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  1. I no longer have a typewriter but I have a picture of myself at a typewriter in 1994.
  2. We have many friends and neighbors who have had knee replacement surgery,all with wonderful results.It is amazing how much medical treatments have improved over the years.
  3. I had a great Vet.When we brought our cat to his office he would lie down on the floor and talk to the cat when she was in the carrier.Very strange but the cat was very relaxed when he examined her.
  4. My son in law in LI helps out a lot as well.My other son in law has physical limitations .
  5. We have 5 landline phones.One attached to a kitchen wall and one sitting on a night table.My late mother in law had a rotary phone until 2015. I worked until 2004.In 1998 all typewriters were replaced by computers except for me.
  6. Hopefully he will,Marietta.My wife and daughters had absolutely no problems.
  7. There is a restaurant in NJ ,Jackson Hole Burgers.A scene from the movie Goodfellas was filmed there.
  8. My wife had surgery last week and is on home rehab .My daughter who lives in LI comes here every day to clean our house,do laundry and prepare meals. My daughter who lives in Manhattan but works in LI comes here every day after work to help out.
  9. My wife and I had Flip phones until 3 years ago .Our children bought us Smart phones .The only time we use our phones is to make and receive calls and texts and an occasional Face Time that we initiate.
  10. I have had 2 dogs and 3 grand dogs.Both of my current grand dogs will wash my face without being asked .How many humans will do that ?
  11. I think I am the only one who had a bad reaction to the second shot. I had a very high fever .
  12. I posted so much about my daughters but forgot to mention my son in laws. They are both wonderful.The one who lives close by takes me to doctors,hospitals and will do anything for my wife and I without hesitation.He began dating my daughter when he was 18 and he will be 50 in a few months.My other son in law has physical limitations but he does as much as he can for us.
  13. My friend “R” is an Administrator of a large company .She does not own a cell phone or a PC. My friend “P” also does not own a cell phone or a PC and has never desired either in his close to 80 years. My friend “S” was a high ranking NYC police officer who never owned a cell phone or a computer.
  14. How did people survive a cruise before cellphones ? I have friends that never owned a cell phone,are avid cruisers and have yet to have a problem.
  15. My primary care doctor said to take them 2 weeks apart.I have to wait for my wife to heal because if I have a negative reaction she will not be able to help me.
  16. Dani should get a CC certitificate of merit for starting this wonderful thread.
  17. Hoping for the same thing,Marietta.I should be getting mine sometime in October.I am due for my flu shot and want to space them apart by at least 2 weeks.
  18. Yes,I am .My daughter who lives in Long Island works in Brooklyn and leaves her house at 5:30 AM primarily because teaches in a school in a high crime area and wants to find parking as close to the school entrance as possible.She leaves work at 4 PM,comes to my house on the way home to make meals for us,do laundry,take out the garbage then goes home.
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