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  1. I'm happy to report that I received a full refund credited to my credit card for my cancelled 4/20/20 sailing. My TA requested the refund on 3/31/20. It looks like the refund posted to my account on 6/4/2020. I hadn't checked the account in awhile. Thanks JPH814 for creating and maintaining the refund roll call. Checking this thread reminded me to check my account.
  2. Here is mine. Cruise date: 4/20/2020 Cancelled by Seabourn : 3/30/2020 TA sent in Form selecting #Option 2 - 100% Refund : 3/31/2020 Waiting for Refund, have not heard anything from Seabourn.
  3. I'm doing my first solo cruise in April, a 15 night TA crossing from Miami to Barcelona on the Seabourn Quest. I've been on shorter solo trips and also have traveled with just my daughters when they were kids. My husband is a bit concerned. I plan on purchasing a wifi package so we can keep in touch. I will also have an international plan on my phone so I can call in ports. I plan on doing mostly cruise line sponsored tours except one small private group tour with a few folks from my roll call. I'm spending a few days post cruise in Barcelona. We've vacationed there quite a bit as a family so I'm pretty comfortable there, even so I booked with a company we've used in the past for a semi-private tour outside of the city. I'm super excited about this cruise.
  4. Disney's Transatlantic repositioning cruises used be a great value, now as they've become more popular the prices have gone up quite a bit. I did those in 2007, 2013 and 2014 with my daughters when they were tweens and teens. I got really lucky with Seabourn and they were offering a reasonable (to me at least) priced Solo Verandah GTY for this cruise.
  5. So great to see this board. I'm a big fan of TA cruises because I absolutely love sea days. I also feel that these cruises give you the best opportunity to experience everything a ship has to offer. I've sailed on 5 so far. 3 on the Disney Magic and 2 on NCL, the Epic and Escape. I have my 6th coming up in April on the Sebourn Quest. This will also be my first solo cruise. Super excited.
  6. We've used Barcelona Day tours a number of times while visiting Barcelona. They offer private and small group tours. We've done Montserrat and Barcelona city tours with them- they picked us up at the port on disembarkation morning, took us on our tour, held our bags while we toured and dropped us off at our Barcelona hotel. If you are not extending your stay in Barcelona, they will drop you at the airport at the end of the tour.
  7. I will be taking my first Seabourn cruise in April - Quest transatlantic. I would love a referral coupon if anyone has one available. Email me at hencoll1 at gmail dot com Thanks
  8. So glad to see this thread. I will be sailing the same cruise except the 15 day Miami to Barcelona leg. I'm also traveling solo, leaving my husband and daughters at home. I've been a SAHM for the last 19 yrs. My oldest just graduated from college, my middle starts college in the fall and my youngest will be a Junior in HS. I've started to do a bit of traveling alone since the youngest started HS. I love transatlantic crossings especially the sea days, have done 3 on Disney and 2 on NCL. This will be my first Seabourn cruise. Looking forward to trying Seabourn.
  9. I just booked a SV GTY for the April 2020 Trans-Atlantic from Miami to Barcelona. I'm not really concerned about location. I'm sailing solo and the SV GTY offered a lower single supplement.
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