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  1. Jes, I agree with your above statements. They are in a tough spot here. But I don't see how final payments can be made without some consideration to their passengers. We booked our November cruise several years ago, and don't want to cancel it, but the 120 date is approaching in a few months At a minimum, they should not penalize loyal customers who make the final payment, but then are forced to cancel because of testing requirements not announced until shortly before the cruise. As I said earlier, I don't see how they can expect someone to book a cruise with less that 60 days to go wit
  2. And adding more the confusion, is what will SeaDream require for boarding passengers? Will they accept a vaccine, or will they require some type of a test also? I hope that a vaccine would be required and sufficient, as we can see what happened on their first attempt at a voyage in the Caribbean earlier where someone apparently got infected between the testing and embarkation -- causing a problem on the entire voyage. Also, not to mention the logistic challenges of getting a test prior to leaving the US to satisfy the 72 hour limitation as was previously required. It seems to m
  3. We are booked on the fall crossing in November and are hoping that things have settled down a bit by then. Actually, we booked it on our last cruise before things began to shut down last year. We just saw no reason to cancel it yet, hoping for the best. Also, because we are "old" we have received the first vaccine and are scheduled for the second one in a few weeks. It is quite a feeling of relief to get this done.
  4. From what I understand, at this time you must arrive in Barbados on the day of the cruise and go directly to the ship in order to be considered "in transit." If I am incorrect, I am sure that someone will correct me here. You should probably check with SeaDream's customer service or your TA for specific directions. That said, however, things could change in several directions between now and January.
  5. I have been Facebook communicating with someone on SD2 who has been sent home and has not yet been recalled. We exchanged messages yesterday, and that person had hopes that SD2 would be moved over, but had not yet been informed of any plans to do so. I think that everything depends on the demand for the BGI cruises, and for other islands to open up. However, as we know, virus counts are rising in many states with the US, and it seems that a number of hotspots are also increasing in Europe. And although SD is doing a lot of things to make things safer onboard, there are lots of
  6. Also, thanks for conducting the seminar. I just don't see how we can take the risk of traveling to the destination and then boarding without a vaccine. We love SeaDream and want to begin cruising tomorrow. But the statement about not requiring masking on board is scary -- how to we know that the test is 100% accurate -- there may be a "false negative" result that gives an incorrect reading on the tests. And if I recall, it was indicated that socially distancing will be encouraged. But, I don't see how this will be possible on the TOY bar or in the lounge, and perhaps the rest
  7. Andreas... I agree with ctbjr1309 above. The communication is outstanding and is a definite improvement. Even if you don't have all of the answers and the decisions are still not firm, the communication is very much appreciated. We all realize that some things are "up in the air, and are out of your control." And you need to make a good business decision for your company, and consider your guests as you do so. Credit to you and to the company for keeping us informed. And I hope that you read and review the question and suggestions that were made in the written comments that we sent in.
  8. I agree with Trapper. We usually book on-board to get the discount and indicate our TA. I also like the idea of someone on my side for negotiations with any issues. We always book Air on our own and unless we are familiar with the hotel, we usually use a TA for hotels, etc.
  9. Here is the link... https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2020/08/articles/disease/positive-covid-19-cases-on-the-viking-star-and-seadream-1-208-crew-and-guests-quarantined/
  10. As for Norway, it probably doesn't make financial sense to try to operate with only 100 people on board. I had heard from someone who should know that SDII was going to be headed to the Caribbean for winter cruises, and that the Eastbound crossing was still on. But who knows, and I suspect that things are very fluid at this time.
  11. We just received information that both ship are anchored off Norway at a point not on the schedule. Also, it seems that Norwegian voyages have been taken down from the website.
  12. The "why" is unknown at this time. Our TA forwarded the email and here is the quote from the relevant issues.. "We want to thank you for your patience and continued support as we navigate unprecedented circumstances. The COVID-19 situation along with the travel restrictions being implemented by governments worldwide have presented many difficulties for travel. Due to recent travel restrictions imposed in our industry, we are pausing operations for our upcoming Voyage 22041 October 24, 2020. As a result of this, we are offering affected guests on this voyage a 120% fut
  13. Our TA just sent us an email indicating that she was contacted by SeaDream and notified of a cancellation of the fall westbound from Malaga scheduled to depart on October 24. They are offering a refund, or a 120% credit for trips made before the end of 2022. Did anyone else receive such a call? If I remember correctly, this crossing was almost completely booked and some guests were concerned about a full ship on a two week crossing. So, I don't think that they would cancel it for a minor reason. The cancellation date to receive a refund less the $50 deduction was upcoming in a
  14. Also, on the issue on dealing with the credit card company and their dispute intervals. I think that most credit will honor a dispute for purchases made within the past 60 days, but in our case, the deposits were paid over a year ago for our next cruise departing in October. I don't know if they will make an exception here. We haven't cancelled our next cruise yet, but will probably do so before the final payment date upcoming in about three weeks. I guess then we will have to "wait out" the 90 days and then deal with either the credit card company or the Travel Insurance Compa
  15. More information on the missing $1700 from Windstar. My TA contacted them and they agreed that I was correct and that they didn't refund the correct amount. They blamed it on a computer glitch and said that I'd get the balance in 14 days. I wonder if they would have caught it if I had not noticed their error. I urge everyone to double check the amounts received vs what they paid.
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