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  1. As civil rights case law books make you realize... those are often famous last words.
  2. Excellent news. It isn’t like Cuba has that many other streams of income besides tourism.
  3. pyrrhus

    Late Night

    Not worried about getting in and off. Just about exchanging money. I can’t believe the cadeca wont be open when the ship docks. Now 1 am on Tuesday is another story for changing back if I have leftover. Yes I hope we do run in to each other.
  4. If we can’t exchange at the Cadeca, we can usually go to one of the major hotels.
  5. pyrrhus

    Late Night

    I don’t think my reply posted. Yep I am on that cruise. Also a little worried about exchanging too much and having too much left over money after I go to the Tropicana on Tuesday. Heh, the things that go through my mind. Hey are you in the roll call?
  6. All about money. Most upgrades cost the cruise line zero extra, so why not entice someone to spend a few more bucks while also creating goodwill.
  7. Unlike an airline where an upgrade in class could mean an increase in costs to the carrier. There really isn't an increase in costs for the cruise line. Do they furlough butlers if the suites weren't full? So I bet the algorithm is pretty simple. Availability vs those asking for an upgrade. Of course as demand outstrips supply you start adding in the other facts, higher bid, higher initial price paid, higher status etc... Of course that is the magic no-one knows. Like with everything in life, someone will eventually tell people.
  8. People do like to get raises you know. You can always pay the daily in cash.
  9. pyrrhus

    Late Night

    I have read about this place in some Tiki forums. I need to see it. Unfortunately from your description I might not get to. I’ll be arriving Sunday at 8:0o. Who knows how long it will take to disembark. I’ll try though. I assume a quick taxi ride to the hotel. I could try after the Tropicana on Monday night, but looking for things to do on Sunday.
  10. I have searched through the threads and have not yet seen anything relating to the CADECA hours at the port. I have read several blogs that suggest CADECAS often close early in the city. (Around 3:00 PM). I haven't read anything about when they close at the port? I don't really want to exchange everything I plan on spending at once, but only in blocks as I need it. I know Hotels will exchange money most hours, but at less favorable terms. Also my ship gets in to port at 8:00 PM on a Sunday so I want to leave and go strolling, hit a bar on Sunday evening. I assume the CADECA will be open then since the ship is newly docked. Although I have learned in the past not to assume too much. Michael
  11. Eaton, Sorry I didn’t want to give the impression I was trying to nickle and dime. I just don’t want to be taken. When I read posts that we paid 130cuc and went to the Tropicana that evening it had me concerned when guides were quoting me 280cuc.
  12. Hi, I have been talking to the different cuban tour company's that have availability on the day I will be in Havana. Most are qutoing me prices in the 250-280 CUC range for a 6 hour tour that also includes a brief evening tour on the way to the Tropicana and then transport back to the ship. When i read the threads the prices are much lower, usually about half. Are people haggling over email? Or did the prices jump up?
  13. I would only consider it if it was a direct flight. Every single connecting flight (especially when I have more than one) has resulted in mis--routed or forgotten luggage. My last trip to Oktoberfest was the first time I had a stop and the luggage arrived at the same time. I even had a conference I was speaking at in Dusseldorf one year. The luggage arrived about 45 minutes after my speech. I delivered my speech in a stinky white shirt, shorts and birkenstocks (My fault since I could have carried a suit in my carry on). My last European cruise had me coming in two days early to explore Barcelona and my luggage arrived at 3:00 pm departure day (in fairness, the airline could have gotten me my luggage earlier that day but I told them just to deliver to the ship at that point). Jet lag really isn't an issue for me. I have my oversees flight routine that works for me. Basically popping an ambien on my longest flight segment.
  14. If your parents like to lounge on the Balcony, the Breakaway Min-Suite Balconies won't be for them. It is my favorite ship, but I could barely sit on that Balcony.
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