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  1. Homecoming for my granddaughter who is a Senior in HS was last week.She was in my house today and talking about the colleges she is going to apply to.
  2. Are you familiar with the author Archer Mayor ? He is a Constable in Vermont and a member of his town Volunteer Fire Department.He has written about 20 books of fiction all with characters living in Vermont. A member of my HS alumni association is a friend of his .She told him that I read all his novels and he sent me a beautiful autographed poster of one of his books.
  3. I have a DVD player and a portable one plus two VCR’s .I have many music DVD’s .
  4. I am not piling on the doctor but I would think that a medical specialist would be able to identify a ganglion .
  5. Yes,she is ,Marietta. I find it amazing that we all can share what is going on in our lives on this thread .
  6. I have not been to a movie theater in about 5 years.I watch movies on Netflix .
  7. Last night my daughter,mother of Mallory got a call from the doctor who wanted Mallory to have the MRI.The doctor got the results of the Sonogram that Mallory took Thursday morning.Toby said “thank goodness for the insurance company who required the sonogram prior to the MRI. The sonogram showed that it is a Ganglion Cyst and not a tumor.Why the doctor could not properly diagnose this I have no idea.I had a ganglion cyst on an elbow several years ago.I went to a doctor who diagnosed it and drained it.Two weeks later I was fine. The doctor is now telling my daughter that they can either leave it alone or have it drained.My suggestion to my daughter and son in law is to have it drained and never go back to this doctor again.She made us all “crazy” with worry. Thank you to everyone on this thread for your well wishes and prayers.I will never forget them
  8. Whenever we have people in our house for a meal and there are kids we always have a kids table.Yesterday it was set up for Mallory and her sister to sit at the kids table.However,my 17 year old granddaughter wanted to sit next to me so my younger daughter sat at the kids table.
  9. Everyone else has said what I would have said .Looking forward to possibly seeing your wife post about her loving husband upon his retirement.
  10. Part 2 to your questionAt the party were my 2 daughters,2 granddaughters,one son in law ,one dog,the puppy,Toby and I . Thanks for asking.😀
  11. Toby went out this morning and bought cake ,pies,ice cream and cookies. After the sonogram Mallory and her father went to buy Ann ice cream cake and other goodies.We only ate for desert some things .We have two refrigerators and freezers stuffed with goodies. The sonogram was fine except that my son in law said that the technician was very nasty . The results were interpreted by an MD at the hospital today.I hope that an MRI can be scheduled for next week
  12. I got a letter from my insurance company Saturday stating that one of my doctors will no longer be in Network as of Oct.25.I know that it is very difficult to find a new doctor these days.I called my doctor and the office manager said I was the 5th patient to call.The doctor is not leaving my insurance carrier and they have no idea what is going on
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