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  1. Have YOU accomplished this? I'd like to hook-up my laptop. Thanks in advanced for any help!!
  2. Thanks SO much for taking the time to post such a marvelous review w/ pics, Lynzchat. We set sail on Regal tomorrow outta Brooklyn!!
  3. Nope!! Leaving my heading AS IS.
  4. Someone currently on the Regal said there was a charge for it in the MDR.
  5. I went to the Princess website. Here are the *new* Traditional Dining times: 4:45 5:00 7:15
  6. If so, what is the Traditional Dining time, please. Thanks in advance!
  7. Someone had a GREAT idea! Instead of wasting a plate, put one of those shower caps across the plate instead. For my upcoming trip, I bought a pack of 15 clear shower caps @ the dollar store.
  8. floridalover, How are you going to 'prepare' w/ the RJ45 cable? How would I hook that connection up? 😲 Any pics?
  9. Thanks SO much for the update, aduck. I'm hard-headed , so I'm still gonna try it! I even purchased a small tool from Home Depot to get behind the set...so I gotta use it!!
  10. PLEASE wish me luck trying to hook up my laptop next week. I know it's gonna be nerve-wracking!! I'll keep you all posted.
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