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  1. Our travel called yesterday indicating that she received a call from Seadream informing her that the TA crossing tomorrow is embarking earlier. Word is that embarkation is at 11 and departure is at 1. But other travellers here at the Hotel have not heard of a change. Does anyone have more information?
  2. We have done about 10 TA cruises on SeaDream (both directions). And the weather has varied on about all trips. Some trips have been very smooth and others have had some wave action. It really seems to depend on weather systems in the Atlantic Ocean. I can only recall one trip where the waves were briefly high and a bit uncomfortable to some, but we still enjoyed the cruise. My wife is prone to seasickness, but she takes Bonine daily to avoid an issue. As for outside temperature, that also has varied consistently. On some trips, we were more comfortable in the salon because of the wind and outside temperature... yet on others, we were comfortable outside all day. And the ability to eat dinner outside is naturally dependent on the weather. Our only regret on the Eastbound TAs is that the days are shortened midday by one hour to accommodate for the time zone changes. Years ago, this change was made at night, but for the recent Eastbound crossings, they have been making this change at noon. Specifically, noon suddenly becomes 1:00 PM, making for a shorter day. This will probably happen on 6 days, so it will probably occur every other day in that this trip is shorter than usual (10 days rather than 13 days). All of that said, 45% booked, means that we will probably have 50 to 60 of guests onboard. We have had more, and on one trip only had 19 guests. All sizes have been great and fun as the SeaDream experience is what keeps us coming back. As for only using the outbound fare, I suggest that when you get back to the US, call the air carrier and tell them that you will have to postpone your return to Europe due to unforeseen issues. You will then probably have a year to rebook, using a part of the unused fare to pay for another trip. We used to purchase tickets in this manner, and it always worked out favorably.
  3. We will probably stay in Lisbon also and just take our original flights back to the US. By the way, we have an excellent and beautiful B&B that we've stayed at about 4 times on every prior trip to Lisbon and have made a reservation to stay there for this trip. http://www.chafarizdelrei.com/chafariz-del-rei.html It is in the Alfama district and was a former castle. It is also just a short 5 minute or less cab ride from the cruise terminal. We have a few restaurants that we love nearby, and I am sure that the Colonel would love to tour the nearby military museum. It would be great if you stayed there also and we could enjoy some Lisbon time together. If you decide to stay there, I suggest that you book a room soon as they only have about 6 rooms. See you in a few months.
  4. You are being kind in your word choice.. goat rope... I had stronger words that I shouldn't use here. Our email said that the change was due to an itinerary change I think that we will stay on the trip and are strongly considering staying in Lisbon and taking our original return flights. We are also using miles (it took us years to accumulate) and booked business class on the return, and on first glance, it doesn't appear that business class flights are available on an earlier return. And their email said that we would need to request the airline change in writing. I can't imagine writing to United Airlines about this to comply with SeaDream's request. What is also frustrating is that I called them to confirm the dates before I booked the air. I am sure that they didn't know of these changes at that time, but they should have known about them. Another point is that as you know, the eastbound crossings mean that we would lose an hour each day... and lately, they have been making these time changes in the middle of the day.
  5. We have just been advised by our Travel Agent that Sea Dream has made a change to this voyage and that it will only be a 10-day voyage, not a 12 day as originally planned. They claim that the change is due to an itinerary change from the following voyage. They have adjusted the fare down a bit (but I think that they made a mistake in the math) and are offering a $200 shipboard credit. And if we decide to cancel, they will "reimburse up to a maximum of USD $300.00 per person for non-refundable airline tickets, airline ticket change fees, hotels, etc.; as long as you attempt in writing to have these waived or credited to a future booking. Guests will be responsible for additional fare collection or purchase of new airline tickets." What concerns me is that apparently, we would have to request the airfare reimbursement in writing, and on this trip, we are flying on airline miles. So, I don't think that we will be able to write to the airline and get a reasonable response. Given the above changes, we will probably just continue with the voyage, but this is another example of issues with the company. I also don't understand the late notice to this agenda change. It is a good thing that we enjoy the product and the service of SeaDream, otherwise, we would be looking for another cruise line.
