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  1. I would be upset in the future of 2021 and coming years if Royal does away with the buffet. I understand at the moment during this situation to try and be mindful. But I hope they don't get rid of the buffet. I love going to the buffet when I can pick from a wide range of foods and not sitting for close to an hour or over an hour waiting for the food.
  2. Can someone tell me or where I can see pics at? Thinking of going to this beach but need more information on shaded areas on the beach. Do they rent umbrellas or clam shells? How is the lunch buffet on the beach?
  3. I know they do sales on excursions to sell them when your on board so this could be it.
  4. Hello Everyone. Our cruise is coming up 2/9 we leave. My mom can walk but has a cane to help her. She is a slow walker though due to her hip issue. She also has issues with steep steps. My question is how are the tenders going into the princess cay beach? We have a transport wheelchair to bring with us on the ship and to transport her long distance when we have to walk. The wheelchair is foldable. Will she have an issue on that tender steps being to steep? Are there any beaches in Nassau that can get her to and from easily with her cane and transport wheelchair as well? meaning to watch out for steep steps per say?
  5. Hello, My mother will be on this upcoming cruise with me. She walks with a cane but for long distance walking we have a transport wheel chair to get her to and from in a easy way. how are the tenders from carnival cruise ships to Princess Cay island? My mom can slowly get on the tender but how are the steps? she has a cane but also has sometimes trouble if steps are to steep. Are there any beaches in Nassau that are handicapped accessible if we have to take a boat ridge to them?
  6. ok thanks for the tip. Sorry one more. we have about 20 other people cruising but how do I locate them if they are signed up in the chat as well? do I type in the names in the app to chat?
  7. i don't want to pay additional for the wifi just the chat feature when I go in February how do I know carnival won't charge me for hooking up to the wifi instead?
  8. would anyone know the 10% for shore excursions? I didn't see it on facebook
  9. He posted that a 20% off pixel package for sailing of December 7th to December 2020. also 10% off merchandise.
  10. what is the closest beach to the cruise ship where it docks in Freeport? Looking to get to the quickest and closest beach when we dock as we don't have much time when in port.
  11. I will be on the Pride during Valentine's Day. What kind of activities or events will they do for this holiday? I experienced Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas while cruising before.
  12. are the oceanview bathrooms on the Pride the same size as an interior room or they little bigger?
  13. does anyone have a general menu or items served in the buffet?
  14. I agree with you about Freeport. It is sad what happened as well and the devastation lost. But yea people jumped down my throat when I asked. But if they had a cruise booked for the future i am sure they would be asking the same question I would LOL.
  15. So it has been few years since I sailed on the Pride since October 2015. Going in February 2020. I was wondering if anything has changed during those years and the Pros and Cons? I only remember a slight con on my cruise then was the buffet not having many options or if they did it was not a lot of food out at the time of meals. As not being kept stocked. Now I do remember Guys and Iguana being so good it over rides the buffet selection during Breakfast and Lunch. This will be my 3rd time cruising with Pride.
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