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  1. BeignetBoy

    Barbados Info

    Thanks for all of the recommendations and suggestions... I must say that Barbados is much harder for us to get to than San Juan, where I think SD I is embarking from. Unfortunately, we will only be there for two nights getting in late on the night before Easter, staying on Easter Day and leaving the next day. It will be interesting to see what options are available on Easter Day, and on the next day before we embark.
  2. BeignetBoy

    Malaga Question

    Yep... we leave MSY on 10/10 to Malaga.. We have a side trip to Granada on the 12th.. and the ship leaves on 10/13. Counting down the days.
  3. BeignetBoy

    Barbados Info

    Vandrefalk -- Glad that you guys did OK during the storm. Better to get away from those things before they hit land. We usually evacuate when any storm is headed our way. As for the TA in April, I have just booked the air and hotel in Bridgetown. We will get into BGI around 9 PM on Saturday night (would have liked to book an earlier arrival, but it was about $500 more per person to do so). And based upon your and Trapper's recommendations, we have made a hotel reservation at the Hilton for both nights. Don't know if you've noticed, but we embark on Monday, 4/22, which is the day after Easter. If you haven't booked your flights yet, you might want to look at them soon as I'd imagine that the best options might not be available because of the holiday -- but who knows... Look forward to seeing you and the Colonel then.
  4. BeignetBoy

    Barbados Info

    Thanks... Good info. We will take a good look at the Hilton upon your recommendation. Restaurants within walking distance is very desirable. We aren't into snorkeling, so I guess that we will look forward to just a few days of "vegging" prior to "vegging" on SDII.. And we always arrive at least a day in advance.. but many times we arrive several days in advance. Also we will have to connect through MIA, and it seems that our best options will also arrive late... after 9 PM. So I am a bit worried about only arriving a day in advance. Thanks again.
  5. BeignetBoy

    Barbados Info

    Although we are leaving in a few weeks for the Westbound Malaga to San Juan, I guess that it isn't too early to begin to think about our plans for the Eastbound TA on SDII next year. We may want to lock in on some flights soon. It leaves from Barbados. Any hotel recommendations in Barbados? We have never been there, and are also wondering how many days to go before the trip. Any specific recommendations on things to do there? Or should we just go to Barbados a day or so before the ship leaves? Thanks in advance>
  6. We have no preference in Port or Starboard. And we will choose either side depending on which of our preferred cabins is available. We have not noticed a difference in either side on Deck 2, possibly because of the portholes vs the larger windows on Decks 3 and 4. Also, we aren't in the your room very much during the daytime, so it really shouldn't matter in terms of sun position. And the room curtains do a great job in terms of blocking out any sun. Stateroom 211 is a slight be more towards mid-ship, but only by 2 staterooms, so it shouldn't matter much in terms of motion of the ship.
  7. BeignetBoy

    New To Seadream

    Just to second many of the above comments... We are regulars on the transatlantic routes, and have done 2 per year for the past 5 years or so. We have experienced very rough weather on only one crossing. Some of the others have been moderately rough, but I wouldn't classify them as overly rough. And several have been very smooth. Like Thumper69 above, we love the feel of the ocean. My wife does tend to be subject to motion sickness, and she takes a Bonine daily. She has only had one incident where she has had a slight problem for one night. On all other trips, she has been just fine and has had no symptoms. So, as you said, bring Bonine, and take it daily to prevent an issue. SeaDream ships are older, and I think that they have some stabilizers (but I am not sure), but not nearly what newer ships have. You made the right decision about Deck 2 -- we have always stayed on Deck 2. There is less motion in the lower parts of the ship. Enjoy the trip..
  8. BeignetBoy

    Considering booking T/A on SeaDream 1

    If I remember correctly, sweet potato fries are available. And I'd bet that the chef could do slaw and chicken fried steak if that it what you wanted. Not sure about gizzards though... only because they don't have them on-board.
  9. BeignetBoy

    Transatlantic Packing

    You will definately hear the water sloshing against the ship on Deck 2... One of the many reasons we are always on Deck 2. Also, if you are looking for a place to stay in Lisbon, consider the Palacete Chfaris del rei... http://www.chafarizdelrei.com/chafariz-del-rei.html -- We have stayed there on every trip to Lisbon, and plan to do so in the future... It is a superb B&B, a short cab ride from the port of embarkation.
  10. BeignetBoy

    Transatlantic Packing

    We often bring more than needed because we want to have options in terms of what we want to wear. And also because we always arrive in the departure city a few days before the cruise. We always bring items that will match, but I am usually the one who over-packs. What makes it worse in my case is that my clothes is a bit larger (and heavier) than my wife's -- well maybe more than a bit larger...:)
  11. BeignetBoy

    Transatlantic Packing

    We are also on a TA crossing this fall, but we are leaving a bit earlier on SDII from Malaga. We are always challenged with what to bring, especially since we are travelling in two weather areas.. Caribbean and Europe. Every year, I over pack, and swear to not to it next time. We always travel with a large suitcase , a carry on, and a back pack for each of us, and that allows us to over-pack. I didn't notice any difference in evening dressing on the TAs vs the multi-stops, however, we have only been on a few multi-stops. And on the last TA (West to East) this spring, it was very windy and we found it not suitable for warm weather clothing for a lot of the trip if you want to be outside. However, some folks didn't seem to mind it in the pool area. On many days, we either wore a jacket outside and tried to avoid the wind, or just stayed inside in the lounge area. I know that people do travel with a carry-on, and they do hand-wash some items in their cabin, or use more laundry services than we generally do. I know that this isn't helping you much, but since you are leaving Europe in Mid November, I guess that I'd error a bit on packing for a bit of cooler weather. Hope that helps... In either case, I am sure that you will have a great trip.
  12. BeignetBoy

