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  1. Hi Looking for recommendations as to what people like to use for tour companies in St. Thomas. Thanks
  2. Hi..looking for suggestions as to what are some of the best tour excursion companies that will pick up and drop off at the pier. Thanks.
  3. Looking for things to do in the evening in San Juan as our ship is only there in the evening and leaves at 1 AM.
  4. abisha

    Seaside Questions

    Hi.. Is there somewhere where I can find a drink price list? I am trying to decide if I should get the drink package. With regard to excursions, there does not seem to be many listed at all. Does MSC not offer many excursions, or are you best to use independent tour operators? Are you allowed to bring any bottled water or wine on board on embarkation day?
  5. Thanks for the input. I will keep checking.
  6. Just something I did notice... On Carnival, the stewards are always friendly, know your name(s), ask you how your day was/always say hello/have a nice day/enjoy your dinner, etc. and always easy to find in the hallway, etc. The RCI cabin stewards are pretty much "no nonsense" and just get on with their work. I think we saw our steward twice the entire week. When we did see him, he made no effort to talk to us or even greet us on day 1. However, our cabin was taken care of, so no complaints. Also, I noticed there were not as many announcements over the speaker system from the cruise director on Royal. Sometimes that can be a relief.
  7. I do not remember how far in advance you can book the shows and dining. My cruise on harmony is end of October and so far none of the entertainment is displaying on my cruise account. There is hardly anything being shown under dining thus far (friends who are going with us were only able to book Chops but nothing else). Thanks
  8. I also just had the 250 min plan on the Escape last month. As poster above stated, it's just for onboard. You need to have your phone on airplane mode and use their app. Using the app didn't become available until a few miles out at sea (guest services can assist with any questions and issues or they may send you to the onboard tech area where their computer stations are for the guests to obtain further assistance). To conserve the 250 minutes and not run over quickly. I didn't stay logged in entire time because that would eat up my minutes quickly. This worked out fine for me. I did this each day...logging in for a minute or two to send someone back home a text and logging off. And then I would log back in a bit later to check for their response, etc. I did this each day. As a matter of fact, I ended up with about 20 unused minutes at end of cruise. Sometimes if at port and I was still on the ship, I lost their wifi connection altogether. If I found free wifi at any of the ports, I logged in and used it, but had to get off the ship to do so. Sometimes it was not a great connection. Hope this helps.
  9. abisha

    Studio Cabin 12509 on Escape

    Yes, that's what she and I talked about...flip flopping, etc. and asking the steward to make up the bed in opposite direction. She said it wasn't a big deal if she had to do this. I was just wondering if anyone on the boards knew for a fact how this room is configured.
  10. Does anyone know which side of bed is up against the wall in studio cabin 12509? Bringing my sister and booked her in this cabin. She is a cpap user and says she sleeps on right side with cpap on her right. Said she could sleep in opposite direction if necessary. Is there a spot to put cpap machine? Maybe she could use the stool?
  11. abisha

    Blue Kay vs Maya Chan

    Thanks for that bit of info. I appreciate it. If we decide to go there, I'll now know something like that might happen.
  12. I actually did a test with ship's water on my last cruise because I was tired of swelling every cruise. I had guessed it was ship's water. So first several days I only drank bottled water...no swelling. Then I drank ship's water for one full day...and poof! I swelled...my ankles were so swollen that I couldn't put my shoes on. I stopped drinking ship's water and my swelling went down and then back to normal.
  13. The "tap" water is actually desallinated water. It has a lot of sodium in it, and it makes me (and others have reported the same) swell everywhere, so I cannot drink it. I always purchase the bottled water. NCL does charge way too much unfortunately for their bottled water.