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  1. Human sushi.......Philly Roll....πŸ˜€
  2. Comfortable?...No. Not many will do or can do what you plan on doing. As you said, your gf doesn't have much vacation time...6:45am is plenty of time to get from Changi Airport to the cruise terminal. (Take your time walking through this beautiful airport.) If you're comfortable with it...then go for it. Come back here and tell us what happened. Happy Sailing!
  3. That's what we often do for an afternoon snack. We just walk in, order a roll or some nigiri mix and eat it out in the balcony (with our favorite drinks). Make sure to say hello to the sushi chef while waiting for your order...if you come back and he recognizes you......he may add a couple of free items to you order. Happy Sailing! ☺️
  4. First...a congratulations is in order...for doing a B2B........we can only wish we had done it sooner. You will discover that it's soooooooooo nice to know you are staying on another week! What ship? Embarkation/Disembarkation port? Some random thoughts: Depending on the ship and number of B2B passengers, you may have a meeting a day or two before disembarkation. Since you are not moving cabins...it will be very easy...you don't have to do much. (note: we usually tell our cabin steward not to bother cleaning our cabin on turnaround day...he/she has enough to do.) We've gotten our new seapass cards the day before, we've had them delivered in our cabins, or we get them from Guest Services. We usually disembark the ship on turnaround day for some shore excursion. When we get off, we'll have our old and new seapass cards, along with an "In-transit" card. We "tap out" with our old seapass card as we disembark, then with our new seapass card and "in-transit" card when we return...we bypass all the check-in lines (you still have to go through the security line of course.) If you plan on staying onboard...depending on your port...you will be with other B2B passengers, they will clear the ship, walk you through immigration, then be the first ones back onboard to enjoy the ship. You will have access to your cabin. Just let them know you are B2B passengers. Depending on the ship, they may have a nice lunch for all B2B passengers...could be in the MDR or perhaps in a specialty restaurant. Happy Sailing(s)! ☺️😎
  5. You beat me to the question...I was about to ask the same thing. I'm colorblind.
  6. Can anyone guess (or please kindly attempt to guess) how it's sailing/getting to Shanghai? Embarkation? Possible ports/itinerary?.......and when in 2021? Thanks.
  7. Silverware...lots of them! There were so many items on the dining table...took me a while to figure out which one to use first. Imagine sitting at your table the first night and your table would have wine glasses, water glasses, 3-4 tablespoons, 2-3 spoons, 3-4 forks, a couple of knives, bowl of butter, bowl of bread,.....I'm sure I'm forgetting many more....but as a proper Brit told us: "Outside-In".........oh! that elegantly folded linen napkin.................and to think at home it's plastic spoons and forks! (From take-out food!l) πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜Ž
  8. Sigh...had my prom at Mark Hopkins...almost half a century ago...😊 Some random thoughts: * If you have luggages, it may be difficult to ride the cable car after your cruise. * Agree with everyone, best to stay near the cruise terminal before the cruise. Traffic at the Embarcadero is horrendous...passengers disembarking and embarking. It's a popular area...so much to see...flat and easy walking. Yes, all other parts of SF is hilly...the hill at Mark Hopkins is not bad...unless you have mobility problems of course. * Best way to get around is by Uber. (Hyatt Regency is about a mile away...but can be a bit expensive.) * Bring a sweater...it gets cold around Fisherman's Wharf in the evening...then just layer as needed. * Sailing under the Golden Gate bridge is magical...breathtaking when the fog is rolling in...yes, top deck is the place to be on the Star. Are you going to rent a car and drive to Muir Woods? (See other responses) If you rent a car, here's a spectacular route: Drive towards Marina Greens, then through the Presidio, use Lincoln Blvd, drive through Sea Cliff and see multi-million dollar homes, continue west towards the Legion of Honor, drive through the Lincoln Park golf course, make your way to Geary Street and continue west to the Cliff House...to your left will be the beach (Pacific Ocean), drive down on Great Highway, turn left into Golden Gate Park...when you leave the park, you can stop at Haight/Ashbury District (Anyone still remember hippies?)...from there, get back on Geary Street and stop at Japan Town....and before heading back to your hotel at the Mark Hopkins....be sure to visit Coit Tower and Chinatown......please make sure to stop along the way on this route...it could easily be a full but beautiful and scenic day. Happy Sailing! 😊
  9. Noise was not an issue to us...loved the slightly bigger cabin and the large window. As other people say "Don't leave the curtains open when you're undressed." 😎
  10. We loved formal nights. Through the years, we've seen formal nights evolved into a relax, more casual event. I wore my tux for years...and of course, my wife was beautiful no matter what she puts on. Because of weight limitation on flights, we've become more casual. I stopped wearing my tux after showing all our cruise pictures to the grandkids, nieces, and nephews...who all said "How come you're always wearing the same tuxedo?"........that was it. Note: When cruising with family, we decide beforehand if we are all doing formal or not.
  11. What else do you like to do? What's your interest? Other than work, what keeps you busy? What has been your most favorite vacation to date? Some love to travel near their home, some only in the country, others internationally...what do you prefer? Do you travel much for work? Do you take vacations to get away from work?...or when on vacation, you can't wait to get back to work? What makes you happy?
  12. Congratulations! Peace and Happiness to you both. Just some random thoughts...and perhaps crazy ideas... * In Aruba, there's a free trolley downtown...ride it and have a big sign saying "Just Married". * Have a sunset dinner outside your balcony. * Saw this once....have a large photo of the both of you...ask/inform Guest Services if you can display for people to sign...years from now, you'll know who sailed with you...make sure the Captain signs it. * You can place 3 signs on your cabin door: "About to get Married"..."Just Married"...."Honeymooners"...😊 Again, Congratulations...and Happy Sailing!
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