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  1. If it was around the same time I would have asked which hospital😀
  2. A few years ago we were on the Grandeur.I was playing a slot machine and intended to play 30 cents.By mistake I played $3.00 and on one spin won nearly $900.00 which was the most I ever won .
  3. I did not drive a car till I was 29 .I thought that was old .Living in Brooklyn we had a choice of taking the subway to Manhattan or Express buses.
  4. Nearly every Saturday or Sunday my father took me to a Manhattan museum or movie theater.I lived in Brooklyn nearly 60 years and only moved to the burbs because our next house neighbor who was a cousin moved ,my oldest daughter and husband followed her and Toby and I followed them.
  5. My 17 year old grand daughter and her father were there a few weeks ago.That is one of the colleges that she is thinking of applying too.While they were in the area they went to a Columbus Clippers baseball game and brought me back a tee shirt and a hat.
  6. My youngest daughter and her husband live in mid town Manhattan.They can walk to the Cruiseport,walk to Central Park,walk to theaters and great restaurants.
  7. Oh my how Bryant Park has changed.In the 60’s I worked for Life Magazine and was in the NYPL nearly every day doing research the park was really disgusting .The last time I was there ,in 2019 it was a beautiful place.
  8. 75 in my part of LI.Normally on October 15 I would be wearing a winter coat if I was going outside.Now we have the screen door to out terrace open.
  9. A guy who I knew was a retired Major League Baseball player and then joined the FDNY.He was with the NYC Fire Patrol. Two friends who retired from the FDNY at early ages went on to work in other fields.
  10. A friend who I have know since my teen years just sent me a music e-mail about products used in the 50’s with music from that era.So many enjoyable things that are not around any longer.
  11. Sorry to hear this.It happened to us a few years ago to on a new car.
  12. Sever years prior to my retirement a friend who was retired and bored started a business and tried to get me to join him .However,it was in a field that I never worked in and it made no sense to me to leave my job.After I retired I was bored and I called my friend and asked if he still wanted me to join his company.He said yes and I worked with him for 4 years.He brought people in from various backgrounds none who ever worked in his environment which was Advertising. Among the people working there were a retired Journalist ,a Psychologist ,a Classical Composer and a very well known author. It was a wonderful experience .
  13. The MRI will be Monday at 6PM.I am hoping that we get the results by Wednesday because Thursday is my daughters birthday and I am hoping and praying that we will be celebrating. Thank you,Graham and Pauline and everyone else.
  14. It is almost November and it is 80 degrees outside.I wonder if the snowbirds in Fla are planning to come back to NY ?
  15. Same with me.I was 100% positive that I would not be on the planet this long.
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