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  1. indiantraveler

    Tam from Smile tours in HCMC

    Hello, Has anyone used Tam from Smile tours in Ho Chi Minh city? I have heard a lot about the traffic being bad and being late to the cruise etc.. in Ho chi Minh City. Any thoughts? Thanks. - Kalp
  2. indiantraveler

    Renting a car in Koi Samui

    Hello, Has anyone rented a car in Koi Samui? We are thinking about doing that but I was wondering if it's safe. I wanted to get a feedback. How difficult is it to get to the waterfall? Also, any suggestions on a good but not too expensive place to get a massage? Thanks in advance for the feedback and suggestions. - kalp
  3. indiantraveler

    Mud Bath Spa in Nha Trang

    I think I posted this before but in a wrong place. So, here it goes, again. We were trying to do a tour in Nha Trang which included the Mud bath Spa and the river cruise but it's too expensive to do it for jus 3 of us. The tour operator suggested getting a group of 12 together to make it cheap but since that is not doable, we are going to try to do this on our own. So, has anyone done this? Is it worth it? Would you suggest it for a family (we have a 4 year old). Did you go on your own? Thanks for any input you can provide. - Kalp