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  1. We've never encountered any smells like you're describing. If you do, try this. Ask your cabin steward to bring a bowl roughly the size of a soup bowl with fresh unused coffee grounds in it. The coffee grounds will absorb the odors. However, it may make your cabin smell like coffee, if that's acceptable.
  2. Lots of comments and/or complaints about the limited TV channel choices, but no comments about the very limited choice of music to listen to. We wish there was more to pick from than hip-hop or pop music. Maybe it's time to make use of the Spotify app on our tablet and create a playlist to listen to.
  3. Something else to keep in mind. Whenever the crew is scheduled to wash down the sides of the ship, and you are in a balcony cabin, you will get a letter ahead of time notifying you of this. Your cove balcony may not get wet from the waves, but they will definitely get wet when the ship is being washed. Fair warning! Do not leave any foot wear on your balcony, or you'll have wet shoes to deal with. I speak from experience. 😉
  4. Cruising is not for everyone. That's why there are so many choices for what to do or where to go on vacation. I love cruising. I love being out on the ocean, seeing sea life (such as dolphins and flying fish), smelling the salty sea air, and occasionally feeling the salt spray on my face. On the other hand, I have absolutely NO desire to ever go snow skiing. Just the thought of slamming into a tree while skiing downhill, or getting buried in an avalanche is enough to cause me to say "No thank-you!" You've discovered that cruising isn't your most ideal vacation, and that's okay. No one will hold that against you.
  5. The first one listed is the same one we chose for our upcoming Mardi Gras cruise. Mahogany Bay has a very nice beach. We haven't been to Mahogany Bay or Cozumel for 8 years. Never been to Costa Maya, so that will be a new port for us. San Juan is one of our favorite ports, and we always enjoy a visit to St. Thomas. Amber Cove is just okay, but not really all that great. We're kind of burned out on Grand Turk, since we've been there several times. We've learned to head down to Jack's Shack, just to get away from the obnoxious vendors on the beach nearest Margaritaville. So, based on the itineraries you've listed, I would choose #1 first, #3 second, and skip #2.
  6. Back in 2019, long before the pandemic and the halt of all cruises, there were several Krooz cams that weren't working. I don't recall ever seeing any "official" explanation about it, but I suspect it may have been due to needing an upgrade in the transmission equipment on certain ships. If that is so, I doubt that we'll see any improvements any time soon. Since there have been no cruises for the last 15+ months, and no money coming in to the cruise lines, it will probably be a while before we see the Krooz cams come back on line. I suspect that that's pretty low on each of the cruise lines list of priorities right now.
  7. And we're just the opposite. We prefer the Dream class over the Vista class. The Magic is okay. We've cruised on her twice. The last time was last year on the first week of March, right before the pandemic shut everything down. The ship needed a little dry dock time for some sprucing up. Simon London was the CD. I know a lot of people seem to like him, but he's not my favorite. The Breeze is our number one favorite ship. Since it's the newest of the three in that class, it has a few amenities that the Magic (or the Dream) does not have. Would we cruise on the Magic again? Probably, depending on the itinerary.
  8. Consider how the TSA has changed some of their security procedures over time since 2001. It will be the same way with cruising. Certain protocols currently in place will either be modified or dropped altogether when deemed as no longer necessary. For those of us that have been cruising for 20 years or longer, the protocols currently in place will take a little time to get used to. For those about to embark on their very first cruise, it probably won't seem like such a big deal. Will prices change? Possibly. Who knows? But, I don't believe it will be a huge increase. While I can understand each of the cruise lines trying to recoup some of their losses due to the pandemic, they also need to be careful not to scare off potential new cruisers on a tight budget.
  9. It's probably too much to hope for that Carnival will ban the vendors from the beach area at Grand Turk when it reopens to cruises.
  10. Did feeling the ocean spray on your face make you happy or unhappy?
  11. I'm guessing you're referring the steel wall across the front of the balcony. On the new ship, the Mardi Gras, the steel walls have been replaced by plexiglass to make it much easier to see the ocean when sitting on your balcony.
  12. Some of the pros: For Embarkation and Debarkation, you don't have to wait for an elevator to take you to or from the deck that the cove balconies are located on. You only have to walk down or up one flight of stairs. Being closer to the water makes it easy to watch for sea life, such as flying fish and dolphins. If you're cabin happens to be on the side facing the pier when in port, it's the perfect place to watch for pier runners. Cove balconies are more private than standard balconies. Some of the cons: Because cove balconies are recessed, you won't get a lot of direct sunshine, so it's not the best place to work on your tan. (For those that try to avoid a lot of direct sunshine, this may be a "pro".) If there is a lifeboat above your cabin, it could hinder stargazing at night. Some have complained about water splashing up on their balcony, but that may depend on how close you are to the front of the ship. We typically book a cove balcony that is more midship, and haven't had much of a problem with water splashing up. To avoid overhead noise as much as possible, try to avoid booking a cabin that is directly under the ship's galley.
  13. Has Covid affected your excursion thinking? No. Not yet. Our next cruise isn't until late November. That's 5 months from now. It's a little difficult to predict exactly what protocols will be in place at that time, for both Carnival and each port we'll be visiting. We'll probably wait until late Sept. or early Oct. to book our excursions.
  14. Yes. But can only be used in your cabin, or for when you go ashore to a beach. Here's a link for items that are either allowed or not allowed: https://www.carnival.com/help Scroll down to the blue heading "What items am I not allowed to bring?"
  15. I suspect that this is at least partly due to each island or country's current protocols. As the world gets closer to an end to the pandemic, I would guess that certain protocols currently in place will gradually ease up.
  16. An app for or a digital copy of the Fun Times would be useless to those of us that do not have or use a smart phone. I am among those that hope Carnival does not get rid of the printed version.
  17. I'm guessing the winning "family" does not get $20,000.00 (like on the TV show). Other than the opportunity to participate, what do the winners get? Some OBC? A ship on a stick? A bottle of wine?
  18. On those ships that have the Family Feud game, how are those that wish to be contestants selected? Is this an activity that only happens once on a cruise, or more than once? Please share your experience. Thank-you.
  19. Sausage, hot dogs, bratwurst, pepperoni, and pretty much all other similar meats that are in a tube are made the same way. Many years ago, when I was in the Army and stationed in Germany, I got to see how brats were made. I suspect the old saying "Waste not, want not" came from someone making sausage or brats. 😁
  20. Can standard balconies sleep 3? Probably, but it would be a lot more comfortable to sleep in the cabin as opposed to the balcony. ☺️
  21. That is possible.Travel agents are sometimes able to reserve a block of cabins to sell. If you're working with a TA, ask if she/he can help you get the balcony cabin (or one similar) that you'd prefer.
  22. groundloop, are you only able to go during one specific week, or would you be able to book at a different time when there might be more balcony cabins available, specifically any that don't have any lifeboats beside them?
  23. Along with carefully studying the deck plans, our PVP was very helpful in choosing our cabin. We've booked cabin #5356, which looks like it's directly below the Java Blue Cafe. Once it closes for the evening, there shouldn't be much noise from above. Also, it doesn't appear that there are any lifeboats directly above our cabin. Looks like a win-win to us. 😃 I'm guessing any cove balcony cabins from 5306 to 5386 should be pretty good.
  24. It's already been announced by John Heald (and Carnival) that there will be no FTTF for the first six months on the Mardi Gras. So, if Mardi Gras' inaugural sailing date keeps getting pushed back, and ends up being in June or July, FTTF may not be available in Dec. '21. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.
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