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  1. Both before the cruise and during the cruise our normal sleep patterns are awry. There have been several studies that related irregular sleep to decreased immune system response and therefore catching colds. WebMD had an article about it that I recently read. I'm traveling to Asia for a cruise in less than 6 weeks. My friend/travel buddy has just this week come down with a bad cold. I'm prone to bronchitis when I get a cold, so I'm doing everything I read about to try to prevent it - a homeopathic med, zinc, vitamin c, staying hydrated. As a retired nurse I'm a fanatic about handwashing, but nothing can protect you from airborne droplets.
  2. I love Grandeur - its just the right size for my type of cruising. The fact that it sales from Baltimore makes it near my home so I can avoid the cost and inconveniences of flying. I've always found the staff to be attentive and they seem to like their jobs. One told me he has enough seniority to be on any ship in the fleet, but prefers the smaller Grandeur because he can get to know the guests and provide "the type of services we used to be able to provide" I hate all the mega-ships that seem to be all the cruise lines are building these days. The amusement park atmosphere is not the relaxing, laid-back get-away that i crave.
  3. Thank you - that was the sort of info I wanted but the search function didn't take me to forums of Celebrity - I tried google and it brought me exactly the cabin info I needed. I also had some questions re port of Shanghai but no way I can find a thing until I tried google - which gave me some of the cruise related info I used to always find on Cruise Critic but better sources on TripAdvisor. I think I'm done with CC
  4. I've not used the website in a while, and started trying to see if I could search threads - but I don't see how. Can someone direct me to how to search?
  5. I saw this on amazon Old World Christmas Ornaments: Cruise Ship Glass Blown Ornaments for Christmas Tree
  6. I know I can use 144 hour Visa for cruise from Shanghai to Korea to Tokyo, but I'm not sure if adding extra days at start will require a regular Visa rather than the 144 hour one. My planned itinerary is: 4 days in Shanghai - including a day trip by air to see the Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian leave China cruising to Incheon, Korea then cruise returns to Tianjin for 3 days before cruising to Jeju Island, Korea then on to Japan. Because my total stay in China is 7 days am I ineligible? Or is it two separate 144 hour visas since I leave China for another country then return to China? Is the day trip to Xian permitted? I'm not sure if its in an area that permits tourist travel on 144 hour visa. If anyone has done a similar itinerary or knows the ins and outs of Chinese Visas I would appreciate your advice!
  7. thanks so much for your input. When I contacted Viking they kept assuring me they could accommodate my diet onboard, but no reassurance regarding land-based parts of trip. Unfortunately they seemed to address it as I should know what I can and can not eat and it would be my own responsibility to maintain my diet. Knowing I can not control how things are cooked I have regretfully given up my hopes for a trip to China.
  8. I have booked with Viking for river cruise in China for next year. Since booking I have found out I have kidney disease and need a very strict sodium and protein restrictions. I am extremely concerned about the ability to meet my dietary needs. Viking FAQs said special dietary needs can be met - to inform them 4 weeks in advance of medical dietary needs, and to notify maitre'D on the cruise. Has anyone with medical restrictions succeeded in having those needs addressed during a China river cruise? I would not eat in an American Chinese restaurant anymore because of high sodium in the cooking, but i'm not sure what to expect on the Chinese cooking experiences in China, though I recognize there is a vast difference between American Chinese food and authentic cooking.
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