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  1. Good morning from Barcelona. In the following link you can see a couple of videos of these cabins. //www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/deckbydeck.php?ship=Celebrity-Infinity&deck=6 Regards. Edu.
  2. Good morning from Barcelona. The situation around here had improved a lot, but, unfortunately, people ignore the recommendations ..... crowded beaches, full bars, discotheques without protection measures, there are many outbreaks that have forced the authorities to re-impose restrictions . I'm sorry to say this, but we are definitely jerks.
  3. In Zadar do not forget to go see and hear the "organ of the sea" is really very curious.
  4. In Taormina, when you really go, be sure to try a "cannolo" it is a rich and tasty fried dessert filled with sheep ricotta, chocolate chips and candied fruit peel, it is delicious. In Malta you cannot miss the entrance to the port, it is like going back in time and traveling to the time of pirates.
  5. Hola!!!!! Greetings from your friend from Barcelona who does not speak English. We have also canceled our B2B Infinity cruise in September, we have moved it to next year. I love the idea of this "virtual" cruise, I look forward to the next messages. Take care.
  6. Good morning from Barcelona. Totally in agreement with your comments, I also think that the issue should not be considered further. We all know that the United States has not managed the pandemic well, that is the reality, although some want to find absurd excuses. Health and happiness for everyone.
  7. Buenos días desde Barcelona. Good morning from Barcelona. I think this link may be helpful: https://www.aeropuertobarcelona-elprat.com/ingl/barcelona_airport_taxis.htm Regards.
  8. - Doctor, you think I will lose my eye. - Well, I don't think so. I put it in his pocket.
  9. Good morning from Barcelona. Some Spanish humor: - Good morning, do you have crocodile shoes ??? - No, sorry we don't have. - OK thanks. Let's go crocodile, they don't have shoes for you
  10. Good morning from Barcelona. It seems that there is a certain obsession with the coronavirus vaccine, I remind you that being vaccinated does not make you immune to the disease, even having overcome the coronavirus makes you safe, there are many people who have become ill again after having overcome it. The flu vaccine has been around for many years and every winter hundreds of thousands of people die from the flu and many of them were vaccinated, which shows that a simple thing like the flu can be fatal. Even if a coronavirus vaccine is obtained, the disease will not be eradic
  11. Thank you very much, the explanation to my brilliant English is in the first paragraph of my message 😂
  12. Yes, in part you are right, there are many people who only write in the forum to form groups for excursions, find private tours, compare prices, etc., then they do not care to make new friends, as we say here in Spain "Goodbye very good and if I have seen you I don't remember "(I don't know how Google will translate it, but I hope it is understood) My wife and I have a great handicap with the language, our level of English is very basic, but the language of gestures accompanied by a smile is international, that is why we have made new friends almost every time of the many that we have
  13. Well, I am hopeful that our B2B in September can do it. It seems that from April 26th we will begin to be able to go out in stages here in Spain, so I am confident that we can enjoy our two consecutive cruises.
  14. Yes!!! It is true, I have a very good memory of that cruise.
  15. Hello!!!! We have met on a cruise, right ????? Remember me .... Infinity ??? Constellation ??? Eclipse????......
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