  6. Thanks for the updates, French Guy. I do remember one crossing when we had about 18 passengers.. lots of space available. What were the topics for the guest speakers on the trip? Did they stay on and expand their lecture series, or did they leave the ship while it was in Dry Dock? Are you guys scheduled for the spring crossing? And if so, on SDI or II? We will be on SDII out of Barbados.
  7. Thanks for the information JIm... and sad to hear this. We have had problems with SDII leaving dry dock on a number of trips. They were often related to air conditioner problems and several other issues. The company should find a reliable dry dock to put into, and then get the necessary repairs and updates done on time.
  8. Thanks for all of the recommendations and suggestions... I must say that Barbados is much harder for us to get to than San Juan, where I think SD I is embarking from. Unfortunately, we will only be there for two nights getting in late on the night before Easter, staying on Easter Day and leaving the next day. It will be interesting to see what options are available on Easter Day, and on the next day before we embark.
  9. Yep... we leave MSY on 10/10 to Malaga.. We have a side trip to Granada on the 12th.. and the ship leaves on 10/13. Counting down the days.
  10. Vandrefalk -- Glad that you guys did OK during the storm. Better to get away from those things before they hit land. We usually evacuate when any storm is headed our way. As for the TA in April, I have just booked the air and hotel in Bridgetown. We will get into BGI around 9 PM on Saturday night (would have liked to book an earlier arrival, but it was about $500 more per person to do so). And based upon your and Trapper's recommendations, we have made a hotel reservation at the Hilton for both nights. Don't know if you've noticed, but we embark on Monday, 4/22, which is the day after Easter. If you haven't booked your flights yet, you might want to look at them soon as I'd imagine that the best options might not be available because of the holiday -- but who knows... Look forward to seeing you and the Colonel then.
  11. Thanks... Good info. We will take a good look at the Hilton upon your recommendation. Restaurants within walking distance is very desirable. We aren't into snorkeling, so I guess that we will look forward to just a few days of "vegging" prior to "vegging" on SDII.. And we always arrive at least a day in advance.. but many times we arrive several days in advance. Also we will have to connect through MIA, and it seems that our best options will also arrive late... after 9 PM. So I am a bit worried about only arriving a day in advance. Thanks again.
  12. Although we are leaving in a few weeks for the Westbound Malaga to San Juan, I guess that it isn't too early to begin to think about our plans for the Eastbound TA on SDII next year. We may want to lock in on some flights soon. It leaves from Barbados. Any hotel recommendations in Barbados? We have never been there, and are also wondering how many days to go before the trip. Any specific recommendations on things to do there? Or should we just go to Barbados a day or so before the ship leaves? Thanks in advance>
  13. We have no preference in Port or Starboard. And we will choose either side depending on which of our preferred cabins is available. We have not noticed a difference in either side on Deck 2, possibly because of the portholes vs the larger windows on Decks 3 and 4. Also, we aren't in the your room very much during the daytime, so it really shouldn't matter in terms of sun position. And the room curtains do a great job in terms of blocking out any sun. Stateroom 211 is a slight be more towards mid-ship, but only by 2 staterooms, so it shouldn't matter much in terms of motion of the ship.
  14. We are booked on SDII for the Westbound TA from Malaga this October, and we are beginning to plan specifics for the trip. While in Malaga, we would like to take a side trip to Granada to see Alhambra. We would want a private guide, and I am not comfortable renting a car and driving up. This is an option for a Viator Guide to pick us up in Malaga, conduct the tour, and then return. However, the cost is almost $1000. I know that we can hire a private guide for a tour of Alhambra only for much less. Does anyone have any experience of hiring a taxi in Malaga to conduct a round trip to Granada? And any idea of the cost? Other suggestions? Any suggestions for a hotel near the Cruise Terminal in Malaga? I know that someone posted favorably about a Hotel Room Mate Valeria. On other trips to Malaga, we stated at Barcelo over the train station, and while it was very nice, we are looking for other suggestons. Thanks
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