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  1. Not available to book it yet on the Breakaway's January sailings.
  2. Was on the Divina for 32 days (11, 10, 11) last Nov./Dec. There were only 2 Gala nights on both the 10 and 11 day cruises.
  3. Cozumel was Mr. Sanchos...great deal but also love to just get off the ship and go downtown in Cozumel and SHOP and eat at the different restaurants, that is what we do 99% of the time. Relaxing and wonderful experience, no excursion needed. Great to shop and great food. Been to Cozumel more times than I have fingers and toes and still one of my favorites to just get off of the ship and go downtown shopping.
  4. My answer was correct in 2015, which is why I typed it but this is 2019 four years later, look at the dates.
  5. Does anyone have any information on the Velvet Dinner Show on the Breakaway? I have done a search and finding very little. Is it is 3 course meal? Does anyone have the menu??? Any information would help. Doing a b2b and on the last night of the first and last cruise it is only $29.99 total for 2 and is an early time of 5:15, I would think because it is the last night and they are having problems filling the venue.
  6. Thanks, I just chatted with on online agent at insure my trip and they told me, none of their comprehensive plans will reimburse for any type of certificates, gift cards, etc. Not sure why I was drawing a blank today.πŸ€”πŸ˜‚
  7. Getting ready to purchase my cruise insurance and I am wondering if I insure the $500 deposit that I used 2 cruise next certificates for. If I remember correctly, insurance will not reimburse for these. Am I right? For some reason I am drawing a blank.
  8. Received an email today from NCL and it had a link to NCL Travel Protection Essentials but it is a PDF link and there is no where that I can find a link to purchase it. Does anyone have the link?
  9. I am on a 10 and 11 day cruise on the Breakaway, it would be nice if they added oneπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  10. Wanting to make dining reservations and wanting to know what time the shows are in the main theater in the evenings. This is for a Jan. and Feb. 2020 cruise on the Breakaway out of PC.
  11. We sail to Ocean Cay 3 times in December and not counting on it now. Will wait to see what happens.
  12. We have friends on this cruise, as least you all will be safe!
  13. I am with you on saving pennies when it comes to cruising! We are addicted to cruising and there is no way I would pay $2000 pp for 7 days. Because we don't have to have a balcony or have to book Haven (never in the cabin except to sleep and shower), we have 63 days booked over the next year. If we were to book Haven we would have 7 or 14 days booked max.
  14. Not long enough for us! Longest we have sailed is for 32 days on MSC Divina this last Dec. The only reason I was ready to get off the ship is because my clothes were getting too tight 🀣🀣 We have a 21 day on the Seaside booked for this December then a 21 day cruise booked on the NCL Breakaway in January. I can't wait!!! I just can't imagine going on a 7 day cruise ever again.
  15. Thank you for the info, it's not the smell that I am allergic to, it is whenever something with a fragrance touches me then I break out with a rash. Pretty much fragrance free at home (even dish soap) but mousse and hair spray are hard to come by without fragrances. They will say unscented but then you read the ingredients and it says perfume added, geez.
  16. It is not just MSC, we receive emails all the time for someone else with their loyalty number from Carnival. Have called and told them several times but they never do anything about it.
  17. I don't think the hurricane a few years ago has anything to do with it. We were there twice last year on cruises and loved the beach more than before the hurricane. Some stores rebuilt and some did not. Can't wait to go back this year.
  18. May sound like a strange question but allergic to fragrances here and get free laundry with Platinum. On MSC last year they had a note in the cabin that stated their laundry detergent was fragrance free. I was wondering if NCL's detergent is fragrance free also. Never thought about it in the past but just discovered the allergy this year and now wondering even about the sheets on the bed.
  19. Seriously, is that a half of a piece of Sea Bass?? That is what it looks like.
  20. When I click your link I do not get an answer to dsc, can't find it anywhere ob NCL
  21. Did you sign in to NCL and then do a mock booking? That is when it shows up.
  22. Yes, it is combinable with all latitude's cruises. I booked one today (not the 20%) and was able to use two. Now I have a 21 day cruise in Jan instead of 10 😊 😁😁😁
  23. Extended until Aug. 6th. It is under the terms and conditions
  24. Sounds like you do the same thing we do 😁
  25. I sure wish I could, we have 7 cruises (62 days) over the next year and I dare not look at 2021. I would love to live on a ship but my waist line would beg to differ!!!
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