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  1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.
  2. Does anyone have the link to Celebrity sales flyer? I know years ago they used to post deals on Tuesday. Hope someone knows and can help as they are under the same brand.
  3. I plan to take cash refund when offered. Then book later when things improve. MSC should be in good financial shape as well as Disney (with endless pockets) but I am not fully confident on how the others will land. I foresee a lot of merging and buyouts, as well as failures.
  4. I believe that Costa and Seabourn are part of Carnival, Royal owns Silversea and I am not sure about the rest.
  5. I would not finalize it, especially without insurance. You would be at the mercy of the cruise line and their compensation package. So far most have been decent but you never know what might happen. And we don’t know how the financial health of the lines will land once this is over. I wouldn’t want them holding $11,000 of my money. But watch how things go and use a fare alert website to notify you of changes then you can go ahead and re-book when things look better. Canada is being so ultra-cautious right now. I am within final payment and waiting to see what happens. And I got a great deal on the cruise and flights. But if I had the option to back out, I would. Too many things up in the air right now. But hopefully it all works out.
  6. We are waiting on HAL to hear what is happening. Trying to be patient. There will be lots of announcements and changes in the upcoming weeks.
  7. Sad to hear this news. I believe they had a cookbook after the galley tour and I wish I had bought it. His influence was magnificent.
  8. Oh that is too bad. We had to use it once and I swear by it. Maybe the cruise line will provide good reimbursement.
  9. We are booked on HAL from Hawaii to Vancouver and waiting to see how things unfold. I agree that some of the decisions being made do not make sense.
  10. Okay thanks for letting me know. I think I will go with my original plan for May 2021 so that people can get booking now, even though they may not have as much time to plan.
  11. I am booking a group cruise and some want to try Carnival. When will the schedule be released? We want to give lots of notice and allow time for people to plan. There will be plenty of new cruisers and we want it to be affordable for all. Early saver rates should be decent. Looking for a 7-day Caribbean out of Florida or NYC.
  12. Thanks for this tidbit. We just ordered tickets and plan to arrive early and get a morning time slot.
  13. Yes, which cruise did you see this for, I would like to book if still available.
  14. Brings back beautiful memories 😢 Thanks for sharing such a detailed lovely video.
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