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  1. What are our transportation options from the cruise port to secret harbor? We have a group of 10, but we don't have to travel together.
  2. What are the options and prices we can expect to get a group of 10 from port to secret beach? Also, is there shopping within walking distance from port or will we need transportation? Thanks!
  3. Is Aqua Action right there or is it a place we would have to rent from and bring the items with us to the beach?
  4. Considering this for a group of 10 with adults and teens. There will be 5 ships in port that day. Are there chairs, umbrellas, snorkeling equipment for rent here? Are there bathroom and restaurant facilities nearby? How is the snorkeling, are we likely to see a sea turtle? Any and all info would be helpful. Thanks!
  5. All the Turtle Cove excursions I'm seeing involve a boat. Is there a way to get there by land and walk into the water and still snorkel with sea turtles?
  6. Does anyone know if the evening shows (ie Rock Opera, etc) are done twice each evening? We have a late dining time and I don't want to miss them. Thank you!
  7. We will be on the Sky Princess in April. We have a late departure 10pm, so looking for dinner ideas. Thank you!
  8. Looking for a good restaurant recomendation for a group of 14 with adults and teens? We do have someone with a shellfish allergy and prefer someplace with outdoor seating near the water. Thanks!
  9. Looking for private tour company recommendations. Not sure what we want to do yet, probably some snorkeling and beach time. Thanks!
  10. When choosing one of the internet plans, it asks who it is for. Does that mean only that person can use the plan or does it mean that only one person in your cabin can access it at a time?
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