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  1. One cruise we forgot deodorant and bought some on the ship. What we would normally pay a few dollars for at home was $7.95 on the ship! Sunscreen is also expensive on the ship. That's why we sometimes go to Walmart in PV or Cancun.
  2. annee

    Venice without a wheel chair

    My husband has balance problems and the last time we were in Venice, he had a very hard time getting on and off the water taxis without falling. I have heard there are a few hotels you can get to from the airport without using a water taxi, which is what we will do if we ever cruise from Venice again.
  3. Have stayed at Hotel Playa and been to Leftys at Stone Island. Stone Island is right there by the port. You get on the tram at the ship, walk through the port shops and turn right. Walk past the park and walk on a dirt road where you will see a small dock area to buy a ticket ($4 I think) and go across to Stone Island. It's a short walk to the beach and there will be a sign for Leftys. Order drinks and/or food and you can use the lounge chairs as long as you want for no extra cost. Hotel Playa is on the other side of town and there is a day charge plus taxi both ways. Either way have a great time!
  4. annee

    is Ensenada safe?

    Was there in December. Outside the port building are buses you can take to town for $3.00 roundtrip. While on the bus, they will tell you about their excursions you can add on for way less than excursions with the ship. We took the one to see Balfora and I think it was $17 US each. It took about 5 hours. Not real exciting but you get to see the countryside with a 45 minute ride one way. Once there, there is a huge flea market and at the end a small geyser that comes up in a hole in the rocks. Otherwise you get off the bus and it's a two block walk to the main street. Felt safe in town and on the excursion. Have fun.
  5. We have stayed at this Best Western. We arrived at 9 pm and were able to get seats on the shuttle for the next day. Our room was quiet as it didn't face the street. Thought the free breakfast was good. Would stay there again especially if we were coming in at night.
  6. annee

    Inspiration 4 Day Fun Times

    I couldn't get them to come up.
  7. We stayed at the Garden Inn right by the parking garage and used the free shuttle bus at the parking garage. It was easier than trying to find the walking entrance.
  8. annee

    Carnival Inspiration Questions

    I love the chocolate melting cake and room service has delicious chocolate cake. The rest of the desserts are so so. My husband loves Guy's burgers and I love the tacos. Good salsa but no chips so we take our own. My favorite thing to do in Ensenada is to take pesos and go to a local bakery (don't take US$), off the main street for wonderful goodies.
  9. annee

    Vision of the Seas - Lobster night?

    We were on a six night Vision cruise to the Greek Isles in November 2016 and there was no lobster in the MDR. Lobster was available at Chops for an extra fee.
  10. annee


    I agree that the desserts look better than they taste. A few years ago I did have a good chocolate cake at Giovanni's. Of all the cruise lines we've been on, the Carnival ones have been the tastiest. My DH usually orders a fruit plate for dessert. I like the idea of getting a dessert from the children's menu.
  11. annee

    RCCL to Grand Turk?

    When I was on Grand Turk, I heard RCCL is trying to get permission to build a pier on another side of the island but the island residents are fighting it. They feel the island is too small for any more ships to visit.
  12. annee

    Towel Animals

    Our granddaughter loves to cruise with us and especially likes the towel animal each evening. When we went on Princess, she wanted to go until I told her there weren't any towel animals!
  13. annee

    Using a TA-extra perks?

    We have started booking our cruises with our auto club. We usually get extra OBC from them and a bottle of champagne, along with no booking fees. The only other time I used a TA we paid booking fees.
  14. We were on the Navigator for Thanksgiving four years ago. Our MDR table was concerned about the menu for that day and they brought us the menu the night before. No yams were on the menu and the chef made some specially for our table. They try to make an authentic Thanksgiving meal but there are few American chefs. We enjoyed the meal, including the turkey and pumpkin pie. I enjoyed not having to prepare Thanksgiving dinner!
  15. My doctor said she uses 1/2 a patch behind the ear with no side effects. One of my friends had hallucinations the last time she used the patch which was scary. Bonine and/or ginger works for me. The sea bands work for my husband. Hope you find something that works for you without side effects.