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  1. Sorry for your loss.I know the feeling.In 2017 my nephew passed away from brain cancer.He left a wife and three children.
  2. It is not the doctor,nor the radiological facility.It is the insurance carrier.
  3. Yes,she is. She is an honor student as is her sister. Thank you,Arzeena
  4. The postponement is because the doctor requested October 11 and the radiological facility sent their paperwork electronically to the insurance carrier. The insurance carrier required additional info and presumably when they got everything they needed the appointment day was no longer available.
  5. I could not get back in last night and have been trying to get back in this morning.Not because she is my grand child,I know that every grandparent speaks glowingly of theirs but Mallory is a wonderful girl.The family is the one that have the puppy who was attacked earlier this year . Thank you again,Bonnie.
  6. Mallory’s MRI was postponed to October 18.She is so scared.She asked her father if she will die.I cried when I heard that.
  7. Unfortunately ,no.She is unable to sleep on our bed.It is causing pain so she goes downstairs ,sits on the couch ,falls asleep and wakes up at 4AM.
  8. Best wishes to you and RJ for a fantastic cruise.Looking forward to hear all about it.
  9. With everything else going on I actually forgot to look at my finger till now.It appears to be a normal finger.
  10. The RX that the doctor wants her to take is normally something that she cannot take.She called her Hematologist and he said she can take it but for no longer than 2 weeks. Thank you for everything.
  11. Thank you so very much,Maryann.I will never forget the wonderful people who post on this thread.
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