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  1. I will be on the Pride during Valentine's Day. What kind of activities or events will they do for this holiday? I experienced Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas while cruising before.
  2. are the oceanview bathrooms on the Pride the same size as an interior room or they little bigger?
  3. does anyone have a general menu or items served in the buffet?
  4. I agree with you about Freeport. It is sad what happened as well and the devastation lost. But yea people jumped down my throat when I asked. But if they had a cruise booked for the future i am sure they would be asking the same question I would LOL.
  5. So it has been few years since I sailed on the Pride since October 2015. Going in February 2020. I was wondering if anything has changed during those years and the Pros and Cons? I only remember a slight con on my cruise then was the buffet not having many options or if they did it was not a lot of food out at the time of meals. As not being kept stocked. Now I do remember Guys and Iguana being so good it over rides the buffet selection during Breakfast and Lunch. This will be my 3rd time cruising with Pride.
  6. I need to check my itinerary to see if anything has changed. Is it just me or when someone like myself ask a question about Freeport on here or on the facebook page or anyone else ask the same question others like to get on us or harp about we shouldn't be worried about what will happen and on that note they can get very negative and mean about a simple serious question being asked.
  7. technically its only 4 months away and 9 days that comes soon if you think about it. September is almost over it is flying. So I am a planner that likes to know what I am looking at in the future if there will be changes. So I am asking this question OK.
  8. So our cruise in February 2020 we are cruising to Princess Cays, Nassau and Freeport. I know its close to 5 months away. But I was wondering if freeport will still be closed as a port what port would the ship dock? Or would the ship just be docked longer at Nassau or Princess cays?
  9. Has anyone visited Princess Cays?
  10. our room we booked is located on Riviera deck 1 of Pride. We are cabin 1219 with the ocean view port hole view. It looks like we are towards the galley end of ship. I was wondering will we hear the noises above us from the dance club or where the shows take place?
  11. I live in Baltimore so to answer your question the weather for January can be anywhere between freezing to around 50s. last year we had a very cold winter and the whole month was 40s and below. I also say it could be freezing one day with snow and the next it could be the high 40s to melt it. but all the years living here its a pretty cold month.
  12. I was wondering what short drive or walking distance to the closest beach in Freeport from the cruise terminal? What beach activities do you recommend while in this port? this is my 3rd time coming to the port but never really had anything planned in the past. This time I would like to plan something. Nassau- this would be my forth time coming to this port so I already know what to expect. But my question I am curious about that I am thinking of doing is the Atlantis Water Park. how is and are the slides good? Any helpful advise or tips about the Water Park would be great. I already experienced the Atlantis Beach and resort before. I also experienced the free beach from the cruise port Junkaroo beach. Also any other helpful tips on any other beach would be great as well. What other beach would you recommend me going to if I decide against the water park. Princess Cays- My question is do they have mini carts transporting you through out the island if you have a disability? Are the private bungalows good to rent as well?
  13. what are some free public beaches I keep reading people are posting about?
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