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  1. Lightning has struck us twice... I've posted these most memorable events a few times but well worth repeating. (Condensed versions) The first time, we were assigned to the "Captain's Table", Song of America. Table for 8. We sat with a truly wonderful British couple, and the Staff Captain (second in command I'm guessing), and the other empty seats were filled by various members of the entertainment crew...mostly the dancers. There were special meals and free-flowing wine every night. And Oh!, the stories we heard. This was why we got addicted to cruising. The se
  2. cruisemom42...thank you as always...for your wonderful post.
  3. Many thanks for sharing and happy sailing! 🍷🥂🍺🍹🍸
  4. Just wanted to say "hello" to a fellow triathlete. Agree...one must respect the water. * We did the Malibu Triathlon, 2018, waves looked normal before the start...the starting horn goes off...my age group takes off running into the ocean...I swam, swam, and swam some more. I heard one of the lifeguards yelling...next thing I knew, he pulls me hard out of the water and back to shore. I didn't even reach the first buoy. The waves, in an instance,...got much bigger and stronger. I was embarrassed, until I found out NO ONE made it to the first buoy...all swimmers were pull
  5. We've done a few b2b's out of Sydney...and absolutely love Sydney. Some random thoughts: * b2b passengers will have a meeting before the end of the first cruise. * You can choose to get back onboard or, do what we do...go and see Sydney. * There will be a nice lunch for b2b passengers...in the MDR or a specialty restaurant...and if your lucky, free wine. * If you choose to leave the ship, you will be given a "In-Transit" card alonv with your new seapass card. You will be able to bypass all the lines when you get back. (Except of course the security line) * The shi
  6. We have enjoyed snorkeling our entire lives...we are now in our golden years, regrettably my wonderful wife still can't swim. She always pack her inflatable life vest, and wears it to snorkel. I bring a 5 foot bungee cord (with locking carabiners on both ends)...I attach the bungee to me and my wife. It has worked extremely well for us. Hope that helps. Happy sailing and snorkeling.🙂
  7. Don't give up and call again. We waited four months...crystal block didn't show up. We called again and were told it was mailed. I asked, "Where did you mail it"? Her answer, "Looks like we mailed to Switzerland". She apologized and mailed another one...we got it in less than a week...in Ca. 🙂
  8. Genuinely feeling your pain. We've dealt with this similar situation on multiple cancelled cruises. No, you are not doing anything wrong...we've been given the same excuse but we love Royal and just made sure we use a spreadsheet. Problem is...we simply couldn't keep up with what Royal is doing. For example, we recently used 2 FCC's...around $2600 each. (Knowing full well that prices have gone up...making the extra 25% moot.) We were told that part of the $2600 couldn't be fully applied...$599. "It's the system", we were told. We were also told that new FCC's will be issu
  9. Wow! You brought back some fond memories. I remember our table of 8 got together daily trying everything to earn those ShipShape dollars...then near the end of the cruise, they would set up a table to redeem those dollars for keychains, pens, water bottles, and yes...that "priceless" ShipShape t-shirt.
  10. Please come back and let us know. Would love to know if you can use the BOGO at Wonderland. Thanks.
  11. Agree again...just wishing we had moved to Florida back in 2019 like we originally planned it...we would be able to drive to a few embarkation port. 😌...sigh.
  12. Agree....BUT, there are those that have flights already booked.
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