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  1. Glad I found this thread, we just got off the Mariner of the Seas, and were VERY disappointed in VOOM offering. Not only was the speed awful, but the price increased since our last RCCL trip on the Enchantment of the Seas. I’ve attached 3 pictures, 1st shows all SpeedTest results done on this 4 day cruise with the “Surf and Stream” package. The 2nd is from the ship docked at Coco Cay showing “Speedcast Communications”, and the 3rd one from Captain Jacks on Coco Cay showing “O3b”. 1st> (all Speedtest results) 2nd (on ship docked in Coco Cay): 3> (at Capttain Jacks on Coco Cay) This is the first VOOM ship we’ve been on that wasn’t “O3b” and also the first ship that we had complaints about the internet speed. The speed and internet experience was slower than basic “Surf” packages we’ve tried before. For one of the newly refurbished “Amped” ships, RCCL should feel embarrassed that they didn’t upgrade the Internet to O3b Networks and chose this inferior “Speedcast”, then has the nerve to charge the same rate as the O3b ships!!! #. #. #. #. # #. #. #. #. # Below represents the “One Device” pricing we’ve seen since our 1st VOOM voyage when it was introduced in 2017: Mariner 9/16/2019 sailing: $17.99 - Surf $21.99 - Surf + Stream Enchantment 4/8 & 4/29/2019 sailings: $15.99 - Surf $19.99 - Surf + Stream Oasis10/28/2018 sailing: $12.99 - Surf $17.99 - Surf + Stream Oasis 2/12/2017 sailing: $9.99 - Surf + Stream (BTW- only option was “Surf + Stream” and Speedtest results showed close to 30mb/up 15mb/down)
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