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  1. There have been numerous postings about the additional perks or amenities that you receive when booking a suite. Princess has a list of additional items that you receive when you are booking your cruise. You can also start at the Princess home page and select to review different cabin types. Under the Suite there will be links to tell you what amenities you receive when booking a suite. The only separate dining experience is that Suite passengers will have a restaurant for breakfast that is not available to any other guests. This is normally located in Sabatinis and has special breakfast hours
  2. According to the original flyer the booking had to be made prior to December 2019 to do the add ons.
  3. I contacted my TA last week and added the BEST2DW to our Canal cruise next year for $25 a day each. Thanks to the link posted on the forum a couple of weeks ago.
  4. The tickets are considered paid on the date your final payment is or was due. After that you can make changes up to 45 days prior to cruise for no charge. Princess EZair Flexible Fares Princess EZair Restricted Fares Purchase air - days from departure From 330 days up to 4 days before departure subject to availability From 330 days up to 4 days before departure subject to availability Selection of preferred airline, flights, and travel date No charge No charge Confirmation
  5. Ask Yourself this question. Why did you buy or why are you considering buying Carnival stock? For several years as the stock had very little movement the reason to purchase should have been based on a combination of dividend return and OBC when on a cruise. Now as the stock has drastically dropped those same two factors are still in play. The dividend could possibly remain the same or in most stock situations drop. One thing that will not drop soon will be the OBC. It is actually possible that it might increase as Carnival uses it as an incentive to both buy stock and cruise. Persons who just
  6. Are you doing B2B cruises?
  7. And when you go remember this, "It is a marathon not a race." In the kitchen you will eat approximately five small appetizers. At the dinner table one of the first things will be a risotto. There is a chance that if you eat it all you will eat very little of the remainder of the dinner. Pace yourself, drink a little wine, talk with your dinner companions and enjoy the experience.
  8. And on disembarkation day you will meet in the concierge lounge and when it is your time they will escort you to the gangway to priority area.
  9. You definitely want to utilize the concierge lounge. On the Regal it is located on the Riveria deck (deck 14) aft midships. It is in the area of the R6?? suites. Do not worry about calling the dine line or going to the restaurant about reservations. After boarding go straight to the concierge lounge and ask them to make any reservations that you want. All of the specialty dining is crowded on that night and they will make your reservation for another night. They seem to have the correct contacts to get almost anything you need. They can check on excursions and also have personal information on
  10. Also do not pass on the specialty dining you will get on embarkation day. You can ask for it to be changed and that request is normally granted. And the breakfast might be the best perk you get for being in a suite, just be sure to check the hours as they are different on port and sea days.
  11. and you can also add the Concierge room and person on the Royal class of ships. Only for full suite passengers.
  12. Thank you skynight. This is exactly what I needed. Very helpful.
  13. Thank you. Do you know which restaurant has the Suite passengers breakfast? Also which dining room has the club class dining area?
  14. Dining choices on the Emerald list Sabatini's but when looking at the deck plans I cannot locate it. Anyone able to tell me what deck it is on?
  15. We just returned from the Regal at the end of August and the Captain announced that the new beds would begin to be placed on the ship after the transatlantic and during the Florida cruises.
  16. We have done it twice, on the Diamond and just a week ago on the Regal. Both were amazing experiences. At some point either before or at the beginning people have notified the chef that they have allergies to certain foods. In both cases substitutions were made. After our first experience in which I tried to finish everything I made up my mind that I would treat the dinner as a marathon instead of a race. The goal is not to eat everything but to be still enjoying everything at the end.As someone else mentioned try everything because you may be surprised. As a note for those booking future crui
  17. As others have said, get to know your cabin steward and waiters. Cash is important to them because the one big expense they have onboard is the internet. They have to pay approximately $60 a month and that is their link to family back home. We also like to add a personal touch by learning simple phrases to say to them. On our recent cruise that phrase was for the Filipino staff. It is, "Maraming Salamat Po", which means "Thank you very much". Sometimes I think that when I say these phrases in my southern drawl that their smile is a laugh at my pronunciation but I enjoy talking with them. Also
  18. We were recently told that it was in development and would be instituted on the Royal class. Thanks for the information. We were also told that all cabins TV's would become touch screen and that Medallions were being studied to allow access to more than one location. This ability would stop full suite guests from having a key card to get into the concierge lounge.
  19. The current Full Suite amenities https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/ships/PrincessSuite_eFlyer.pdf On disembarkation on the Royal class you meet and wait in the Concierge lounge and are escorted down to the gangway when it is your turn to leave. If the cruise only has one embarkation / disembarkation port you also can get room service that morning which is a full suite only perk.
  20. After reading all of the posts, I would like to say that the originators question of Suite perks and club class are two different things. Everyone in a full suite or in a club class mini suite gets club class as a dinner and if open lunch in a specified dining room. Onboard the Regal that dining room is the Concerto and whats nice is that normally you do not have to wait but as one poster said, "Go to Crooners and we will come get you" works great especially now with the medallion. Whats different on the menu? On lobster tail night for all dining rooms, club class had a additional offer of Lob
  21. What has been anyone's experience when letting Princess assign your cabin at a later date during booking? Are you contacted? Do they offer upgrades? Any information is helpful.
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