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  1. Good morning from Barcelona. First of all I apologize because my English is very bad, I read and write here with the help of my friend, a Google translator. Rowse, I'm following your story with great interest, I love how you explain your trip. Thank you!!!!! Edu.
  2. edunava


    Sorry. I know of no tourist business this way.
  3. edunava


    Hello from Barcelona. Indeed, it is a three or four hour drive to go and the same time to return. I do not think it's a good idea. Greetings. Edu and Montse.
  4. edunava

    Question re Sitges while in Barcelona port

    Hello from Barcelona.:) Sitges is a town on the coast in summer is intense, but in season in October and lower-middle and I do not think it worth the trip. What if I recommend is to go to Montserrat. Greetings. Edu y Montse.;)
  5. edunava

    One Day in Barcelona?

    Hello from Barcelona. :) All the ideas you said are excellent. It is clear that one day you can not see the whole city, but it will suffice to think about planning a new journey of several days to enjoy Barcelona. :D Greetings.;) Edu & Montse.
  6. edunava

    Eating in Barcelona Restaurants with Food Allergies

    Hello from Barcelona.:) In every restaurant dishes can be ordered with specific specifications, depending on your needs. Greetings. Edu & Montse.
  7. edunava

    Palamos or Barcelona

    It is never too early to get excited. Happy cruising !!!!!!!
  8. edunava

    Palamos or Barcelona

    Hello from Barcelona.:) Palamos is a town on the Costa Brava in the province of Girona. It really is not comparable with Barcelona, but it all depends on your taste. In Barcelona you can admire the Sagrada Familia, you can walk to "Las Ramblas", you will see the Parc Güell and a lot of things. In Palamos on the Costa Brava will be and you will see fantastic scenery, small idyllic beaches, huge cliffs and of course you can eat the best shrimp you've ever tasted. Another issue is the displacement, by car it takes about an hour and a half. I think there are trains, but if you decide to go to Barcelona, in my humble opinion, I think for peace and comfort, it would be best organized excursion from the boat. Best Regards.;) Edu & Montse.
  9. edunava

    Language in Barcelona

    Well, it seems it has become clear that in Barcelona speak Spanish and Catalan. I think the answer you wanted to hear StateYank. Gunther what I wrote in my reply is that the official language in Catalonia is Catalan and Spanish. I make a confession: I do not speak or write English. My speeches in this forum do with the help of Google translator. I guess some phrases do not accurately reflect what I actually write. Sorry for the confusion. Good weekend!
  10. edunava

    Language in Barcelona

    Thank you very much for the clarification riffatsea. It is exactly as you have said but it seems that other people try to do politics in a forum cruise.
  11. edunava

    Language in Barcelona

    Hello from Barcelona. The official language is Catalan but everyone also speaks Spanish. In the city's tourist sites and hotels always find people who speak English. The language is no problem. I can also say that Americans are welcome here and any other nationality. Enjoy my city! Greetings. Edu & Montse.
  12. edunava

    Rambla de Poble Nou???

    Hello from Barcelona.:) There are several streets and avenues are named "Rambla ". Specifically, the Rambla del Poble Nou is set back from the tourist area but has very good restaurants and very quiet ride for those not wanting the hustle and bustle of the city. Greetings. Edu.
  13. edunava

    Help with Barcelona

    Hello from Barcelona. Not much else to add. No doubt all the suggestions are excellent. I'd say just be sure to try some good seafood restaurant in La Barceloneta or the Olympic Village. Enjoy your stay in Barcelona. Greetings to everyone. Edu.
  14. edunava

    Plaza Catalunya to Le Meridien Hotel with luggage

    Exactly, walk with luggage about 10 minutes.:D