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  1. Yes, we also appreciate all the perks.......add to this list, we still take the time to pick up our 3 coins in the casino (yes, we've actually won a few t-shirts). 😊
  2. Same response to this second thread.... Perks, much like the virus, will mutate.
  3. Don, that's exactly the same for us...............and oh, add Trivia.
  4. Holy Land...reminded me of our 2016 cruise, Vision of the Seas...true story. We just came back from our day in Jerusalem, and was walking past Guest Services. One lady was speaking loudly and angry...loud enough for us to hear what she was complaining about. She said "I want our money back! (apparently from their ship's tour to Jerusalem.)...bleep, bleep, bleep...we only got to see 4 of the Stations of the Cross!!! Note: We've heard of many complaints onboard, but this one tops it for us...true story. 😇😆😉
  5. Just a quick update. All our cruises cancelled for 2020. Intermittent Fasting still working quite well at home. Went to as low as 131.4 pounds. Decided to eat a bit more and celebrated birthdays and anniversary with a couple of drinks. Now up to a very manageable weight...138 pounds. Goal: Maintain my weight between 135 and 145.
  6. Ken, Have you heard of anyone being able to switch FCC's? You had warned me about this...so if we used a small FCC ($500), can we take that $500 back and use our $3,500 FCC instead? Thanks.
  7. It would be nice if RCCL would allow stacking of FCC's...wishful thinking.
  8. Feeling your pain. I mentioned this not too long ago. Our 11-night, roundtrip Sydney, October 2021, Ovation was cancelled...Royal then made it into a 7-night and 4-night cruises. Our price for our JS for the original 11-night was just a bit over $4,000. Now they tell us that the 7-night cruise would be over $5,800 and the 4-night cruise would be over $2,000....huh? To make matters worse, we lost our original JS cabin and told we have to move. RCCL was nice to also offer us $100 OBC....sarcasm. Yes, it would be easy just to cancel............regrettably th
  9. Here's one example... We were booked on an 11 night Sydney roundtrip, October 2021, in a JS, and got a great deal...just over 4k. We were notified that this cruise was cancelled. Royal changed this cruise into a 7 night and 4 night sailings. We were initially told "No worries, you are price protected and can keep the same cabin." A week later, we were informed "Oh sorry, no price protection...your cabin was sold...and if you want a JS, the 7 night sailing is now $5,800+ and the 4 night is now $2,000+". As John McEnroe would say: "You cannot be serious!"
  10. Thanks Ken...we are really hoping rccl will extend expiry date...some of our FCC's took 7 months to be issued.
  11. 1. Can you remove FCC and replace it with a larger FCC? For example, we used a $500 FCC to pay for a deposit...could we replace it with a $2,500 FCC? 2. Will RCCL extend the expiration date of FCC's? 3. Will RCCL allow stacking of FCC's? (Wishful thinking) Thanks...
  12. Other random info: (pre-covid) * Depending on the number of B2B's, you may have a meeting before the end of the first cruise. * We've had our new seapass cards delivered to our cabin the night before disembarkation or handed to us the last day. You will need your old seapass card to "clock out" before you can use your new seapass card * When we decided to leave the ship for a day in town, we were given an "In-Transit" card along with our new seapass cards. The In-Transit card will allow you to skip all lines (except the security line of course) when you come back onboard.
  13. Empathy here...just found out a couple of weeks ago that ALL of our Quantum sailings out of Singapore were cancelled...😷...yup, including the 14n Singapore to Tokyo leg...sad. Hopefully the planned Quantum sailings for December is a go...for Singapore residents only.
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