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  1. Very thorough and detailed review. Thanks for sharing. We like Celebrity too. But did enjoy our time on QE.
  2. The Behind the Scenes tour on QE is excellent. We took it on our Alaska voyage. Inquire at the desk and be put on the list. They will confirm and then send the tickets to your cabin. It was our first time doing this tour and well worth the $125/pp.
  3. Very nice detailed review. Thank you.
  4. This was very well written, though I am sorry to hear about your injury. According to some insurance/medical horror stories it seems that yours went as smoothly as it could. Hope you are healing well!
  5. I will add to the others that say that you should get medical/evacuation travel insurance. It is a must. I can understand skipping cancellation insurance (we don’t) but medical is very important since it is so expensive if something goes wrong. Unless you can self-insure.
  6. Please give details about this balcony offer. When are you sailing? Thx
  7. Yes they have a good range of GF pasta even had lasagne on a recent voyage. We ate in Britannia Club. They will present a menu the night before and if you have a special request or are eating in a different venue (ie Golden Lion Pub for fish and chips), they can plan for that too. We had a variety of desserts so if others are interested, there are many options. I think only once or twice an accommodation could not be made.
  8. We were on this maiden voyage. I did see the fellow who interviewed but did not realize that it was Breakfast Television. Nice! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Bumping up to see if there are any current updates.
  10. WOW!! What stunning pictures and attention to details. Your descriptions made me feel like I was there with you. That was an incredible review. Thank you for sharing. You have stimulated my excitement for Japan even more!
  11. Yes, you should get a cancellation email.
  12. Wonderful! Will have a look today.
  13. Great thanks, will do. Added: Actually I have signatures blocked and I used to be able to go into users and see threads started. Don’t see it now, gosh I still hate this new system. Can you please provide the link.
  14. Great thanks, will do.
  15. Thanks for your input. Our friend in Japan is helping us with our itinerary so once it is firmed up I will check out that website. We have booked a hotel but it is not ideal. For now it is fine and we are still looking since we have a cancellable room and if we don’t find anything else at least we have have something. We have never been to Tokyo so I imagine we will have lots to see there. Really excited about this trip!
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