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  1. Good question, I would like to know also, since I am booked in Nov/Dec
  2. This past December on the Divina we received 6 floating ship pens, one each for each cruise.
  3. Not on the Divina this past Dec. I prepurchased the package ahead of time and printed out the terms. I was told had to send out all 40 pieces at once. Told them no and showed them the paper work from online purchase stating could send out a few pieces at a time. They said that is old policy but since I had it in writing they would honor it. They still charged me twice, had to get a supervisor to take care of it. I would suggest taking a copy of what it states online. Worked for us.
  4. Our last cruise was for 32 days and our next is 28 days, there is no way I could pack enough clothes. It is well worth it at just over a dollar an item!
  5. Thank you for clarifying that
  6. 40 pieces of laundry for $50. I had no problems with the delicates.
  7. MSC has the best laundry service of any cruiseline that I have been on at least they beat NCL, Carnival, Celebrity and Princess. We bought the $50 package and the laundry came back spotless and pressed. Will definitely be buying on our next cruise!
  8. Exactly! I think the drink packages for the Caribbean are only up until April 2020
  9. On the Epic, very few dress up and after 5 cruises on her I don't remember a tux or long gown. Some wore cocktail dresses and a few men wore suits but the majority did not dress up. I must say that on Dress up or not night if going to Taste and no reservation then you will have a wait. Last time we went there was a 45 minute wait to get in the Taste dining room on dress up night. We went to the Manhatten and there was just a few minutes wait. Like another poster stated, no shorts in Manhatten but Taste you can wear shorts.
  10. Wanting to book our November/December MSC cruises in the Caribbean out of Miami but none of them offer the drink package as a booking bonus. Not wanting to pay full price for it. Last year when we booked our Nov./Dec. 2019 cruise at this time the drink package was already being offered as a DOU booking. Does anyone know or want to guess if they will add it? If not then I will probably go back to NCL which I do not want to do.
  11. What we always do is go to the casino and take it out through the slot machines. If you ask the cage attendant how to play off of your cabin account they will give you a slip with the info of how to do it. You then follow the directions play a few hands and cash out. I usually do it in increments of $50. Worked out great when we had $500 in obc and nothing to spend it on.
  12. You are getting answers all over the board lol. I will add to the OBC, we sailed b2b and a b2b2b on the Epic and NO the OBC did not carry over. We had to get off of the ship and walk through customs and straight back onto the ship. That has been the case in PC, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, when doing b2b. Was never allowed to remain on ship with any cruiseline. As far as not attending the muster drill, if you have the same cabin you do not have to, if you switch cabins then NCL makes you attend both.
  13. Thank you, that worked for me!!!!
  14. We had our TA call MSC and do it, it only applied to first person also. I had to say no, that is not right. They had to go in and manually apply the discount. Only would apply to one guest though. So on our docs,, it states one person got all of the discount and second received none but it is right. Thinking you will need to call. Is the discount still available? I was looking at MSC this morning and could not find it anywhere.
  15. We were on the Divina in December for a month and loved the entertainment. Always something going on. Some of the best singers I have seen on a cruise ship and been on 41 cruises.
  16. That is what was said last month..."New promo coming in March"🙄
  17. I agree, definitely not worth losing the old drink package. That is why we only cancelled one of our bookings and left the other 3 as they were. They have the classic drink package on them.
  18. TY I found out myself..would have been nice lol
  19. We will not be buying the specialty dining package due to the big difference. The package is quite limited on choices. We will eat in Butchers cut for our black card dinner but will not buy the package.
  20. I had to cancel cruise and they are refunding deposit and had to put down a new deposit
  21. Thank you! I usually go the week before our cruise but have been wanting to get it done on the ship. You convinced me to have it done on the ship. The price is unbelievable.
  22. IMHO not worth it, cabin location,, dining time priority and Breakfast room service is not worth $100 more pp on the cruises we are on. We are Fantastica on one cruise but that is because Bella was sold out.
  23. To put it bluntly, you will have Drinks on us, not the Easy package.
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