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  1. Well I’m happy to report that I received my refund this morning. That’s 3 months plus a day from when I requested it. A little stressful. For those waiting: it will happen. thank you JPH814 for this thread and your spreadsheets. I appreciate it. rob
  2. Misery loves company, I’m there with you! Let’s think positive thoughts for this week, we can’t wait forever.....right?!!
  3. Called SB just now and did get some different news this time. She told me that the air fare refund was recently confirmed with the airline. She said that they have to call the airlines and it was taking hours to get through especially in the early days. So with that part done they would proceed to complete the refund. So perhaps having air through SB was one of the contributing factors to my refund being late. still no ETA though but hopefully soon. rob
  4. Let us know what you hear. I’m calling today as well once they open up in Seattle. rob
  5. Mine is simple too. I paid for the cruise in one payment plus air. I have the two receipts. I will make my weekly call to seabourn tomorrow as I close in on 13 weeks.
  6. Am I allowed to feel both happy for those getting their refunds and angry that I haven’t gotten mine?! How seabourn can process refunds for cruises in April, May,June or even later, when people are waiting for March cruises is beyond me. but like I said I am happy for those who received their refund!! rob
  7. I am now officially over 12 weeks from when my cruise was cancelled. I never would have thought it would take this long. I will keep making my weekly call to push but it doesn’t seem to make much difference.
  8. For what it’s worth, I called seabourn today to check. They said my March cruise should have been refunded by now and it must have fallen through the cracks somehow. They said it is now in a different queue That deals with errors. I’m not sure what to believe but for now I’m trusting that it is going to be dealt with. We shall see. rob
  9. While happy for Mike why should I still be waiting for a refund for my March 28 2020 cruise that was cancelled March 15? doesn’t seem right.
  10. Hi there, just to to add another data point. I was booked on odyssey March 28 sailing. I requested a refund March 15. I have not received it yet. I will report back when I have it. Rob
  11. I haven’t heard from anyone :(. Let me know if you are travelling soon and would like the on board credit! Rob
  12. Hi all just FYI that I’m happy to refer any new Seabourn cruisers that are sailing on or before March 28 2020. Email me at rob_gaudet at yahoo.ca rob
  13. Hi If any new seabourn cruisers would like a referral and sailing before March 28 2020, email me at rob_gaudet at yahoo.ca. Rob
  14. Doing an Alaska cruise in August from Vancouver. Has anyone used a good car service there?
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