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  1. Hi I filled the form in, but when they emailed the proof back to me it wont let me open the downloaded file anyone having problems
  2. Thanks Sea Green better download the nhs app
  3. Has anyone had a problem when downloading the barclays travel insurance trying to open the zipped file from Aviva.
  4. Does that mean it is only valid for a period of time?
  5. We are on Britannia in October as well, after yesterday's announcement thing do not look good.
  6. We are booked on Britannia on the 9th Oct around the Med, hoping they will extend the final payment
  7. We are on the same cruise out balance is due 11th July.
  8. Thanks for that just done it, they are sending me conformation
  9. Just checked the site it is saying no page found
  10. What bank was that, we have cover with a bank as well
  11. We are on that one as well, hopefully things will look brighter then.
  12. We are with barclays as well, I have just checked and Aviva is insurance and is underwritten by Cigna Europe Insurance Company.
  13. Reason we are going on p&o its fcc from oceana year ago, so makes the holiday really affordable
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