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  1. Toby just walked in.I had a feeling that she would be going shopping ,her favorite activity.I was right😀
  2. I have 3 illnesses for which there is no cure.In March 2020 I was positive that I would soon be leaving the planet.Friends of every religion began praying for me.I am still here.I have a wonderful Oncologist who is also a wonderful person.He is amazed at my attitude and that although I still have what I am seeing him for I have not gotten worse. Dani’s thread is amazing.Everyone who posts on here is wonderful.
  3. Some good news.Toby just called me from the parking area .The surgeon said everything is fine.She has no physical restrictions .She is starting physical therapy this afternoon ,twice a week for 4 weeks . I want to thank you and everyone else for their prayers and well wishes.
  4. Toby is going to the surgeons office tomorrow morning.Mallory now has to have a Sonogram before the insurance company will allow the MRI.Even if my daughter and son in law wanted to pay for it up front they facility will not do it.
  5. Today was unbelievable.My daughter,Mallory’s mom called the doctor who authorized the MRI.She said she did everything right and it was the fault of the insurance company.When my daughter called there she was told that Mallory has to take a Sonogram before they can authorize the MRI .An appointment was made for Thursday at 8AM .My daughter and her husband requested the day off. Shortly thereafter the Facility called and changed the appointment to Friday at 8AM and they changed their days off.Well,the facility changed it back to Thursday. My entire immediate family pulled out our hair today.Mallory is even more scared because of having to take the 2 tests.
  6. When my daughter was in my house this morning she called the MRI facility.She said they are very nice but their hands are tied.The doctor has to re-do the forms .
  7. My daughter and her husband have been together 32 years.This is the first time I ever saw him angry.
  8. The MRI for tomorrow has been cancelled again.Apparently the doctor who requested the test erred in completing the authorization form. My daughter was in my house this morning and spoke to someone at the MRI facility. She will call the doctor tomorrow ,get it hopefully straightened out and have to reschedule hopefully for later this week. My daughter,her husband,Toby and I are dealing with this as best as possible.Mallory has to be the most frustrated.
  9. Toby’s sister lives on Knapp St now.She moved there in 1999 after her husband passed away.
  10. Toby and I went to Pip’s in 1965.We saw Stanley Myron Handelman,the comedian.
  11. The only reason that I did not drive into the house is that I never used the AC.I had all the windows wide open and a guy who saw me was yelling so loud that I woke up.
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