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  1. Got this tip from a friend and I've been doing it every night. I use Preparation H under my eyes and on my upper lip for wrinkles. It seems to tighten the skin, but the smell isn't necessarily the best.
  2. While we've been to St. Thomas so many, many times, and absolutely love it there, I would purchase stateside. For us, our jeweler has been able to offer us upwards of 40% off pricing at his store. If you work with a jeweler over the years, they'll give you a decent price.
  3. I love the color! We still like to "dress up" when we cruise. You will probably feel overdressed, but there will definately be others dressed up as well. I really wish we could get back to the days where dinner on formal night was a gala event. But times have changed . . .
  4. I still carry the good ol' fashioned ziploc baggies on our cruises. I put the date on each bag and toss souveniers in there as the day progresses. I'll still make notations throughout the day or sometimes simply sitting on one of the cruising decks, I'll write notes about the day and put that into the bag.
  5. Princess is our preferred line, and we've never had a problem ordering extra. While we err on the side of caution to do this (there's so much food during the whole vaca) we will ask for an extra lobster and maybe an extra side of the pasta that is being prepared fresh in front of us.
  6. Friends who cruise with us always book mid ship as they claim their equilibrium is better there. We prefer aft, and when they come down the hall to visit in our cabin, they are not able to stay long because of the motion.
  7. We go to the restaurant directly because DH and I prefer a table for two on that night. We attempt to make it a special night for us, dining alone.
  8. Yes! I am definately a straw hat gal. I have purchased a couple from QVC and I've found a few others in stores such as TJMaxx. For whatever reason that I think I learned from my Mom, I take tissue paper and stuff it in the hat and then roll the hat into my carry-on.
  9. I think I was born a hippie because I really hate to carry a bag. If I do, it's typically one of a "peace" pattern, or "Mother Earth" pattern. I have DH carry my gloss and shades in his jacket most of the time, but if I really, really have to carry a nice bag, I like the Tiganello line of bags, of which I have a few.
  10. Hey there Lois, this is Janet from Connecticut. We were in touch way back when, years ago. I've been off the boards for some time and I just came back on today. I'm so sorry to hear of your initial news, but I am relieved to hear of your recent posting wherein you just returned from the doctor and there is some good news, perhaps over the next year or so for you. Hope you stay positive as you always have been and I know that you will be. You are in my thoughts and in my nightly prayers. Be well, my friend. Love, Janet.
  11. A new thing I recently started doing onboard was picture taking, to add to my scrapbook. I get a real close up shot of, say, the ship bell, and I try to think of creative things to add to that page in reference to the ship's bell. This has made me search for some pretty cool things. Sometimes it takes awhile to find exactly what I want to put on the page, but it makes it fun. Happy sailing!
  12. Great to see you folks! DH and I will be in the suite...LARGE suite....happy sailing my friends! Hope our cabin steward knows how to play this piano!
  13. Well, for DH and myself, I've learned how to pack. Take your workout clothing. You can wash your tops and hang them in the bathroom. Take 3 pairs of shorts or classy shirts and 4 interactive tops. Sneaks, thongs, sandles. Light sweater or throwall. The outfit you wear on the ship should be what you wear off. Evening attire for me is 5 nice dresses and for DH is 2 pairs Chinos and dress shirts. I really think you can tone it down for looking at it constructively. Good luck and enjoy!
  14. Hello! I would call your travel agent. I trust our travel agent so much that it's crazy. We also take the cancellation insurance. It is so worth it. BUT, please call your travel agent to assist you.
  15. Gosh, I didn't realize how much info we gather prior to cruising. It may be the location of the cabin vs. the nightclub above. It may be the location vs the dining room noise. Cheers!
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