing. He was like, "Um... we got picked for a simulation cruise and we leave in two weeks." 🤣
  5. I searched for this topic but didn't see a thread devoted specifically to this sailing so I apologize if there is one and I missed it. Who else is on this simulation? It's my husband and me, we'll be driving from Maine. Nothing is showing up on the app for us yet but we are anxiously awaiting our room assignment! (As a weird side note, I am most nervous about the COVID test required beforehand as I have not once yet been tested through the whole pandemic!)
  6. Interested to know about the market (if there is one) on Coco Cay. How does it compare to the one on Labadee? Personally, I find the one on Labadee to be very aggressive.
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