    Considering booking T/A on SeaDream 1

    I felt a bit strange about the Grits.. And I had to do some coaching about how to cook them (I don't like them watery). I asked Tomas, and he pointed out that they are on the menu... and sure enough, they are...
  13. BeignetBoy

    Considering booking T/A on SeaDream 1

    My wife and I are regular TA cruisers on SD. I guess that we have done about 10 TA crossings over the past 5 years, and we have done them in both directions -- West to East and East to West. We are currently booked on the next 3 TA crossings on SD II. We always book on deck 2, and have only had one voyage where the seas were bad. And even then, they weren't awful, but interesting. My wife is prone to seasickness, and she takes bonine daily, and she has never had a problem. We find the crossings very relaxing and often when they stop at a port (Madeira usually, but they are beginning to make a few changes here) we don't get off of the ship. Food: We find that the food is excellent on all meals. Breakfast can virtually be anything that you want it to be. They have a daily special, and a wide offering on the menu. They have cheese, fruit, and meats available at a small self-service station. They have a juicer, that many people love to have fresh vegetables juiced. I often order something that isn't even on the menu and they will do it. On one trip I ordered something similar to what Burger King sells in the US.( CROISSAN'WICH -- basically scrambled eggs, cheese and ham served on a croissant ), and they did it. I wanted grits (yes, I am from the South) one day, and they had them. You asked about English Style breakfasts, and they have English Bacon always available, and on one day on every crossing, they have a English breakfast as the recommendation. I'd bet that they would do this every day if you wanted it.... Just ask. Lunch also has several recommendations and a rather wide menu. And the same can be said for Dinner. We find that the dinner menu is always quite extensive with several variations. Again, you can order about anything that you want. If they have it on board, they will fix it. The chef has told us many times to let him know if you want something and I will do it. For example, my wife loves their Cherry Ice Cream. He always has it for her. On our last crossing, he did a special fish dish for me. One day she wanted a pizza for lunch on the next day. She asked him for it, and she had it the next day. Drinks and Wine: The bar level drinks are fine in my opinion. I am a vodka drinker, and Stoli's and Absolute are two of their standard vodkas. If you want something at a higher level, you can get it for an upcharge. My wife drinks Jack Daniels Whiskey, and that is included. She always requests in advance that they have the Honey Jack Daniels variety in advance, and they will comply if they can get it. The soft drinks are canned, and we always request diet & caffeine free, both in our room and at the bar, and they comply. We find that the offered wines are quite acceptable. And if we don't care for the standard choices, the sommelier always finds something that we enjoy. We seldom purchase wine on the trip, but many people do. Laundry and WiFi are extra, but reasonable. Once you cross over a certain number of nights (I don't remember the number), you will get 10 pieces of laundry at no charge. Future Voyage Discounts: While onboard, you will be able to book future voyages with cancelable fees at discounts ranging from 10 to 15 % Entertainment: As others have said, there are no large shows. My wife loves the piano bar after dinner, and I will accompany here there for a while, and then I will adjourn to the adjacent Blackjack table for a while. Then perhaps to the library that is also adjacent. There is always something going on at the Top of the Yacht bar. And on many nights, a movie is being played in the Salon. Also, on the TA crossings they usually have two guest speakers. On the last one, we had an astronaut. Others have included a forensic psychologist, rocket scientist, CIA agent, and other interesting speakers. They also offer minor games such as trivia, jigsaw puzzles, etc. Yoga is offered daily. After you book your trip, you will have a chance to make special requests on your booking form. If you want something special, like the things that I mentioned above, make a request for it. Also, if you want something special for a meal, ask for it. They love to make you happy and give you what you desire, as long as it is reasonable. You didn't ask about the number of passengers on the crossings, but we have had as few at 15 and as many as 80. In summary, we love the relaxation offered on the TA cruises, coupled with the outstanding service offered by the crew. We can't say enough about the staff, because in spite of the many things that SeaDream offers, the service is totally over the top -- but not overbearing. By the second day they will definitely all know your name, and typically will know your preferred cocktail. Imagine someone coming by daily offering to clean your sunglasses. Well that is standard on SeaDream, along with many other special touches that they provide. You will also find that many of the travelers on board the crossings are repeaters -- we have made many friends on board and look forward to seeing them on future trips. So, just load up your Kindle, look forward to meeting some nice people, and be prepared for two weeks of being treated like Royalty. Let us know if you have other questions.
  14. BeignetBoy

    .......idle jottings continued

    So sad to hear. He was a superb example of everything that SeaDream wanted. Our thoughts go out to his family, especially to his new wife and child.
  15. BeignetBoy

    Fall 2019

    We received an E-Mail yesterday indicating that SeaDream has just posted their Fall 2019 schedule. I see that it also up on their website.