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  1. Don't know about Happy Hour, but if you sit at the bar in Zaandam's Sports Bar, you are likely to be offered some appetisers by a friendly bartender.
  2. Just want to add our experience. OH and I are from England and we also like to meet other nationalities on our cruises. HAL isn't one of the top choices for Brits and so far, with anytime dining, we've met American, Australian, Canadian, Dutch, German, NZ and citizens from many other countries (very few from our own). Have a great time! Lily
  3. Millennium had broken down for a second time in Alaska. The first time they did a "patch up" (and probably hoped for the best), but when it happened again they decided they'd better get the ship into dry dock (Bahamas) and repair it properly. In that case they had no choice but to cancel a couple of cruises, but they did have a choice about telling all their passengers. I previously wrote that they came up with basic compensation. That was in the form of a voucher to be used against the cost of another cruise, but we were so hacked off by the way we had been treated, we had no wish to cruise with them again, so it was worthless to us. Our choice to write it off to 'experience'. The subsequent cruise on Zaandam was excellent.
  4. Yep. They didn't tell our cruise agent either. Having flown from UK to Vancouver we could have been standing at the quay - no ship. I was both horrified and angry, but luckily our agent found us another cruise departing a day later on Zaandam, so we were able to use the same flight outbound and that cruise was far better than the original would have been. We had extra costs because the second cruise was longer and Celebrity eventually came up with a basic compensation payment, but we haven't cruised with them since (2013).
  5. Thanks for that. OH and I will be on NS for 2 weeks in the summer. Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip and your thoughts on the various restaurants. Was thinking of booking Tamarind for OH's birthday, but I'll hold off and look for further reviews before committing. Very useful to read your opinion.
  6. It's so annoying when this happens. We had a cruise from Vancouver cancelled by Celebrity and they didn't tell us either. I found out quite by accident on a cruise site with just 2 weeks to go. Thank heavens for the internet. Have a good trip - wherever you go.
  7. Without wishing to be a 'Jeremiah', you may not be calling at St Peter Port either. It's not unusual for the port to be inaccessible if the sea is very rough. I hope the weather is kind to you.
  8. OM - I kept trying and eventually succeeded late yesterday. It shouldn't be that difficult. Grrrrr.
  9. Tried today to log in to enter details for our cruise in the summer, but couldn't get any further than the HAL logo - the rest of the page was blank. I've never had this problem before. What am I doing wrong or is it because it's a weekend and all will be well tomorrow?
  10. We did this cruise last year and because HAL no longer have 'formal evenings' (now called 'gala evenings'), we found it difficult to differentiate between those and any other evening. Very few tuxedos/posh frocks in evidence.
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