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  1. Hi, We did the Meraviglia for New Years Eve 2019/2020. We had a family of 6 in 2 rooms. It is for a single cabin so we had 1 adult and 2 children in each room that way any photo with adults or the children included someone for the booked room. We received 538 digital images. It was actually half that number of photos but each was with and without borders. The images were great and you can print out as many as you want cheap from your local Costco or Walmart.
  2. MSC came through. I had purchased the digital photo package so they found the missing Cruise Critic Meet & Mingle photo and added to my download. Thanks MSC!
  3. Thanks. They didn't mention that and now its too late.
  4. It's the photo I am looking for not the invitation. Thanks.
  5. Hi, Did anyone on the MSC Meraviglia for the December 29th, New Years's 2020 cruise receive a copy of the Cruise Critic Meet & Mingle Party in their room? That would have been day 2 (Dec. 30). First time we did not receive a copy in recent memory. If you have a copy would you mind posting? Thanks for your help.
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